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Network Security Service Providers in India ICSS offers a wide range of Network Security Services

Network security service providers in India are many in number. But among all, Indian Cyber Security Solutions is one of the best company which provides the best network security services of all. Our network security consultant performs a vulnerability scan against other organizations’ networks. The primary objective for network penetration testing services by ICSS is to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in networks, systems, hosts, and network devices.

ICSS provides Network Penetration Testing Services to identify assess, test, and fix high-risk security gaps and flaws as they are known as the best Network security service providers in India. This penetration testing process consists of both manual and automated processes to reduce all risks in applications and networks. Our Network Security Audit Company methodology includes an attack simulation carried out by our experienced reputed security consultants. Enhance your security posture, reduce risk, facilitate compliance, and improve operational efficiency with our expertise

Toll FREE: 1800-123-500014

+91 8972107846 | 9831318312

What is network penetration testing?

Penetration Testing is a Network Security Service, which is one of several methods used to prevent unauthorised network intrusion. Penetration testing is also commonly referred to as a pen test (or ethical hacking) and is a method used to perform security testing on a network system used by a business or other organisation.  Pen tests involve a variety of methodologies designed to explore a network to identify potential vulnerabilities and test to ensure the vulnerabilities are real.

How much is network penetration testing?

An average cost of a penetration test can vary from INR 4,000 onwards. When done correctly, it's worth every penny. Mainly, because you are getting a specialist or a team of specialists who will work on finding any possible way your system can be affected.

How long does a pen test take?

It depends on your organization and its scope. For an average level 4 merchant, a network pen test should take 2-3 days. But for level 1 merchant who are processing millions of credit cards annually, could be a week or 2.

What is the goal of penetration testing?

Penetration testers, also known as ethical hackers, evaluate the security of IT infrastructures using a controlled environment to safely attack, identify, and exploit vulnerabilities.

What are the three main goals of security?

Three primary goals of information security are preventing the loss of availability, the loss of integrity, and the loss of confidentiality for systems and data. Most security practices and controls can be traced back to preventing losses in one or more of these areas

Example of an internal threat?

Common methods include ransomware, phishing attacks, and hacking. Internal threats originate within the organization itself and usually are carried out by a current and former employee, a contractor, a business associate, etc. Insider attacks can be malicious or inadvertent

Why Choose us ?


70% of the project cost will be paid back to the client if any cybersecurity incident is recorded & proved on the same scope of work where ICSS had performed the VAPT.

VA & PT –

ICSS performs both VA- Vulnerability Assessment and PT- Penetration Testing for all clients.


This agreement states that if any critical data of the client is exposed, tempered or used for any promotional activity without any written consent of the client, ICSS will be held responsible and can be sued in the court of law. ICSS singes NDA with every client before the audit / VAPT.

ZERO-False Positive Report –

ICSS provides manual-based testing along with tool-based testing which reduces the false positive report to maximize accurate identification of critical level vulnerabilities.

How Indian Cyber Security Solutions Team works?

Network Service Provider  in India - ICSS

Indian Cyber Security Solutions being one of the top-rated network security company in India follows certain steps which is highly important in the business of cybersecurity. Network Penetration testing VAPT service is an onsite service provided by ICSS where our teams of network penetration testers are invited by the enterprise at their testing site for the VAPT process. Indian Cyber Security Solutions aims at providing cyber security VAPT service to clients. Our team of technical experts assesses the critical infrastructure of the enterprise and provides valuable cyber security consultancy to the organizations. ICSS helps the enterprise to implement cyber security measures as per the technical VAPT report provided by the penetration testers. Enterprises heavily rely on cyber security products for their critical infrastructure protection. Cyber Security Products like – anti viruses, IDS, IPS & Firewalls are highly capable to prevent intrusions only when they are implemented after manual security testing done by penetration testers. ICSS aims in helping out enterprises to allocate right budget for cyber security. VAPT services helps to find out the actual pain area of the organization and taking steps to patch vulnerabilities.

The security assessment is processed are as follows:

Phase I: 

Conduct VAPT/Security testing for your Network as per the scope of work.

Phase II: 

Based on our findings, a detailed report will be submitted to you for implementing the measures that we suggested.

Phase III: 

Once the fixes are implemented by your IT personnel, we will initiate another Audit on the above scope and check if all the vulnerabilities that we reported have been properly implemented and are completely secured. If everything is in place, we will certify the audit work as completed.

Note: After phase III if any additional vulnerabilities found during testing we will continue and move to phase II and follow the audit circle with no extra cost involved.

What are the charges for a Network Penetration Testing Service?

ICSS customer satisfaction strongly depends on cost-effective VAPT solutions and helping the company to allocate the right budget for cyber security. We do not aim at competing with the vendors in the cyber security product market. Instead, our cyber security consultancy aims at consulting the organizations to take actions as per the VAPT report.

