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Python Training in Kolkata

Python Training in Kolkata by working professionals. Get Python course in Kolkata from the best python training institute in Kolkata by ICSS. Python Training in Kolkata is the most demanded programming language in the industry. With around 30% jobs in the field of information technology demand good knowledge in Python programming. At Indian Cyber Security Solutions, we provide the Certified Python Programming course which is designed in such a way that it covers all topics from the basic to the advance level. Our Python programming course is a hands-on programming training in Kolkata where we focus on individual and encourage them to develop their own tools using python programming. Python Certification Training in Kolkata by industry professionals will help you to reach your goals.


Our Python Training in Kolkata is designed to develop the skill set of students where we conduct compulsory exams after each module. During these exams, individual students need to work on the project they wish to develop and implement their programming skills they have learned during the training. Our trainers are working professionals in the field of cyber security and are ethical hackers. They use various tools which is coded by them in python language. From the first day of the class you will be asked to select one project and gradually work on it as the class progresses. At the end of the course you would be ready with a hacking tool developed by you.



40 hours - 2 classes per week

Course Fee

BASIC PYTHON Classroom Rs. 9,300/- +18% GST & Online Rs. 7,300/- +18 %GST ADVANCE PYTHON-Classroom Rs.11 ,000/- +18% GST & Online Rs. 13,000/- +18 %GST




Python Training in Kolkata






Eligibility criteria for Python Training in Kolkata

Students and working professionals who love programming and have good knowledge on C programming can apply for this course. / BCA / MCA students who are looking for summer training and winter training can also opt for this course.

It is highly recommended for students who want to develop their career as an Application Penetration Tester should go for this course. 


Online LIVE Python Training in Kolkata

Python Training in Kolkata is also available online where we provide LIVE classes to individuals just like having a private tuition. Indian Cyber Security Solutions have 25+ python programmers who are working professionals working in different organizations geographically located in different locations.

All the python programming courses are held in an online software where students and the faculty be LIVE online and share their screen. Best part of this python programming course online is you get all your LIVE classes recorded and uploaded in YouTube where you can access it for lifetime. We have our online library where you get all the updated course materials. All the online classes are held from 8.00 P.M IST 10.00 P.M IST.  We provide two days’ classes per week for 3 months.


Course Fee:

INR- 7,300/-


Class Room training for Python Training in kolkata

Python Programming course in Kolkata with hands on training in the lab from the professional python programmers who have developed various tools in python widely used in the industry. Python Programming course is in huge demand as organizations are widely using applications in various fields like analytics, VLSI, cyber security and many more. Every batch will undergo a 3 months’ hands on training program having 2 days’ classes per week.

Course Fee:

INR – 9,300/-


Python Course in Kolkata


Python Course in Kolkata with real-time training from industry professionals and get placement assistance. Indian Cyber Security Solutions is one of the training institutes in Kolkata which provides advanced and industrial Python programming. Our trainers cover python from beginning to advanced level. Python is supports many operating systems. Being a very high level language, Python reads like English, which takes a lot of syntax-learning stress off coding beginners. Python handles a lot of complexity for you, so it is very beginner-friendly in that it allows beginners to focus on learning programming concepts and not have to worry about too much details. Python programming is designed to be highly standardized, with a clear protocol for any task and little to no need for coming up with elaborate patchwork solutions to get something done.

Python is often looked at as a strong secondary supplemental language to a primary language that is more broadly used like C or Java. There are a variety of jobs that one can get focusing exclusively on Python development, however. Many of these jobs will be in building and improving the internal tools that a company uses to create its finished marketable products, rather than working on the finished product itself. More than 1200+ students placed in different company after Python Course in Kolkata. One specific economic sector where the presence of Python programming is particularly strong is the geospatial industry. This is a critical industry that deals in navigational tools such as GPS, radar and light measurements. Python Training in Kolkata will help you understand why you should learn data science with Python. Python Course in Kolkata will help you to reach your goal.




Python Course in Kolkata




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Job openings – Apply NOW

 Check out the current job openings as Python developer available in India.


