CCNA training in Kolkata

CCNA Training in Kolkata 

CCNA training in Kolkata by Indian Cyber Security Solutions provides the real time training with placement opportunities for fresher’s.  Our CCNA training in Kolkata provides basic to advance level training following the CISCO –CCNA global training module. After completion of our CCNA training in Kolkata one could easily apply for jobs available in different MNCs in Kolkata. Indian Cyber Security Solutions is proud to highest rated training center for CCNA course in Kolkata.

Our trainers are working professionals in different organization as network security professionals with around 5 to 10 years of vast experience in the field of network security with CCNA CISCO certification & MPLS certified.  Our CCNA training  in Kolkata is completely focused on providing hands on practical knowledge on network with various CCNA projects during the course curriculum. CCNA training in Kolkata is rated among the top ten institutes providing in depth knowledge in CCNA-CISCO certification.




CCNA training in Kolkata


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54 hours - 2 classes per week

Course Fee

CCNA - Classroom - Rs.17,000/- + 18% GST & Online - Rs. 15,000/- + 18% GST





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Best CISCO CCNA training center in Kolkata


Best CISCO CCNA Training center in kolkata, Indian Cyber Security Solutions provide the best CCNA training. We are proud to have trained more than 79 students in Kolkata who are working in different organizations across Kolkata.  Our CCNA training is an obvious value for money and students who want to make a career as a network administrator should go for the CCNA certification course.

After completion of our CCNA training in Kolkata, one can apply for the global CISCO CCNA certification exam and can be a CISCO Certified which can be a great add-on to your CV.  In our CCNA training in Kolkata, you will be asked to appear for 13 module internal exams which will be practical and theory-based. According to your performance, you will be awarded grades on the certificate from Indian Cyber Security Solutions. Our CCNA training in Kolkata is conducted in small batches so the individual can pay attention in the class and can clear all doubts.



CCNA training in Kolkata


Networking  – Jobs in Kolkata

Network  Engineer

Hardware & Network Engineer

Desktop Operator  



Eligibility criteria for CISCO – CCNA training in Kolkata


Any student with minimum knowledge in computers can apply for this course. Our CCNA training starts from the basics of networking and then goes deep into the CISCO modules.


CCNA Training in Kolkata Module – Cisco Course Curriculum

Best ccna training in Kolkata


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54 hours - 2 classes per week

Course Fee

CCNA - Classroom - Rs.17,000/- + 18% GST & Online - Rs. 15,000/- + 18% GST




CCNA – Networking Training Course Module





1. Chapter-1 Introduction  

•        Lecture 1: What is Computer network?

•        Lecture 2: What is LAN?

•        Lecture 3: What is MAN?

•        Lecture 4: What is WAN?

•        Lecture 5: Parts of network?
  2 HRS  


2. Chapter-2 Internet  

•          Lecture 6: How the internet works?

•          Lecture 7: What is webserver?

•          Lecture 8: What is Server?

•          Lecture 9: What are client and host?

•          Lecture 10: What is NIC?

•          Lecture11: What is Protocol?

•          EXAM 





3. Chapter-3 Topology  

•        Lecture 12: Bus topology

•        Lecture 13: Ring topology

•        Lecture 14: Star topology

•        Lecture 15: Mesh topology






4. Chapter-4 Network Components  

•        Lecture 16: OSI model • Lecture 17: What is Modem?

•        Lecture 18: What is Router?

•        Lecture 19: What is Switch?

•        Lecture 20: What is Repeater?

•        EXAM 
  1 HRS

•        Lecture 21: How binary code works?

•        Lecture 22: What is Network ID?

•        Lecture 23: What is Host ID?

•        Lecture 24: Subnetting

•        Lecture 25: CIDR notation

•        Verifying and troubleshooting in IP address








6. Chapter-6 Protocol

•        Lecture 26: What is TCP? 

•        Lecture 27: What is UPD? 

•        Lecture 28: What is HTTP? 

