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Certified Ethical Hacker Training

C | EH v10  



CEH Training in Kolkata is a global certification which is valid in more than 160 countries. We are an authorized training partner of EC Council from last 10 years. We have a pool of professional certified ethical hackers who are working as security analyst in different organizations. CEH Training in Kolkata from EC council provides the gateway to enter the cyber security domain. MNCs have made CEH certification compulsory for security related job. This certification is highly important for security professionals. Someone may attack your system with malicious intentions, therefore your data fell prey to it. To save your organization from such intruders, skill yourself with CEH training in Kolkata. A Certified Ethical Hacker holds the reins of network and system security tightly in his hands. CEH v10 is the latest addition to this certification. The extensive practical training provided by CEH training in Kolkata equips live projects and simulations.

Indian Cyber Security Solutions is located in salt lake sector 1 and in IT hub sector 5 Kolkata. It is surrounded by MNC’s. Branches of renowned IT companies like Accenture, IBM, Tech Mahindra, Technologies, and Lexmark are located in salt lake sector V Kolkata, near of our corporate office of sector V. The location is the best choice for professionals including business travelers.  From online classroom to fast-track classroom Ethical Hacking training is provided during weekdays and weekends to the attendees. Along with CEH Training in Kolkata, we provide placement assistance to the students. 20 + certified ethical hackers will be your trainer for 2 months. Apart from a certification exam conducted by EC- council at the end of the course we make sure you be well prepared. Cyber security professionals will guide you with the best practical knowledge to be a successful CEH v10 certified ethical hacker.


CEH training in Kolkata



Eligibility Criteria –
  1. Student with graduation in ( Btech – IT / CSE / EC, BCA , MCA ) should start Python Programming Course and then can go for CEHv10 course. Moreover, can go for a specialization on Web Application Security / penetration testing.
  2. Student with graduation in ( Commerce, Arts etc other than science) should start Networking (CCNA) course. Therefore, he/she will be eligible for CEHv10 course and then go for a Network security / Penetration testing.




Course Fee:

INR – 30,000/– [ Class Room Hands on Training ]

INR – 30,000/– [ Online Training LIVE | Get all your LIVE classes recorded and uploaded in our YouTube Chanel]



CEH Course in Kolkata

CEH Course in Kolkata by ICSS is the top rated course. Ethical hackers are employed by organisations to penetrate networks and computer systems for finding and fixing security vulnerabilities. If you are considering working in the cyber security industry, then this training will benefit you greatly. In the CEH course in Kolkata, you will master objectives including Intrusion Detection, Policy Creation, reconnaissance with Social Engineering and Google, DDoS Attacks etc. This extensive ethical hacking course focuses on 20 of the most popular security domains to provide a practical approach to essential security systems. You will learn to assess computer system security by using penetration testing techniques. In addition, you will gain hands-on experience with sniffing, phishing and exploitation tactics. This ethical hacking course will prepare you for the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker exam.

It is the top most solicited information security training programs. CEH course in Kolkata secures you against the weaknesses and susceptibility of illegal hacking. Now days there is a necessity to save your computer networks and servers from hacker. This CEH certification provides you the knowledge to make your system hacker proof. This professional certification validates your hands on understanding and experience in ethical hacking or penetration testing. Your programming skills could come in handy and make it easy for you to grasp the hacking techniques. This certification allows you to be entrusted with the responsibility 0f  attempting  to penetrate networks and computer systems using the same method as a hacker. The CEH training in Kolkata will provide an environment for students where they will be learning to know how to scan, test, and secure their own systems.



CEH Course in kolkata


Certified Ethical Hacker Training in Kolkata

Certified Ethical Hacker Training in Kolkata from Indian Cyber Security Solutions is most demanded Ethical Hacking course in Kolkata as well as in India. Students of our institution got placed in various MNC company. Students from our institution found Zero-day vulnerabilities.