Python Developer

Certified Python Programmer

Python Script-er



40 hours - 2 classes per week

Course Fee

BASIC PYTHON Classroom Rs. 9,300/- +18% GST & Online Rs. 7,300/- +18 %GST ADVANCE PYTHON-Classroom Rs.11 ,000/- +18% GST & Online Rs. 13,000/- +18 %GST



Syllabus for Python Training in Kolkata – C | PP


Chapter I – Python Introduction

Lecture:1 What is Python
Lecture:2 Python History
Lecture:3 Python 2.x vs 3.x
Lecture:4 Features of python
Lecture:5 Applications of python

Chapter II – Installation of Python

Lecture:7 How to install Python
Lecture:8 Python Script mode
Lecture:9 Python GUI mode
Lecture:10 Python Interactive Mode
Lecture:11 Python In Linux
Lecture:12 Linux Script mode
Lecture:13 Linux GUI mode
Lecture:14 How to Install IDLE in Linux
Lecture:15 How to set Path

Chapter III – Basics of Python

Lecture:16 Python “Hello World”
Lecture:17 How to Execute Python
Lecture:18 Variables in python
Lecture:19 Keywords in python
Lecture:20 Identifiers in python
Lecture:21 Literals in python
Lecture:22 Operators in python
Lecture:23 Comments in python

Chapter IV – Python Strings

Lecture:24 Accessing Strings
Lecture:25 Strings Indexing
Lecture:26 Slice Notation
Lecture:27 String Built-in Functions
Lecture:28 Slice Notation

Chapter V – Python Lists

Lecture:29 How to define list
Lecture:30 Accessing list
Lecture:31 Elements in a Lists
Lecture:32 List Operations
Lecture:33 Adding Lists
Lecture:34 List slicing
Lecture:35 Updating elements in a List
Lecture:36 Appending elements to a List
Lecture:37 Deleting Elements from a List
Lecture:38 Functions and Methods of Lists

Chapter VI – Python Tuples

Lecture:39 How to define a tuple
Lecture:40 Accessing tuple
Lecture:41 Elements in a tuple
Lecture:42 tuple Operations
Lecture:43 tuple slicing
Lecture:44 Deleting tuple
Lecture:45 Functions and Methods of tuple

Chapter VII – Python Dictionary

Lecture:46 How to define dictionary
Lecture:47 Accessing Dictionary
Lecture:48 Updation
Lecture:49 Deletion
Lecture:50 Functions and Methods

Chapter VII – Python Set

Lecture:51 How to define Set
Lecture:52 Accessing Set
Lecture:53 Set Built-in Functions
Lecture:54 Set Operations

Chapter VIII – Python Control Statement

Lecture:55 “If” in python
Lecture:56 “If else” in python
Lecture:57 “else if” in python
Lecture:59 “nested if” in python
Lecture:60 “for loop” in python
Lecture:61 “while loop” in python
Lecture:62 “break” in python
Lecture:63 “continue” in python
Lecture:64 “pass” in python

Chapter IX – Python Functions

Lecture:65 Defining a Function
Lecture:66 Invoking a Function
Lecture:67 return Statement
Lecture:68 Argument and Parameter
Lecture:69 Passing Parameters
Lecture:70 Default Arguments
Lecture:71 Keyword Arguments
Lecture:72 Anonymous Function
Lecture:73 Difference between Normal Functions and Anonymous Function
Lecture:74 Scope of Variable

Chapter XI – File Handling

Lecture:75 Operations on Files
Lecture:76 Opening file
Lecture:77 closing file
Lecture:78 reading file
Lecture:79 writing file
Lecture:80 Modes of files
Lecture:81 Methods in files

Chapter XII – Python OOPs Concept

Lecture:82 Python OOPs Concepts
Lecture:83 Python Object Class
Lecture:84 Python Constructors
Lecture:85 Python Inheritance
Lecture:86 Multilevel Inheritance
Lecture:87 Multiple Inheritance

Chapter XIII – Python Modules

Lecture:88 Importing a Module
Lecture:89 Example of importing multiple modules
Lecture:90 How to use “from” import statement
Lecture:91 import whole module
Lecture:92 Built-in Modules in Python
Lecture:93 Package

Chapter XIV – Python Exceptions

Lecture:94 What is Exception handling
Lecture:95 Declaring Multiple Exception
Lecture:96 Finally Block
Lecture:97 Raise an Exception
Lecture:98 Custom Exception

Chapter XV – Python Date

Lecture:99 Import datetime
Lecture:100 Current datetime
Lecture:101 Use of strftime method

Chapter XVI – Python Network programming

Lecture:118 Basics of networking
Lecture:119 What is the socket?
Lecture:120 creating server
Lecture:121 creating client

Chapter XVII – Database Connectivity Using MqSQL DB

Lecture:121 What is the database?
Lecture:122 How to connect with the database?
Lecture:123 Select data from the database?
Lecture:124 insert data into the database?
Lecture:125 delete data from the database?


