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Python Training in Mumbai from Industry professionals.

C|PP Certified Python Programmer

Python Training in Mumbai is what students are searching over the internet and the search volume has increased in huge numbers in recent past. Python course in Mumbai by ICSS is rated among the top trainings. With more enhanced practical sessions ICSS aims to provide the best python training in Mumbai. As the need for skilled individuals increases in the IT industry, professionals and students are grabbing up this opportunity with open arms. If you are willing to enhance your skills in coding and actively looking for the best python training institute in Mumbai, we make sure you wont be disappointed by providing the most updated and comprehensive training module with practical based classes with 100% money back guarantee.

Python is a very easy to learn programming language which has many libraries which makes it more effective and popular programming language. Python is extensively used in Machine Learning & Data Science which had added up the demand to learn python course in Mumbai among the IT professionals and students.

Our Python Training in Mumbai is designed to develop the skill set of students where we conduct compulsory exams after each module. During these exams, individual students need to work on the project they wish to develop and implement their programming skills they have learned during the training.

INR 9,000/-

( Certification + LIVE Project )

Toll FREE: 1800-123-500014

+91 8972107846 | 9831318312

Indian Cyber Security Solutions is awarded the 2nd position as the  " 10 Most Promising Cyber Security Training Institute in India 2020 "

Indian Cyber Security Solutions is awarded the 2nd position as the

" 10 Most Promising Cyber Security Training Institute in India 2020 "

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions on Python Training in Kolkata

Why should I learn Python for Data Science?

It is the most easy language to learn and the different libraries makes it the most demanded language for developers. Python is one of the most popular languages in Data Science, which can be used to perform data analysis, data manipulation, and data visualization. Python offers access to a wide variety of data science libraries and it is the ideal language for implementing algorithms and the rapid development of applications.

What are the system requirements?

To run Python, your system must fulfill the following basic requirements:32 or 64-bit Operating System 1GB RAM

Who are our instructors and how are they selected?

Professionals who are working with us in developing tools like Face Detection System, port scanning tools, etc and are full time employees of ICSS working in the R&D division. ICSS aims to impart the actual programming skills required to get a job in the industry and learning python programming course from industry professions makes the difference.

How much does Python course cost?

Python programming training in Kolkata is provided by many institutes charging differently. ICSS course module with practical project based training from industry professionals has been rated among the best in India with an affordable price tag of INR 9,000/- with 100% placement assistance & Free Internship Opportunity.

Can I get a job with Python certification?

The difficulty is that Python certifications aren't actually a good signal to an employer of whether you will do a great job. If you use the skills of python programming and learn Data Science or enroll yourself in our Machine Learning Training Programming you can land yourself in a better position to get a job in any of the MNC's.

What Are The Prerequisities For This Python Course?

There are no prerequisites for learning this course. People with good exposure towards basic mathematics and understanding the basics of statistics will be the best catch for the Industry. Even someone with none or basic programming skills can take up this course


4.8 ( 21,123 ratings )

1,09,233 Students Enrolled

Python Training in Mumbai - Indian Cyber Security Solutions

C|PP - Certified Python Programmer (Basic & Advance)

Join our instructor led Python training in Mumbai for 3 months. We have a basic startup course in Python and also have a advanced level Python course. Both the course will be hands on practical session from industry professionals who had worked in MNC's and having more than 7 years of development experience.

Our trainers are working professionals in the field of cyber security and are ethical hackers. They use various tools which is coded by them in python language.

From the first day of the class you will be asked to select one project and gradually work on it as the class progresses. At the end of the python course in Mumbai you would be ready with a fully developed software/tool made by you. If your tool solves problems which mankind needs the most we at ICSS will help you to project this tool before the companies who would like to purchase it from you or you might be entitled to have a royalty fee. 

Class Room Training on Python Programming in Mumbai

Python Programming course in Mumbai with hands on training in the lab from the professional python programmers who have developed various tools in python widely used in the industry

Python Programming course is in huge demand as organizations are widely using applications in various fields like analytics, VLSI, cyber security and many more. Every batch will undergo a 3 months’ hands on training program having 2 days’ classes per week.

Online LIVE Training on Python Training in India

Python Training in Mumbai is also available online where we provide LIVE classes to individuals just like having a private tuition. Indian Cyber Security Solutions have 25+ python programmers who are working professionals working in different organizations geographically located in different locations.

All the python programming courses are held in an online software where students and the faculty be LIVE online and share their screen. Best part of this python programming course online is you get all your LIVE classes recorded and uploaded in YouTube where you can access it for lifetime. We have our online library where you get all the updated course materials. All the online classes are held from 8.00 P.M IST – 10.00 P.M IST.  We provide two days’ classes per week for 3 months.

