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About Indian Cyber Security Solutions

Indian Cyber Security Solutions have the right people for the right kind of job. We follow a great work ethic which is the cornerstone of our success. Therefore, all of our services are disposed by personnel who are experts in their respective specific domain and are both keen as well as totally equipped to accept any challenges that may come their way during the course of their work. We grasp very well and quickly the unique need(s) of every company thereby customizing our work accordingly.

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Our Mission:

Indian Cyber Security Solutions is a unit of Green Fellow IT Security Solutions Pvt Ltd rising platform with a mission to provide all possible cyber security solutions from large corporate companies to new emerging ones regardless of their sizes & kinds. Our mission to create a Digital hack-proof world. Cyber criminals are warming up with latest innovative techniques & modus operandi to break through networks and open the floodgates for unauthorized access so as to get some valuable data and information about companies to exploit and take advantage of.

There aim is to squeeze out sensitive information about your company thereby damaging your business and putting your company’s reputation at peril. In these circumstances it is of utmost importance to have a solid and powerful line of defense against these cyber attacks and threats which may come in any form & from any source (network, applications, devices) resulting into violation of data integrity, network vulnerability, system compromise, Denial or Interruption of Services (DoS) attack, viruses & Trojan attacks, etc.

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  • Indian Cyber Security Solutions has been in the field of cyber security for 5 years, and since our inception we have been apt in providing the quality cyber security training as well as services to corporate organisations.

  • Through our journey we have been successful and have won many accolades among them being acknowledged from Silicon India as the Best Cyber Security Training Institute in India. Together with this, Business Connect India has acknowledged Indian Cyber Security Solutions as the Top 20 Tech Brands of 2021.

  • With this, we have also been acknowledged as the Top 10 Cyber Security Solution Providers in India by industry Era and the Top 20 Most Trusted Cyber Security Company by the Global Hues.

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