•        Lecture 29: What is FTP? 

•        Lecture 30: What is TFTP? 

•        Lecture 31: What is SMTP? 

•        Lecture 32: What is POP? 

•        Lecture 33: What is ICMP?

•        Ethernet






7. Chapter-7 Routing and switching

•        Lecture 34: Cisco hardware components 

•        Lecture 35: Cisco software 

•        Lecture 36: Router categories 

•        Lecture 37: Routers ports 

•        Lecture 38: Router functions

•        Ideal network



  DAY 7

8. Chapter-8 Routing basic

•        Lecture39: How it decides best route? 

•        Lecture 40: Static routing 

•        Lecture41: Dynamic routing
  2HRS   DAY 8

9. Chapter-9 switch network overview

       •     Lecture 42: VLAN configuration

·        Basic switch configuration


9.1 Chapter-9.1 inter-VLAN routing    

·        Inter VLAN routing

·        Inter VLAN routing lab

  2 HRS   DAY 9
10. Chapter-10 NAT 

•        Lecture-43: Static NAT configuration 

•        Lecture-44: Dynamic NAT configuration 

•        Lecture-45: NAT overload configuration (PAT)


       10.1. Access-list control

·        Access-list configuration

10.2 .scaling

·       Lab vtp configuration

·       Lan rendunce

·       STP – Spanning-Tree Configuration






2 HRS 

DAY 10





DAY 11
11. Chapter-11 DHCP 

•        Lecture-46: DHCP methods

•        Lecture-47: DHCP scope

•        Lecture-48: DHCP leased period

•        Lecture-49: DHCP configuration parameters

DAY 12



•        Lecture-50: DHCP configuration

  2HRS   DAY 13


13. Chapter-13 CISCO ISO & IOS Images & Licensing

·        IOS

·        IOS Images & Licensing

  2 HRS   DAY 14
14. Chapter-14 OSPF V3

·        Lecture-52: OSPF configuration

·        Single area

·        Ospf v3 configuration

·        Muti-area ospf

  2 HRS   DAY 15
15. EXAM

• OSPF configuration





   •     Troubleshooting                     Day 15
   •     Troubleshooting Networking   30 MINT
16. Chapter-15 EIGRP

·        Lecture-53: EIGRP configuration

·        Advance eigrp configuration & Troubleshooting Networking
  2 HRS   DAY 16
17. Chapter-16 IPv6 ·        Lecture-54: Understanding IPv6   1 HRS  


DAY 17
18. Chapter- 17 BGP

•        Lecture- 55: What is BGP

•        Lecture- 56: What is IBGP

•        Lecture- 57: What is EBGP

•        Lecture- 58: How to configure BGP
  2 HRS   DAY 18
19. Link Aggregation

·        Etherchannel Configuration

·        Wireless LAN

·        Cisco Wireless Architecture

  2HRS   DAY 19
20.   Chapter-19 HSRP (Hot Standby Router Protocol)

•        Lecture 68: priority

•        Lecture 69: pre-emption

•        Lecture 70: version

•        Lecture 71: Configuration HSRP

•        First Hop Redundancy Protocols –VRRP

•        First Hop Redundancy Protocols – GLBP


2 HRS   DAY 20
21. Chapter- 21 configures and verifies device management

•        Lecture – 77: Time zones

•        Lecture- 78: Loopback


21.1. Quality Of Services



21.2. Cloud & Network Programming

  1 HRS  



DAY 21
22. Chapter- 22 Use Cisco IOS tools to troubleshoot and resolve  

•        Lecture – 79: Terminal monitors

•        Lecture – 80: Ping and traceroute with extended option

•        Lecture – 81: Log events
  1 HRS  
23. Chapter- 23 Infrastructure Security

•        Lecture – 82: Local authentications

•        Lecture – 83: Secure passwords

•        Lecture – 84: Access to a device

•        Lecture – 85: Source address

•        Lecture – 86: Telnet/SSH




DAY 22
24. Chapter-24 WAN Technologies

•        Lecture-88: Configure and verify PPP and MLPPP on WAN interfaces using local authentication.

