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Java training in Kolkata by ICSS provides hands on training in Java programming and focuses on security issues. Indian Cyber Security Solutions training unit in Kolkata is recognized as the best technical training unit in the cyber security space. With prime focus in cyber security we provide secured coding in java for aspiring students who want themselves to be placed in MNCs as a developer in Java.

Our Java training in Kolkata provides hands on lab training where students not only learn java programming but also how to avoid common mistakes which causes hackers to hack websites developed by java developers.

Our Java trainers are Oracle Java certified and are CEHv9 certified working as code reviewers in different MNCs. In this Java training program you will learn the secured coding on Java, Java basics, OOPs concept in Java, Exception Handling in Java training, Swing. We provide placement assistance for our Java training students in Kolkata.

Students who are willing to learn Android Penetration testing should know Java programming so to understand android functionality.

Indian Cyber Security Solutions Kolkata training unit had conducted java training program successfully from last 5 years. ICSS had successfully trained more than 300 students from different engineering and technical student across all colleges in Kolkata. With around 5 start rating from our student we are proud to be the best java training institute in Kolkata. We provide week end and week days classes for java training for students who want to go for Java training in summer internship and winter internship programs.


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Basic Java | Java Training Course Module in Kolkata

Basic Java training module in Kolkata:


Lecture 1: Introduction

Java – why do we use and what is its advantage over C.

Origin of Java.

WORA and platform independence – why is it such a revolutionary idea and why is it so much of a buzz?

Types of Java and their individual applications – J2SE; J2EE; J2ME

Setting up the environment for: 1. Writing code in notepad as .java files. 2. Eclipse

What is an IDE? Different IDEs for java? Bluej, Netbeans, and Eclipse.

Javadocs: First place to look for.


Lecture 2: Getting the hands dirty

Writing a hello world program and explaining each word in the program to give a glimpse of what to come in the later classes.

Hands on session for basic logic building. Patterns and series.

Explaining the core architecture of java compiling, bytecodes and JVM.

Explaining JDK and JRE.

Explaining objects and classes.


Lecture 3: The syntax and semantics

Java tokens: variables, keywords, punctuators.

Primitive and derived datatypes.

Expressions: arithmetic and logical. Operators and operands. Coercion and Type Casting.

Control statements and loops: if-else, ternary; for, for-each, do..while, while.

Methods and Constructors.

Jump statements: break, continue; and why not goto.

Arrays and Strings.


Lecture 4: OOPs and Java

Why is java a pure OOP language? Different basic OOPs principles. Encapsulation, abstraction, Inheritance, polymorphism, Data hiding, etc.

Inheritance types with example. Abstract classes and interfaces.

Polymorphism: static and dynamic.

Hands on session.


Lecture 5: Packages, Imports and exceptions

Why packages and need for imports.

Exception hierarchy. Custom Exception. Throw, throws, try, catch, finally.

Final finalize and finally difference. Garbage collection.

Hands on session.


Lecture 6: Multithreading and static keyword

What is a thread? Why is it needed? How is it done? When to use Runnable interface and when to use Thread class. Sleep, Join, IsAlive.

Different test cases for threads. What is thread safe? Memory Heaps and stacks: which is thread safe and why?

Global variables: instance and static.

Static blocks.

Hands on session.


Lecture 7: IO

Character Oriented and byte oriented IO. Scanner class, BufferedReader class. File input and Output.

Lecture 8: Util package

Date [also java.sql.Date], Calender, Currency, Locale, Random.

Collections interface: List: ArrayList, LinkedList. Map: HashMap. Set: HashSet.

Hands on session.

Lecture 9: Jdbc

Different types, what is what. Examples: Oracle, mysql. Connection strings and executing queries. PreparedStatement, ResultSetMetaData, DatabaseMetaData, Storing and retrieving images and files. Transaction Management, Batch Processing, RowSet Interface.

Hands on session.

Lecture 10: Networking

Socket Programming, URL, URLConnection, HttpURLConnection, InetAddress, classDatagramSocket class


Lecture 11: Design patterns

Singleton Pattern; Factory Pattern; Abstract Factory Pattern; Builder Pattern; Prototype Pattern

Lecture 12: Java 8&9 new features

Lambda expressions, Functional programming and reactive programming

Lecture 13:

Full hands on with some basic app development. Clearing doubts.

Advance Java training module in Kolkata:

Chapter 1 – What is Servlet


Web Terminology

Servlet API

Servlet Interface



Servlet Life Cycle

Servlet Example

How servlet works?

War File


Load on startup


Chapter 2 – Servlet with IDE


servlet in Eclipse

servlet in Myeclipse

servlet in Netbeans


Servlet Collaboration





Attribute in Servlet


Chapter 3 – Servlet Advance


Session Tracking

Session Techniques

1) Cookies in Servlet

Cookies: Login & Logout

2) Hidden Form Field

3) URL Rewriting

4) HttpSessionSession: Login & Logout


 Chapter 4 – Event and Listener


Servlet Filter

What is Filter

Authentication Filter


Useful examples

Servlet Pagination

Pagination Example

Servlet Miscellaneous



Annotation Servlet




Registration Example

Fetching records

Improving Performance

Uploading file

Downloading file

Servlet Sending Email

Write data to PDF

Login Example

Writing Image


Chapter 5 – JSP

JSP Introduction

Life cycle of JSP


JSP in Eclipse


JSP scripting elements


JSP scriptlet tag

JSP expression tag

JSP declaration tag


9 Implicit Objects


JSP Request

JSP Response

JSP Config

JSP Application

JSP Session

JSP PageContext

JSP Page

JSP Exception


JSP Directive Elements


JSP page directive

JSP include directive

JSP taglib directive


JSP Exception


Action Elements




Java Bean class


set & getProperty

Displaying applet in JSP

Expression Language


JSTL basic


Development in JSP


Registration Form

Login Form

Uploading File

Downloading File



Java training Duration in Kolkata

3 Months training program


Course Fee:

Basic java –  Classroom – INR 8,000/- + 18% GST

Online –     INR   6,000/- + 18% GST


 Advance Java –  Classroom – INR 10,000/-  + 18% GST

Online –         INR  8,000/-  + 18% GST


Gradation System: (on total marks obtained)

E Excellent Performer (90% – 100% marks)
A+ (80% – 89% marks)
A (70% – 79% marks)
B+ (60% – 69% marks)
B (50% – 59% marks)
C (not qualified – reappear all the modules)


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