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CEH Training in Bangalore – Certified Ethical Hacker Training

CEH training in Bangalore with practical certification course from EC council. Best CEH training institute in Bangalore with hands on practical LIVE classes on Kali Linux, Metasploit. After attending CEH course in Bangalore students will be capable in finding out vulnerabilities in Website, Network, Android Applications and IOS applications. CEH training in Bangalore by Indian Cyber Security Solutions is a great opportunity for the people of Bangalore. They can reach in higher position as a Cyber Security professional. Bangalore Is World’s 2nd Fastest Growing Startup Ecosystem.

Bangalore has risen four places in the latest Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking by San Francisco-based Compass.

The ethical hacker is a trusted person who has appointed to provide guard against hacking attempts.

There is a worldwide demand for information security professionals these days. Bangalore a one-stop destination for a huge number of jobs and career opportunities.

Also many IT companies will develop in Bangalore in the upcoming future. You will get deep hands on practical knowledge from real ethical hackers. Our trainers are working as an ethical hacker.

Join Indian Cyber Security Solutions for CEH training in Bangalore. CEH Training in Bangalore will help you to enter the cyber security domain.

CEH Training in Bangalore will help Bangalore students to enter the cyber security domain. Bangalore is the third-most-populous city in India and it attracts entrepreneurs, startups, tech experts, etc.

Bangalore has one of the most highly educated workforces in the world. Bangalore lies in the southeast of the South Indian state of Karnataka.

The region of modern-day Bangalore was part of several successive South Indian kingdoms. Bangalore’s reputation as the “Garden City of India” began in 1927 with the Silver Jubilee celebrations. Today, Bangalore is India’s third most populous city.


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40 hours - 2 classes per week

Course Fee

Rs. 35,000/-



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CEH Training in Bangalore

Eligibility Criteria –

  1. Student with graduation in ( Btech – IT / CSE / EC, BCA , MCA ) should start with Python Programming Course and then can go for CEHv10 course and then can go for a specialization on Web Application Security / penetration testing.
  2. Student with graduation in ( Commerce, Arts etc other than science) should start with Networking (CCNA) course and will be eligible for CEHv10 course and then go for a Network security / Penetration testing.


Check out the Project video done by our student on HTML Injection.



CEH Course in Bangalore


CEH Course in Bangalore by Indian Cyber Security Solutions is the most demanded training in Bangalore as well as in India. More than 1000+ student placed in different company after CEH Course in Bangalore. This city attracts millions of IT professional to keep the IT dream alive. So it is great opportunity to all Bangalore students. You are on the right track if you are thinking of doing a CEH Training in Bangalore as some of the most promising Indian start-ups and the biggest companies of the world have offices in this city. Today, companies across the world are struggling with the issue of data and network security. CEH Course in Bangalore will prepare you for security professional to work as an Ethical Hacker and Penetration Tester. This course confirms the capacities of an ethical hacker to prepare for vulnerabilities of system foundation and prevent illegal hacking.

The most ideal approach to do this is by understanding the strategies utilized by hackers to interfere into systems. This is one of the most demanding course for IT security specialists, especially for those, who are looking for job prospects in penetration testing. In spite of the fact that the certification is must be required for entrance analyzers and its focal points are not limited. This Course acts as the foundation stone in your career to be a Penetration Tester and providing security to networks and websites. Hacking is a technique by which a person can bypass system’s defence. Ethical Hackers  use the same technique instead of taking advantage of any vulnerabilities that are found they document them and provide actionable advice on how to fix them. The purpose of ethical hacking is to evaluate the security of and identify vulnerabilities in systems, networks or system infrastructure.




Ceh Course in Bangalore




Jobs for Certified Ethical Hackers in India

Jobs for ethical hackers are highly in demand. According to NASSCOM research more than 77000 ethical hackers are demanded in India.

An average salary of INR 65,000/- for ethical hackers with certified ethical hacker certification is available in the market.




Check out the current job for Certified Ethical Hackers and salary packages in India including Bangalore:


Cyber Security Professional
Network Security Professional
Web Penetration Tester
Application Penetration Tester – Jobs in US
Cyber security Consultant

IT Risk Assessment

CEH Training in Bangalore from Indian Cyber Security Solutions is most demanded Ethical Hacking course in Bangalore as well as in India. Students of our institution got placed in various MNC company. Students from our institution found Zero-day vulnerabilities.