•        Lecture-89: Describe WAN topology options

  30 MINT  





DAY 23
1. Point –to-point

•        Single vs dual-homed

•        Lecture 90:-Describe WAN access connectivity options

•        Wide area network

•        Point to point network
  20 MINT

·       Metro Ethernet & Broadband PPPoE

·       Internet VPN (DMVPN, site-to-site VPN, client VPN)



·        Key Security Concepts

·        Password Policies Elements and

·        Password Alternatives


·        Next-Generation Firewall and IPS

·        Wireless Security Protocols



·        Why We Need Network Automation

·        Traditional Networks vs Controller

·        Based Networks

·        Control Plane and Data Plane

·        Network Controllers (Cisco DNA and Wireless Controllers)




·        Cisco Software-Defined Access

·        Northbound and Southbound APIs

·        REST APIs

·        Configuration Management

·        Mechanisms (Ansible, Chef, and Pupp)

·        Interpret JSON Encoded Data



1 HRS + 1 HRS




1hrs + 1 hrs





1hrs + 1hrs










2 hrs




DAY 24




Day 25





Day 26








Day 27



Course Duration – 54 Hours


Course Fees: INR 17,000/- (Classroom Training) + 18% GST

 INR 15,000/- (Online Training) + 18% GST



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54 hours - 2 classes per week

Course Fee

CCNA - Classroom - Rs.17,000/- + 18% GST & Online - Rs. 15,000/- + 18% GST



Gradation System: (on total marks obtained) E Excellent Performer (90% – 100% marks)
A+ (80% – 89% marks)
A (70% – 79% marks)
B+ (60% – 69% marks)
B (50% – 59% marks)
C (not qualified – reappear all the modules)



Why Choose Indian Cyber Security Solutions?

  1. 5 to 10 years of industry working experience in Networking
  2. Cisco Certified CCNA trainers
  3. Hands-on experience on CISCO training module
  4. 25 % discount for merited students who have 90% marks in class X & XII exams



CCNA Course in Kolkata

CCNA Course in Kolkata by Indian Cyber Security Solutions is the most demanded training in Kolkata as well as in India. After completion of the CCNA Course in Kolkata not only provides knowledge and skills but also offers a ticket to success. It means that the moment your resume has a CCNA certification course the best multinational companies would be glad to have you on board. As a CCNA candidate, you would get a job faster than any other individual. Those who specialize in the various courses offered by CCNA have better job opportunities.

The industry requirement for CCNA certified people has increased. Today, recruiters are looking for competent individuals who have an edge over others. They seek those certified networking professionals who have advanced knowledge of protocols. Once you receive this high-grade recognition, you will get the confidence to opt for better career prospects. In fact, you will observe that with the right efforts and dedication, you would be able to excel in your field after undergoing CCNA training in Kolkata from Indian Cyber Security Solutions.

CCNA training in Kolkata Course would make the candidates apt for various networking jobs. In addition to these, the aspirants will also be made familiar in the area of Cisco’s switches and routers. Cisco certified professionals will also be capable to execute and administer connections for remote sites that run on WAN. They are also updated with basic knowledge regarding the matter of network security, networking of wireless computer and further computer skills.

CCNA Course in Kolkata is a professional course which provide you a technical aspect of networking. Today, we all are directly or indirectly dependent on networking to share information with the world. Its scope is increasing day by day as new networking approaches came into the market. So, it is a better option to choose for your future.

India is amongst the countries which are becoming the networking hub of the world so the demand of CCNA professionals is bound to increase. There are plenty of jobs available for a CCNA certified and trained professionals. After completion of CCNA training in Kolkata, you become eligible for varied job roles such as Network Technician, Network Support Engineer, etc.


CCNA Course in Kolkata

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