Pricing of VAPT penetration testing heavily relies on the two types of penetration testing. “BLACK BOX” testing & “WHITE BOX” testing. Enterprise can select any one type of penetration testing depending on the level of critical infrastructure involved.


In black-box testing, penetration testers are not given any specific scope by the enterprise and are not accompanied by any internal member from the enterprise. In this type of testing ICSS penetration testers act as real-time black hat hackers and tries to penetrate the organization's network infrastructure using all possible means of hacking.

Pricing for Black box testing is normally INR 4,000/- per IP based devices available and found on the network while the process of penetration testing.


In white-box testing the enterprise/organization defines the entire scope of work including the number of IP based devices and also their IPs. ICSS penetration testers will only focus on the IPs defined in the scope. Network Associate or any representative from the organization will be associating the penetration tester in the organization. In white-box testing the entire VAPT process will be monitored by the representative from the organization.

Pricing for White box testing is normally INR 3,000/- per IP based devices mentioned in the scope of work.

Aims of Network penetration testing services of ICSS  

Aims of ICSS to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in your networks, systems, and network devices. Being the best Network security service provider in India, ICSS typically employs globally accepted approaches based on the Penetration Testing Execution Standard. This will include:

Intelligence Gathering

The discovery of all accessible systems and their respective services to obtain as much information as possible. 

Threat Modelling

Identifying vulnerabilities within systems via automated scans and deep-dive manual testing techniques. 

Vulnerability Analysis

Documenting and analyzing vulnerabilities to develop the plan of attack.


Actually carrying out the attempt to exploit.


Delivering, ranking, and prioritizing findings to generate an actionable report complete with evidence, for the project stakeholders.  At the end of the penetration testing procedure, we provide our customers with an extensive set of reports and recommendations to effectively eliminate the detected breaches.

Steps Involved in the Process of Network VAPT:

Indian Cyber Security Solutions takes clients data privacy very seriously. Once the scope of the work is finalized between ICSS and the client, they are requested to sign up an NDA agreement.

STEP 1 -Non Disclosure Agreement

NDA agreement is a Non-Disclosure-Agreement signed and agreed by both the parties which primarily states Indian Cyber Security Solutions will never disclose any findings publicly which ICSS will come across at the time of testing without the consent of the client.

Step 2- (Network Scanning)

Network penetration testers are invited by the client to their location for network VAPT. Penetration testers strictly follows the SCOPE of work and starts scanning the IPs as mentioned in the SCOPE of work. Scanning using different risk assessment tools by the security professionals is the first stage categorized under Vulnerability Assessment.

Step 3 – (Vulnerabilities Assessment)

After the scanning is done we network penetration testers dig deeper to find out vulnerabilities and assess the level of criticality the vulnerability possess. Network penetration testers mimic the real time hackers and tries to find out maximum vulnerabilities in the network/critical infrastructure, strictly defined in the scope.

Step – 4 (Penetration Testing)

Network penetration testers tries to exploit the vulnerabilities as per the finding in the process of scanning. Different penetration testing tools are used as per the industry standards in this process. Network penetration testers use different manual techniques to maximize the level of exploit and reduce false positive reports.

Step – 5 (Recommendation)

Network penetration testers generate the vulnerability and penetration testing reports as per the findings. In this VAPT report we document the vulnerabilities and the level of criticality on a scale of ten. The high level vulnerabilities and the middle level vulnerabilities are instantly sent to the network head of the client or the manager who ever is relevant. In the report we document possible rectifications that can be made from the clients end to patch the vulnerabilities.

Step – 6 (Implementation)

The top level management of the client and the technical team those who are responsible to take necessary actions as per our recommendation sit for a meeting. Network Penetration testers and the technical team of the client discuss and take appropriate action to patch the vulnerabilities.

Step – 7 (Re-Testing)

After patching and fixation of the vulnerabilities by their network administrator or the concerned person who is responsible in this aspect. We do the re-scan for the vulnerabilities and if we found further any vulnerability then we will follow the same process from step 1 to step 6. If no vulnerability were found we issue the VAPT certificate to the client.

Brands that Trust our Competencies

Network VAPT Service

Indian Cyber Security Solutions being one of the top-rated network security company in India follows certain steps which is highly important in the business of cybersecurity.

Network Penetration testing VAPT service is an onsite service provided by ICSS where our teams of network penetration testers are invited by the enterprise at their testing site for the VAPT process.

Indian Cyber Security Solutions aims at providing cyber security VAPT service to clients. Our team of technical experts assesses the critical infrastructure of the enterprise and provides valuable cyber security consultancy to the organizations. ICSS helps the enterprise to implement cyber security measures as per the technical VAPT report provided by the penetration testers.





6 months
1 time VAPT

2500 /-


12 months
2 times VAPT
Cyber insurance 70%
Add minimum 5 extra IP (Public/Private) for testing



24 months
4 times VAPT
Cyber insurance 75%
Add minimum 10 IP (Public/Private) for testing
Corporate training 1 times in a year (Duration: 1 week | 5 members)

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Data shared by you will only be used to contact you with more details. Your personal data will not be shared with any third party at any circumstances.