Achievement of our Students:

Many of our students have founded Zero-Day Vulnerabilities and also their CVE has published on Exploit-DB. Check their CVE and also read their Blog on Exploit DB. Check their Profile Below:

One CVE has been published of Aniket Dinda on Exploit DB

Three CVE have been published of Nainsi Gupta on Exploit DB

One CVE has been published of Sarafraz Khan on Exploit DB


Rabsun Sarkar one of our students found zero day vulnerabilities in Google and in Security Talent Website and also reported for the same. Check the links and images below:


Check Here



Certified Ethical Hacker Training in Dubai


Achievement of our Faculties:

Most of our Faculties have founded Zero-Day Vulnerabilities and also their CVE has published on Exploit-DB. Check their CVE and also read their Blog on Exploit DB. Check their Profile Below:

CVE of Mr. Samiran Santra has been published on Exploit DB You can read his Blog from the Exploit DB.

CVEs of Mr. Prasenjit Kanti Paul has been published on Exploit DB  You can read his all Blogs from the Exploit DB.

CVE of Mr. Rahul Upadhyay has been published on Exploit DB. You can read his all Blog from the Exploit DB.


Student of ICSS did Live web Site hacking. Check out the Video:



Ethical Hacking Certification Course

Ethical Hacking Certification Course by ICSS is most demanded training in Kolkata as well as in India and also in world. Today’s digital era, one of the biggest threats comes from cyber criminals. Hackers were not taken seriously until a few years back. In addition, some big names in the Indian industry had to pay large amount of money to hackers. So that they keep the information confidential. According to surveys guided by cyber security firms in the country, Indian firms lost more than $4 billion in 2013 alone because of hackers.
Our trainers are not just trainers, they are Industry Experts. You will get hands on training.

Course Details:

Chapter – I : Introduction To Ethical Hacking

Lecture 1:      What is hacking? And what is Ethical about it?
Lecture 2:      Types of Hackers
Lecture 3:      Terminology of Hacking
Lecture 4:      What is Vulnerability
Lecture 5:      What is Exploit
Lecture 6:      What is Zero- Day
Lecture 7:      Steps of Hacking
Lecture 8:      Discussing about Information Gathering
Lecture 9:      Types of Information Gathering
Lecture 10:     Information Gathering Demo
Lecture 11:     What is Scanning
Lecture 12:     Scanning Demo using Nmap
Lecture 13:     What is Gaining Access
Lecture 14:     what is Maintaining Access
Lecture 15:     What is Covering Tracks
Lecture 16:     Google Hacking
Lecture 17:     Google Hacking Live Demo
Lecture 18:     Types of malicious files
Lecture 19:     Details of virus
Lecture 20:     Details of Worms
Lecture 21:     Details of Rootkit
Lecture 22:     Social Engineering

100 Marks Internal Exam ( Practical or article submission )

Chapter II – Build your hacking environment

Lecture 23:    Introduction to Linux OS
Lecture 24:    Introduction to Kali Linux OS
Lecture 25:    Introduction to Virtual Machine
Lecture 26:    Installing VMWARE station or Oracle virtual Box
Lecture 27:    Network Setup in Virtual Machine
Lecture 28:    Install Kali Linux in Virtual Machine

100 Marks Internal Exam ( Practical or article submission )

Chapter III – System Hacking

Lecture 29:     System Hacking using Kon-Boot, Linux Live CD
Lecture 30:     Prevention of System Hacking
Lecture 31:     What is MAC
Lecture 32:     Spoof your MAC
Lecture 33:     What is Tor / Proxy Server
Lecture 34:     Spoof your IP
100 Marks Internal Exam ( Practical or article submission )

Chapter IV – Password Cracking

Lecture 35:    Types of Passwords Encryption
Lecture 36:    Password Cracking Methods
Lecture 37:    Dictionary Attack
Lecture 38:    Brute force Attack
Lecture 39:    Rule Based Attack
Lecture 40:    Password Cracking Live Demo using Hydra, John-the-ripper