Achievement of our Students:

Many of our students have founded Zero-Day Vulnerabilities and also their CVE has published on Exploit-DB. Check their CVE and also read their Blog on Exploit DB. Check their Profile Below:

One CVE has been published of Aniket Dinda on Exploit DB

Three CVE have been published of Nainsi Gupta on Exploit DB

One CVE has been published of Sarafraz Khan on Exploit DB


Rabsun Sarkar one of our students found zero day vulnerabilities in Google and in Security Talent Website and also reported for the same. Check the links and images below:


Check Here



Certified Ethical Hacker Training in Dubai


Achievement of our Faculties:

Most of our Faculties have founded Zero-Day Vulnerabilities and also their CVE has published on Exploit-DB. Check their CVE and also read their Blog on Exploit DB. Check their Profile Below:

CVE of Mr. Samiran Santra has been published on Exploit DB You can read his Blog from the Exploit DB.

CVEs of Mr. Prasenjit Kanti Paul has been published on Exploit DB  You can read his all Blogs from the Exploit DB.

CVE of Mr. Rahul Upadhyay has been published on Exploit DB. You can read his all Blog from the Exploit DB.


Student of ICSS did Live web Site hacking. Check out the Video:


C|EH (V10)Course Details:


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40 hours - 2 classes per week

Course Fee

Rs. 35,000/-


Chapter 1 – Introduction to Ethical Hacking

    • What is Hacking
    • What is Ethical Hacking
    • Types of Hackers
    • White Hat Hacker
    • Black Hat Hackers
    • Gray Hat Hackers
    • Script Kiddies
    • Hacktivists
    • Spy Hackers
    • Cyber Terrorists
    • Vulnerability
    • Exploit
    • Remote Exploit
    • Local Exploit
    • Zero-day
    • Zero-day vulnerability
    • Zero-day Exploit
    • Brute force attack
    • Phishing
    • Remote access
    • Payload

100 Marks Internal Exam ( Practical or article submission )


Chapter 2 – Steps of Ethical Hacking Information Gathering

  • Active Information Gathering
  • Passive Information Gathering
  • Scanning
  • Gaining Access
  • Maintaining Access
  • Covering Tracks

100 Marks Internal Exam ( Practical or article submission )


Chapter 3 – Types of Malicious files

  • Viruses
  • Worms
  • Trojan Horse
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Backdoor
  • Rootkits
  • Ransomware

100 Marks Internal Exam ( Practical or article submission )


Chapter 4 –  Penetration Testing

  • What is Penetration Testing
  • Types of Penetration Testing
  • What is white box Penetration Testing
  • What is Black Box Penetration testing
  • Introduction to Linux OS
  • Social Engineering

100 Marks Internal Exam ( Practical or article submission )

Chapter 5 – Google Hacking Using Dorks Demo

Lab Setup

  • What is Virtual Machine
  • What is VMware
  • What is Virtual Box
  • Install VMware
  • Install Kali Linux
  • Install Windows XP
  • Install Windows 7
  • Install Add on in Mozila
  • Tamper Data
  • Burp Suite
  • No-Redirect
  • Install Nessus


Chapter 6 – System Hacking

  • System Hacking using Kon-Boot
  • Network Scanning
  • Port Scanning
  • Service Scanning
  • What is Nmap
  • Scanning With Nmap
  • Nmap Various Command


Chapter 7 – Scanning With Nessus Hacking With Metasploit

  • What is Metasploit?
  • Xp Remote Exploit using Metasploit
  • Msfvenom
  • Windows7 UAC Bypass


Chapter 8 – What is SE-Toolkit

  • SE-Toolkit Usages
  • Create Phishing page with SE-Toolkit
  • Hacking Facebook & Gmail password


Chapter 9 – What is Remote Administration Tool

  • What is RAT
  • Exploit With RAT
  • Protect System from RAT


Chapter 10 – What is Sniffing

  • Types of Sniffing
  • Network Sniffing with Wireshark
  • Get FTP Login Details Using Wireshark


Chapter 11 – What is DOS

  • Details of DOS
  • What is DDOS
  • Wireless Network Hacking – i) Wireless Encryption                                                                              ii) Hacking WPA 2


Chapter 12 – Web Application Pen-testing

  • How Web Application Works
  • Request and Response
  • Installing Scanner (Acunetix,Netsparker)
  • Scanning Website


Chapter 13 – OWASP Top 10

  • What is Sql-Injection?
  • Types of Sql-Injection
  • Live Demo on Sql-Injection


Chapter 14 – What is XSS

  • Types of XSS
  • Live Demo on XSS All types


Chapter 15 – What is CSRF

  • Live Demo On CSRF What is HTML Injection
  • Live Demo on HTML Injection


Chapter 16 – What is Directory Listing

  • Live Demo on Directory Listing What is Broken Auth
  • Demo on Broken Auth What is Tamper data?
  • Live Demo on Tamper Data on Ecommerce site
  • Session Hijacking


Chapter 17 – What is Phishing?