Eligibility Criteria to become a Professional Python Developer

If you are aspiring to be a data scientist and willing to undergo Machine Learning Training. You should undergo the Python Course in Mumbai as the foundation level training program.

Learn from Industry Experts & Get Real Hands-On Experience and get job ready

100% Placement Support After completion of the Python Course

Practice on Real Time Projects which can be showcased to future recruiters

Learn from industry experts who have over 12+ Years Industry Experience

Average Salary is $120,000 in the field of Python Programming

Demand for Python Programmer will increase to 80% by 2022

Top Companies Hiring: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Uber & Many More.

Become Certified Python Programmer Professional

Advanced Python Programming Course Curriculum

1500+ Professionals Trained with 4.8/5 Rating

Get Started with FREE Demo Class:

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Why You Should Choose ICSS ?

Industry professions from Amazon, Cognizant & Intel will share their practical experience in the class

100% practical and lab-based classes (available online & offline)

25% Scholarship program for merited students with a minimum of 95% marks and above in their 12th board exams

LIFETIME access to video tutorials, case studies

EMI option is available if you go for 2 or more courses.

Get educational loan @  O% interest








With our full Training Methodology you will get job

True Reviews by Real Students

4.8/5 Ratings



  • Module 1: Introduction of Python
  • Module 2: Installation of Python
  • Module 3: Basics of Python
  • Module 4: Python Strings
  • Module 5: Python Lists
  • Module 6: Python Tuples
  • Module 7: Python Dictionary
  • Module 8: Python Set
  • Module 9: Python Control Statement
  • Module 10: Python Functions
  • Module 11: Python Files I / O
  • Module 12: File Handling
  • Module 13: Python OOPS Concept
  • Module 14: Python Modules 
  • Module 15: Python Exceptions
  • Module 16: Python Date
  • Module 17: Python Network Programming
Module 1: Introduction of Python
  • What is Python
  • Python History
  • Python 2.x vs 3.x
  • Features of Python
  • About Python Versions
  • Applications of Python
Module 2: Installation of Python
  • How to install python
  • Python Script Mode
  • Python GUI Mode
  • Python Interactive Mode
  • Python in Linux
  • Linux Script Mode
  • Linux GUI Mode
  • How to install IDLE in Linux
  • How to set path
Module 3: Basics of Python
  • Python “Hello World”
  • How to Execute Python
  • Variables in python
  • Keywords in python
  • Identifiers in python
  • Literals in python
  • Operators in python
  • Comments in python
Module 4: Python Strings
  • Accessing Strings
  • Strings Operators
  • Basic Operators
  • Membership Operators
  • Relational Operators
  • Slice Notation
  • String Functions and Methods
Module 5: Python Lists
  • How to define list
  • Accessing list
  • Elements in a Lists
  • List Operations
  • Adding Lists
  • List slicing
  • Updating elements in a List
  • Appending elements to a List
  • Deleting Elements from a List
  • Functions and Methods of Lists
Module 6: Python Tuples
  • How to define a tuple
  • Accessing tuple
  • Elements in a tuple
  • Tuple Operations
  • Tuple slicing
  • Deleting tuple
  • Functions and Methods of tuple
Module 7: Python Dictionary
  • How to define dictionary
  • Accessing Dictionary
  • Updation
  • Deletion
  • Functions and Methods
Module 8: Python Set
  • How to define Set
  • Accessing Set
  • Set Built-in Functions
  • Set Operations
Module 9: Python Control Statement
  • “If” in python
  • “If else” in python
  • “else if” in python
  • “nested if” in python
  • “for loop” in python
  • “while loop” in python
  • “break” in python
  • “continue” in python
  • “pass” in python
Module 10: Python Functions
  • Defining a Function
  • Invoking a Function
  • return Statement
  • 66 Argument and Parameter
  • Passing Parameters
  • Default Arguments
  • Keyword Arguments
  • Anonymous Function
  • Difference between Normal Functions and Anonymous Function
  • Scope of Variable
Module 11: Python Files I / O
  • “print” statement
  • Input from Keyboard
Module 12: File Handling
  • Operations on Files
  • Opening file
  • closing file
  • reading file
  • writing file
  • Modes of files
  • Methods in files
Module 13: Python OOPS Concept
  • Python OOPs Concepts
  • Python Object Class
  • Python Constructors
  • Python Inheritance
  • Multilevel Inheritance
  • Multiple Inheritance
Module 14: Python Modules 
  • Importing a Module
  • Example of importing multiple modules
  • How to use “from” import statement
  • import whole module
  • Built-in Modules in Python
  • Package
Module 15: Python Exceptions
  • What is Exception handling
  • Declaring Multiple Exception
  • Finally Block
  • Raise an Exception
  • Custom Exception
Module 16: Python Date
  • Retrieve Time
  • Formatted Time
  • time module
  • Calendar
  • Calendar module
Module 17: Python Network Programming
  • Basics of networking
  • What is the socket?
  • How to make socket?
  • socket methods
  • creating server
  • creating client
  • creating echo server
  • Python Internet modules
  • Port scanner in python
  • Creating Web server