100 Marks Internal Exam ( Practical or article submission )

Chapter V – Protect Your Network

Lecture 41:    What is NMAP
Lecture 42:    Network Scanning With NMAP
Lecture 43:    What is Vulnerability Scanning
Lecture 44:    Vulnerability Scanning using Nessus/Qualys Free Scan/ GFI Lan Guard
Lecture 45:    What is Metasploit
Lecture 46:    Using Metaspolit Hack Windows System
Lecture 47:     What is Set-toolkit
Lecture 48:    Using Set-toolkit hack Facebook , Gmail Password
Lecture 49:    What is Remote Administration Tool [RAT]
Lecture 50:    Using RAT Exploit Windows OS
Lecture 51:     Protect Your System from RAT
Lecture 52:    What is Malware and preventation from Malware

100 Marks Internal Exam ( Practical or article submission )

Chapter VI – Sniff your Network
Lecture 53:    What is Sniffing and mechanism of Sniffing
Lecture 54:    How to use Wireshark
Lecture 55:    Cain and Able as a sniffer
Lecture 56:    What is netscan and how it works? Real time practical
Lecture 57:    Session Hijacking

100 Marks Internal Exam ( Practical or article submission )

Chapter VII – Dos Attack

Lecture 58:    What is Denial Of Service/ Distributed Denial Of Service
Lecture 59:    Type of Dos Attack
Lecture 60:    Live Demo of Dos Attack

Chapter VIII – Hacking Wireless Network / WIFI

Lecture 61:     What is WAP2 Encryption
Lecture 62:     Crack WAP2 Password using airmon

Chapter IX – Hack Web Application

Lecture 63:    Web Application and its basics (Understanding HTML and its response)
Lecture 64:    OWASP Top 10 Vulnerability
Lecture 65:    What is Sql-Injection
Lecture 66:    Live Demo of Sql-Injection
Lecture 67:    Sql-Injection Exploit Using Havij and Sqlmap
Lecture 68:    Prevention of Sql-Injection
Lecture 69:    What is Cross Site Scripting and Its effect
Lecture 70:    Prevention of Cross-site scripting
Lecture 71:    Data-tampering on E-commerce Sites
Lecture 72:    Prevention of Data-tampering
Lecture 73:    Website Defacement and Prevention
Lecture 74:    E-mail hacking using phishing
Lecture 75:    Hacking Web Server

Chapter X – Protect Your Data

Lecture 76:     IOT Hacking
Lecture 77:      What is cryptography
Lecture 78:      MD5 , Hash Calculator , Cryp, Advance Encryption Tools
Lecture 79:     What is Steganography

Chapter XI – Hack Android Mobile Phone

Lecture 80:       Hack Android Phone using Metasploit

Course Duration:

3 Months Training Program (2 Hours per class)


Course Fee:

INR – 30,000/– [ Class Room Hands on Training ] + 18% GST

INR – 30,000/– [ Online Training LIVE | Get all your LIVE classes recorded and uploaded in our YouTube Chanel] + 18% GST


Classes Choices Available:

Weekends or Weekdays

Jobs for Ethical Hackers in India


Jobs for ethical hackers are highly in demand. According to NASSCOM research more than 77000 ethical hackers are demanded in India. An average salary of INR 65,000/- for ethical hackers with certified ethical hacker certification is available in the market. Indian Cyber Security Solutions provide 3 months of internship on Ethical Hacking after completion of Ceh Training in Kolkata . So you can do internship from us after completion of your course CEH Training in Kolkata and can placed in various company as cyber security. See Job opportunities below for Certified Ethical Hacker.


Certified Ethical Hacker

Check out the current job for Ethical Hackers and salary packages:

Cyber Security Professional
Network Security Professional
Web Penetration Tester
Security Consultant
Application Penetration Tester – Jobs in US



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Gradation System: (on total marks obtained)

E Excellent Performer (90% – 100% marks)
A+ (80% – 89% marks)
A (70% – 79% marks)
B+ (60% – 69% marks)
B (50% – 59% marks)
C (not qualified – reappear all the modules)


Check Below where we provided Training for Ceh (Certified Ethical Hacker):

Indian Cyber Security Solutions organize a Boot Camp in every year. You can join for the Boot Camp in Kolkata to grow your knowledge about ethical hacking and you will understand the importance of the ceh training. You can do your mindset for ceh training in kolkata if you want to protect yourself from Black-hat hackers. We provided training for Ethical Hacking in  Institute of Engineering & Management – IEM located in kolkata. Many of students of IEM Kolkata college got placed in highly demand MNCs. 