  • Create a Phishing Page What is Web Shell
  • Hack Web-Server Using Web-Shell


Chapter 18 – Hacking Android Phone using Metasploit Question and Answer Class


Chapter 19 – Project


Course Duration:

3 Months Training Program

Course Fee:

INR – 35,000/- [ Class Room Hands on Training ] + 18% GST

INR – 35,000/- [ Online Training LIVE | Get all your LIVE classes recorded and uploaded in our YouTube Chanel] + 18% GST




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Why Choose Indian Cyber Security Solutions ?

  • Get trained from IT experts & Ethical Hackers with 10 years of experience.
  • Certificate recognized by government and private organizations in more than 160 countries.
  • 100 % placement assistance
  • Life time access to our online library “ HACKERS LAB ” containing case studies, video tutorials, interview questions.



Best CEH Training Institute in Bangalore


Best CEH Training Institute in Bangalore, Indian Cyber Security Solutions will give you vast knowledge about hacking. Ethical hackers use their skills and many of the same methods and techniques to test and bypass organizations’ IT security as their unethical counterparts, who are referred to as black hat hackers. The trainers are industry professionals. They work in many projects. Becoming Ethical hackers you can find security exposures in insecure system configurations, known and unknown hardware or software vulnerabilities as well as operational weaknesses in process or technical countermeasures. Ethical hackers help companies determine which of their IT security measures are effective, which need to be updated and which contain vulnerabilities that can be exploited. When ethical hackers finish evaluating organizations’ systems, they report back to company leaders about those vulnerable areas, for instance, a lack of sufficient password encryption, insecure applications or exposed systems running unpatched software.


Cyberattacks can cripple or destroy a business, especially a small business. However, most companies are completely unprepared for cyberattacks. Ethical hackers understand how threat actors operate and they know how these bad actors will use new information and techniques to attack systems. You will learn all these things from ICSS, Best Ceh Training Institute in Bangalore. After Ceh Training in Bangalore you can the hacking skills to protect any organizations’ website. However if you want to join an institute for learning Ethical hacking then you can join ICSS, Best CEH Training Institute in Bangalore. Ethical hackers generally use the same hacking skills that malicious actors use to attack enterprises. Ethical Hacking has been a lucrative career option for many, and not without good reason! It’s a challenging job that never gets boring, pays well and also brings a greater sense of achievement.




Best CEH Training Institute in Bangalore




Best CEH Training in Bangalore 


Best CEH training in Bangalore will help you to get the knowledge and tools of malicious attackers to uncover vulnerabilities in an organization’s computer systems. Bangalore has one of the best educational institutions in India and the standard of education is considered to be very high compared to many other states in the country. Bangalore has the pride of having the world renowned institutions like PES UniversityChrist UniversityJain UniversityBangalore UniversityDayananda Sagar College of Engineering etc. It is one of the fastest growing and developing cities of India in terms of infrastructure, jobs as well as the standard of living. So this best CEH Training in Bangalore will help you to be ready for the upcoming chances. After completing CEH training in Bangalore you can get job in professionals include penetration tester, network security specialist, ethical hacker, security consultant, site administrator and auditor.



Best CEH Training in Bangalore 

PES University

Best CEH Training in Bangalore 

Christ University

Best CEH Training in Bangalore 

Jain University

Best CEH Training in Bangalore 

Bangalore University


Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering


Students from these and from other colleges, universities can polish their technical skills by summer training and winter training from ICSS and also can do CEH Training in Bangalore. This is the best training institute for ethical hacking and can get chance to work as a Cyber Security after done CEH Training in Bangalore.  We’re planning for establish our Institution in Bangalore But we’re providing online training now in Bangalore so the students can got trained in online courses and placed themselves in a good work position by doing the best CEH Training in Bangalore.





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