3 Months course (2 classes per week with 2 hours of each day class)

INR – 9,300/- (Classroom training) + 18% GST
INR – 7,300/- (Online training)  + 18% GST


Certificate from INDIAN CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS will be awarded after successfully completion of the course.


40 hours - 2 classes per week

Course Fee

BASIC PYTHON Classroom Rs. 9,300/- +18% GST & Online Rs. 7,300/- +18 %GST ADVANCE PYTHON-Classroom Rs.11 ,000/- +18% GST & Online Rs. 13,000/- +18 %GST


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Gradation System for Python training in Kolkata: (on total marks obtained)

E Excellent Performer (90% – 100% marks)
A+ (80% – 89% marks)
A (70% – 79% marks)
B+ (60% – 69% marks)
B (50% – 59% marks)
C (not qualified – reappear all the modules)


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Why Choose INDIAN CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS for Python training in Kolkata?

  • Industry professions from Amazon, Cognizant & Intel will share their practical experience in the class
  •  100% practical and lab based classes (available online & offline)
  •  25% Scholarship program for merited students with minimum of 90% marks in their board exams
  •  LIFE TIME access to video tutorials, case studies and hacking forum “HACKERS LAB”
  •  EMI option available if you go for 2 or more courses.



Best Python Training Institute in Kolkata


Best Python Training Institute in Kolkata, Indian Cyber Security Solutions will give you opportunity to learn Python basic to advance. An important feature of Python is name resolution, which binds method and variable names during program execution. Python is intended to be a highly readable language. ICSS, Best Python Training Institute offers a best training platform to learn languages like Python in very interactive and growing environment. Python is not intended to work on special area such as web programming. You will understand how to create your own Python Programs from ICSS, Best Python Training Institute in Kolkata. Have a fundamental understanding of the Python programming language in Python Training in Kolkata. Python supports the use of modules and packages, which means the programs will design in module style and code can be decreased according to the project.

One of the most favourable benefits through Python is interpreter and standard libraries both are available for a free charge, both binary and source form. Here it is an attractive option for developers, no worries about paying high development costs. Python comes to the picture to save from a danger where other programming languages have failed in fetching live streaming data from the internet. Data is growing rapid rate at every moment. Investigation of this data in deeper manner is called Big Data Analysis. However, Python holds a special place among all. Python is an object-oriented, open source, flexible and easy to learn a programming language. It has a rich set of libraries and tools that make the tasks easy for Data scientists. Moreover, Python has a huge community base where developers and data scientists can ask their queries and answer of others.




Best Python Training Institute in Kolkata





Python Certification Training in Kolkata

Python Certification Training in Kolkata from Indian Cyber Security Solutions is most demanding course.  More than 1200+ students placed after Python Certification Training in Kolkata. Technopolis, a huge IT park is expected to come up in Kolkata’s Salt Lake’s Sector V region. Kolkata at present is experiencing major construction activity especially around the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass and further east in Rajarhat area. Major IT companies such as ITC, InfoTech,

HSBC will set up their centers in kolkata shortly. Major Real estate developer DLF has developed an IT park in Kolkata in Rajarhat area with a super area. So there will be a huge scope for Kolkata students. Join Indian Cyber Security Solutions and get deep knowledge from our experts. Students got placement after completion of their course. Name of the Colleges given, from where students got placed in MNCs after completion of their Python Training in Kolkata like RCC Institute of Information Technology , The Neotia University , IEM Kolkata , Techno India University etc.



Python Certification Training in Kolkata

RCC Institute of Information Technology



Python Certification Training in Kolkata

The Neotia University

Python Certification Training in Kolkata

IEM Kolkata


Python Certification Training in Kolkata

Techno India University

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