Certified Ethical Hacker Training in Kolkata

Indian Cyber Security Solutions delivered training for Ethical Hacking in Kolkata Police Cyber Cell. Come down in our Kolkata center to join us. Do your Certified Ethical Hacker Training in Kolkata from Indian Cyber Security Solutions and get chance to grow your career in Cyber Security.
Certified Ethical Hacker Training in Kolkata
Indian Cyber Security Solutions provided Training on Ethical Hacking in Annex College located in Kolkata, Salt Lake City. Join Indian Cyber Security Solutions for Certified Ethical Hacker Training in Kolkata and get opportunity to grow your career in Cyber Security. You will get Hands on Training from Industry Experts.
Certified Ethical Hacker Training in Kolkata




Why Choose Indian Cyber Security Solutions ?
  • 100 % Money Refund Guarantee if not satisfied within first 4 classes* 
  • Get trained from IT experts & Ethical Hackers with 10 years of experience.
  • Certificate recognized by government and private organizations in more than 160 countries.
  • 100 % placement assistance
  • Life time access to our online library “ HACKERS LAB ” containing case studies, video tutorials, interview questions.



CEH course in Kolkata



CEH Certification in Kolkata

CEH Certification in Kolkata is a highly-valued certification. You will be able to get the desired job in this field. Ethical hackers work as information security professionals and are considered notable in all information technology zones. Certified Ethical Hackers keep a check on security issues related to Information Security. Ethical Hackers are hired by all organisations those who have critical business data online. There is a huge demand for ethical hackers and the CEH training in Kolkata. So you take can help to brighten your job prospects in some of the biggest global companies in the world. The CEH exam is a new credential in the IT certification industry, but its importance and influence have grown quickly. We provide topic-based learning, so that you are able to manage real-life processes with perfection.

Indian Cyber Security Solutions offers the best CEH certification in Kolkata. Because we focus on in-depth knowledge to the learners through our experts. Therefore, you will able to improve your knowledge of risks and vulnerabilities. At first you have to think like a hacker to learn ethical hacking. This training will build your knowledge of the tools and techniques used by hackers. As a result you will learn how malicious hackers use various tools. This certification is highly demanded by top companies as a pre-requisite for information security related job posts. So you should explore to advance your career to the top position in security. Get ahead on your career with an in-depth and intensive training for CEH certification in Kolkata.



CEH certification in Kolkata


CEH Training Institute in Kolkata –

CEH Training institute in Kolkata, ICSS is a great opportunity for the interested people to grow their career in the Cyber Security industry. They can join immediately at Indian Cyber Security Solutions for CEH training in Kolkata. As the internet continues to advance, cyber crimes increasing as well. Criminals can commit crimes easily with a few clicks. Current technology has given us assess to huge amounts of information on the web and mobile devices. It has simplified tasks like shopping, paying bills, and banking services. It has also given rise to the need for ethical hackers to battle cyber criminals. There is no better time than now to begin a career in the cyber security industry. In fact, candidates who will accomplish a CEH Training institute in Kolkata can get career opportunity with high pay scales.

You will be able to improve your knowledge of risks and vulnerabilities and learn how to think like a hacker. After that course it will boost your salary and advance your security career. The average salary for professionals with the CEH certification is £55,000, according to data from IT JobsWatch. This increases to £67,500 and £87,000 for Penetration Tester and Senior Penetration Tester roles respectively. You will learn to use real hacking tool. Cyber criminals are innovators and will constantly discover new ways to attack IT infrastructure and exploit vulnerabilities. Without a knowledge of the risks and vulnerabilities associated with your computer systems, you will have a difficult time keeping them secure. ICSS confirms the capacities of an ethical hacker to prepare for vulnerabilities of system foundation and prevent illegal hacking.



Download EC-Council Certification Track



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