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This section has been specially designed keeping in mind all those curious minds who want to understand any tiny bit of things about cybersecurity. This is the space you need to look for, here you will find tutorials about anything and everything that you might have a question about created by our trainers who are highly qualified and have more than 5 years of experience in the said field.

And just in case you still have any questions after thoroughly watching the video’s, you can always feel free to get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to guide you towards the path of your future.




NPT(Network Penetration Testing)- Post Exploitation -Tutorial Video by ICSS

Stored XSS By ICSS Student – Vaishak Kuchinad


DHCP Configuration By ICSS Student – Vaibhav Shah


Eternalblue-Doublepulsar Exploit with Metasploit By ICSS Student – Souvik Mondal



WiFi De-Authenticator Done by ICSS Student – Abhishek Acharya



Website Hacking using Weevly Tool done by ICSS Student – Chiranjeevi Reddy



Acuentix By ICSS Student – Arvind Shahdeo


SQL Injection Done by ICSS Student – Arnab Mozumder



WIFI DE-Authentication done by ICSS student – Shubham Pandey



Dynamic Nat Configuration Done by ICSS Student – Ankush Yadav



Reverse Engineering – Cracking Binaries using Keygenning Done by

ICSS Member – Vaibhab Kush



DHCP Router Configuration Done by – Ankush Yadav


BGP Configuration done by ICSS Student – Dipika Saha



Reverse Engineering – Cracking Binaries using Patching done by Vaibhav Kush



Project on Metasploitable 2 Walkthrough done by ICSS Student – Hrithik Lall



Project on How to bind a malicious file with an image by ICSS Student – Mayukh Paul



Project on Smart Home in Packet Tracer by ICSS Student – Mayukh Paul



Project on LAN Configuration done by ICSS student – Amaan Ichagutu



Project on Co2 Detector done by ICSS Student – Mayukh Paul


OSPF Configuration done by ICSS Student – Vaibhav Mane


DHCP – Tutorial (CCNA-Networking Topic) By ICSS Student


Phishing Using SEToolkit


Dos attack on LIVE Server using Metasploit

Port forwarding in MTS(hilink) Dongle


Powershell access using SET and Metasploit


Empire Migrating Between Empire Agents and Meterpreter



Adobe Flash Player Exploit 2015


Secure Your Digital Life | Password Tips



Protect your android phone from HACKERS


Indian Cyber Security Solutions



Windows 10 Exploit!

Meterpreter ShellCode Injection SSL Tutorial



Windows 10 Exploit with a Macro Embedded Word File


Metasploit Browser Autopwn



KaliLinux DOS Attack ACCIDENT in XP with Process Migration!


Windows LM Password Crack!



Facebook Hacking Step by Step Tutorial


Hacking any operating system using Kali



How to Exploit Windows 10 with the help of winrar – By ICSS student – Arindam Dey


Winter training (CCNA) by ICSS Student – Keshav Kumar Bhandari


Winter training (Ethical Hacking) Project  – By ICSS Student – Rajdeep Saha


Winter Training project – DoS attack – By ICSS Student – Praveen Kumar


(CCNA) Project – By ICSS Student – Subham Ghosh


(CCNA) Project – By ICSS Student – Subham Ghosh


CEHP Project by ICSS student – Mohar Gupta


CCNA project by ICSS student – Tamal Sarkar


(CCNA) Project – By ICSS Student – Rajdeep Basu


(CCNA) Project by ICSS student – Ishanu Bhattacharjee