  • Module 1:
  • Module 2:
  • Module 3:
  • Module 4:
  • Module 5:
  • Module 6:
  • Module 7:
  • Module 8:
  • Module 9:
  • Module 10:
  • Module 11:
  • Module 12:
  • Module 13:
  • Module 14: 
  • Module 15:
  • Module 16:
  • Module 17:
  • Project
Module 1:
  • Review Of Core Python Features
  • PVM
  • PIP
  • PEP8
  • Python On Windows and Linux Hands-On
Module 2:
  • Python Client Server
  • File Handling Concept with Hands-On
Module 3:
  • List Comprehension
  • Dict Comprehension
  • Tuple
  • Set details Concept with Hands-On
Module 4:
  • Python - Multithreaded
  • Uses of Datetime package
  • Sending Email using Python
  • Python Wait
  • Python Sleep method Hands-On
Module 5:
  • Introduction with the Concept Of Django
Module 6:
  • Build Your First WebApp using Django
  • Database Basic Concept
Module 7:
  • Build a demo Blog Application
Module 8:
  • user will register and login in this session
Module 9:
  • After Login They will post the Content(Text/Image) others people can see those content
Module 10:
  • Template Inheritance
Module 11:
  • Django MVT Concept
  • Django ORM Concept
  • Middleware Concept Hands-On
Module 12:
  • Django Admin Concept and Uses Hands-On
Module 13:
  • Customize Django Default Admin Panel
Module 14: 
  • CMS(Content Management System) For fully Dynamic Webapp building
Module 15:
  • Django Form Concept
  • Model Form Concept Hands-On
Module 16:
  • How to deploy Django App in Server Hands-On
Module 17:
  • Doubt and Query Solving
  • Doubt and Query Solving

C|PP Basic Course Fee (Classroom & Online)

Students Enrolled83%

INR 9,000 / - + 18% GST

Course Duration - 40 Hours

3 Months Training

2 Classes Per Week X 2 Hours Each Day

Batch Timing

Week End Classes | Week Days Classes

C|PP Advance Course Fee (Classroom & Online)

Students Enrolled92%

INR 9,000 / - + 18% GST

Course Duration - 40 Hours

3 Months Training

2 Classes Per Week X 2 Hours Each Day

Batch Timing

Week End Classes | Week Days Classes

Need to Work on real-time projects and complete assignments to get Professional Certification from Indian Cyber Security Solutions

ICSS provides the course completion certificate once you successfully complete the Certified Python training program Professional Certificate Holders work at 1000s of companies like HP, TCS, Amazon, Accenture and many more.


Python Programming - Indian Cyber Security Solutions

Our Hiring Partners for Placements

Still Hunting for a Job? or Want to Make a Career Switch into Python?

Recruiters are looking for you!

All you need to Learn Basic to Advance of Python with ICSS, Become Certified Professional and Get JOB with our Free Placement Assistance Program

What kind of Jobs you can apply for after completing the Python Training in Mumbai

After you complete our python training in Mumbai you can apply for several jobs for python developer. There are several job opportunities in Kolkata, Bangalore, Mangalore, Delhi & Mumbai. As a fresher after completing python training in Mumbai you can look for an average salary of INR – 18K to 20K in India. With experience you can really draw a handsome salary.

Current Job Openings

Check job profile, salary scale of current jobs available in market

Python Developer | Python Programmer

Python Web Developer | Platform Automation Architect

Python Developer | Python Programmer

Python Developer | Python Programmer

Python Course in Mumbai - Indian Cyber Security Solutions

Indian Cyber Security Solutions brings the best Python Course in Mumbai that will allow you to fully utilize its concepts and create code in your own way. More than 120+ students got placed after completion of the course in best MNC’s. With hands-on practical python course in Mumbai where the training is based on LIVE projects done by students that helps students to grab the industry skills required for the enterprise level.

The course consists of Syllabuses that are of industry standard, that is what required by multi national organisation. Being one of if the most used programming languages by computer programmers for web site building as well as in other IT application, learning about it is an added advantage to your career.