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Network Security Audit Company in India

Network Security Audit Company in India approaches network to present standard vulnerability analysis which goes far and beyond. Indian Cyber Security Solutions is enough fortunate to have a strong team of penetration testers who are being invited by the enterprises at their testing site for the VAPT process. With enormous security experiences, our assessment team identifies, exploits, and documents even the most suitable network vulnerabilities.

The range of penetration testing services ICSS offers:

Internal and External Network Penetration Testing

Network Security Architecture Review

Network Security Architecture Review

Security Configuration Review

Network Security Audit Company in India - ICSS

ICSS team thoroughly assesses and measures the level of threats, vulnerabilities, and risks associated with your infrastructure, both from internal and external threats as they are the best Network Security Audit Company in India. Our penetration testing processes initiate with categorization & profiling of the target under test, while thoroughly understanding your security complexities and business risks.

Benefits of Network Penetration Testing:

We present a detailed report on findings and results, giving you an overall picture of your network security posture. Pen-test reports are customized to help each organization meet its initial objectives and tailored to their own industry and regulatory environment.


Proof of exploited videos and screenshots Increase the effectiveness of the security controls False-positive elimination through a manual verification Simulate as a hacker and provide a ‘Hacker’s eye-view’. As Security test consultants we are Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH)Possess expertise in both open-source and commercial tools used for security testing. Network Security Audit by Indian Cyber Security Solutions allows your organization to periodically assess and review the security posture of certain environments, quantifying the risk and placing an action on the risk. ICSS is able to perform penetration testing like a pro because ICSS is one of the top-rated Network Security Audit Company.

Network Penetration Testing Services - ICSS

Network Penetration Testing Services of Indian Cyber Security Solutions includes an attack simulation, carried out by our network security consultants. ICSS Security network penetration testers have experience supporting network, systems, and hosts. As a result of our Network Penetration Testing Services, you’ll be able to view your systems from the view of both the hacker and experienced network security professionals to discover where you can improve your security posture. Our Network security consultants produce their network penetration testing reports and provide your team with the necessary guidance to effectively remediate the issues to be uncovered. The aims of Network Penetration Testing Services is to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in your networks, systems, and devices. We evaluate the effectiveness of your security framework by using similar tools and techniques used by hackers to conduct a breach.

Network Penetration Testing Services - ICSS

Being the leading Network Security Service Providers in India we provide you with the best IT network vulnerability assessment and penetration testing service. We fortify the firewalls and the routers that are the gateways for internal and external network layout of an online system. The best Network Penetration Testing Services by Indian Cyber Security Solutions takes care of in network pen testing service are:

  • Identification of the security weaknesses in the network
  • Assessment and understanding of breach caused and their possible counter measures
  • Exploitation of vulnerabilities to determine the exact security condition of the network
  • And finally verifying the security controls of the network

A fine line of distinction exists between a vulnerability assessment or automated vulnerability scan and a Network Penetration Testing (NPT) in the sense that the security analyst’s mode of operation is hands on as he actively attempts to root out the vulnerabilities. After that in order to gain access to sensitive data &/or infringe your system those vulnerabilities are exploited so that your company (organization) is fully aware of the tit bits of the prevalent security condition of your network, how it might have been affected and up to what magnitude they are at peril.

Network Penetration Testing Methodology:

Each and every network penetration test is conducted consistently using globally accepted and industry-standard frameworks. The results of the penetration tests differ according to the standards and methodologies they leverage. While organizations are looking to secure their IT infrastructure and fix vulnerabilities, they are also looking for the latest, relevant, and most popular penetration tools and methodologies. ICSS is enabled to provide all the possible tools and techniques for the organization networks as because ICSS is one of the best companies for providing the best Network Penetration Testing Services. We consider the reporting phase to mark the beginning of our relationship. ICSS strives to provide the best possible customer experience and service. We provide clients with an online remediation knowledge base, dedicated remediation staff and ticketing system to close the ever-important gap in the remediation process following the reporting phase.

Penetration Testing Stages are explained below:

The pen testing process can be broken down into five stages:

The first stage is Planning and reconnaissance

The next step is Scanning

The third stage is Gaining Access

The next one is Maintaining access

And the final stage is Analysis

The results of the penetration testing are then compiled into a report detailing:

  • Specific vulnerabilities that were exploited
  • Sensitive data that was accessed

Networks security consultants of ICSS analyze this information to help configure an enterprise’s Network settings and other devices’ security solutions to patch vulnerabilities and protect against future attacks. ICSS security team do not just assess ways on how attackers can gain unauthorized access to your sensitive data and capture your systems for the wrong reasons. As they are the leading Network Penetration Testing Services company.

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