Python Course in Mumbai - Indian Cyber Security Solutions

Become a Python Programmer today to safeguard your career, as a python professional. Learn from the Industry best, such as Indian Cyber Security Solutions as we train students by industry experts. Making students professionals and Job Ready

Python Training Institute in Mumbai - Indian Cyber Security Solutions

Best Python training institute in Mumbai is what students refer to as. The entire credit goes to the hardworking python faculties of Indian Cyber Security Solutions who are not only committed in sharing updated knowledge with the students but are also working as python developers with us in the service domain. There experience helps students to gain the most important skill of project management, documentation of projects etc.

Indian Cyber Security Solutions is one of the best training institutes in Mumbai which provides advanced and industrial Python programming course. Our trainers cover python from beginning to advanced level. Python is supported in many operating systems. Being a very high-level language, Python reads like English, which takes a lot of syntax-learning stress off coding beginners. Python handles a lot of complexity for you, so it is very beginner-friendly in that it allows beginners to focus on learning programming concepts and not have to worry about too many details.

Python programming is designed to be highly standardized, with a clear protocol for any task and little to no need for coming up with elaborate patchwork solutions to get something done. Python is often looked at as a strong secondary supplemental language to a primary language that is more broadly used like C or Java. There are a variety of jobs that one can get focusing exclusively on Python development, however. Many of these jobs will be in building and improving the internal tools that a company uses to create its finished marketable


An important feature of Python is name resolution, which binds method and variable names during program execution. Python is intended to be a highly readable language. ICSS, Best Python Training Institute in Mumbai offers a best training platform to learn languages like Python in very interactive and growing environment. Python is not intended to work on a special area such as web programming. You will understand how to create your own Python Programs after completion of python course from the best python training institute in Mumbai. Have a fundamental understanding of the Python programming language by undergoing a Python Training in Mumbai.

Python supports the use of modules and packages, which means the programs will design in module style and code can be decreased according to the project. One of the most favorable benefits through Python is interpreter and standard libraries both are available for a free charge, both binary and source form. Here it is an attractive option for developers, no worries about paying high development costs. Python comes to the picture to save from a danger where other programming languages have failed in fetching live streaming data from the internet. Data is growing rapidly rate at every moment. Investigation of this data in a deeper manner is called Big Data Analysis. However, Python holds a special place among all. Python is an object-oriented, open-source, flexible, and easy to learn a programming language. It has a rich set of libraries and tools that make the tasks easy for Data scientists. Moreover, Python has a huge community base where developers and data scientists can ask their queries and answer of others.

How ICSS helps students to get Job’s?

Indian Cyber Security Solutions conducts campus placement drive for students within few months after completion of the python training. ICSS conducts soft skills classes for students to enhance their soft skills which are highly required to crack interviews. Check out our placement records where we have displayed emails and letters which have come to us for conducting job interviews. MNC’s like PWC , ITC and CTS had recruited ICSS students since 2018.We sincerely believe that after the intense practical lab based training on cyber security conducted by ICSS you as an individual will definitely be self sufficient to crack any job which requires python development skills. Python training course module is designed as per the industry demand which is evident from the job postings made by recruiting companies in different job portals.

Python Training in Mumbai with unlimited scopes in IT INDUSTRY

Indian Cyber Security Solutions brings best Python training in Mumbai that will allow you to fully utilize its concepts and create code in your own way. More than 120+ students got placed after completion of the course in best MNC’s. Indian Cyber Security Solutions have created the best course for people in and around Mumbai, so that they are able to take the advantage of the ever growing market for IT professionals mainly in python coding. And for city like Mumbai there are a huge gamut of opportunities for every professional and learning python will always be an benefit for those individuals.

The Indian-US bilateral cooperation ranges from trade and investment, high-technology, cyber security, and there are various other sectors where foreign companies are welcome to invest. Major Real estate developer DLF has already developed several IT parks in Mumbai. So there will be enormous scopes for Local Mumbaikars in IT industry. Name of the Colleges given, from where students got placed in MNCs after completion of their Python Training in Mumbai like RCC Sardar Patel College of Engineering, The University of Mumbai, and KJ Somaiya institute of Engineering etc.

Conducted Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking Training Session

Some Glimpses of our Workshop

Python Training in Mumbai conducted by Indian Cyber Security Solutions

The Python Training in Mumbai at ICSS is a great opportunity for interested people to grow their careers in the Cyber Security industry. They can join immediately at Indian Cyber Security Solutions for Python Training in Mumbai. As the internet continues to advance and the demand for a much better websites are needed with a simple computer coding, learning from the industry experts is the best. There has been an increase in demand for Python Developers in the job market, and Mumbai being a cosmopolitan city in the world requires more number of Python Professionals.

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