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Penetration Testing attempts to exploit the vulnerabilities to determine whether unauthorized access or other malicious activity is possible. A network penetration testing target is either a black box testing or a white box testing. In case of the former background & even system information is available while nothing barring the company name is obtainable when it comes to the latter & hence the names. It is imperative to undergo a network penetration testing in a regular manner if your business domain is storing delicate and sensitive data especially of the likes of PDC or PHI. Any organization should monitor their system for potential unauthorized access and other kind of attacks. In order to safeguard sensitive information, it is important to perform routine checks and create a reliable and safe network. Every year, many organizations, corporations and governments dedicate a substantial chunk of their investment on their computer and network security. Indian Cyber Security Solutions is the best Network Security company in Bangalore as well as in India. Network Security Company in Bangalore, Indian Cyber Security Solutions will help your organization in evaluating the security of a computer system or network by simulating an attack from a malicious source, known as a Black Hat Hacker, or Cracker.

Network Penetration Testing is also known commonly by the names of “ethical hacking”, “intrusion detection” and “red teaming”.

Bangalore is characterized by major work centers like Whitefield and the EPIP Zone which has accelerated the development of both commercial and residential projects over the past few years. Making it a hot spot for property investors, home-seekers and end-users. Network security specialist of Indian Cyber Security Solutions which is the best Network Security Company in Bangalore has the knowledge and expertise to conduct the proper penetration tests to ensure the network security controls are working.



Network Security Company in Bangalore



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Network Penetration Testing can be broadly categorised into two. They are:

  • External Network Penetration Testing
  • Internal Network Penetration Testing

A company can go for either of the two depending upon its business needs. However, there can be circumstances also where a company would need both. Both the tests give a detail picture of a company’s risk exposure from two different viewpoints.

Public sources & social media are brought into account while going for an external network penetration test where the attacks of an external attacker are imitated by our experts at Indian Cyber Security Solutions with zero access to the network’s internal information.

In an internal penetration test, it is a different ball game altogether. Here the attacks are simulated from within already assuming the scenario that an attacker has broken into without authorization.

Network security professional of Indian Cyber Security Solutions, the best Network Security Company in Bangalore can ensure your system remains in compliance with specific standards and requirements for your industry.  They can also suggest effective alternatives in the event of there being any issues within your business network.


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The reasons for conducting vulnerability testing in your business

The necessity of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is usually disregarded by organizations; on the contrary every organization is a potential target for hackers. This is clearly evident after recent ransomware attacks. Take responsibility and make sure proper security initiatives are taken to protect your application. The best practice is to conduct a Vulnerability Assessment.

Although preventive measures in the form of cryptography, IPS, IDS, user access controls, firewalls, etc. are deployed by organizations but as the number and kind of vulnerabilities get increased literally everyday it is not possible to stay safeguarded against all of them. These attacks are ever evolving in terms of their technical and social sophistication, so too in their overall automation. Network Penetration Testing works as a very effective tool in this respect. What vulnerability testing by Indian Cyber Security Solutions (Best Network Security Company in Bangalore) also does is that it helps immensely in prioritizing vulnerabilities. It helps in distinguishing between the high risks vulnerabilities from the lesser ones making the task a lot easier. Vulnerability testing & Network Penetration Testing are very much inter-related in the sense that the former helps in finding out the vulnerabilities & the latter in removing them. 

Bangalore’s most sought-after business destination According to a leading business report ‘Whitefield’ addresses almost 75% of the commercial office space requirements in Bangalore and is hub to leading IT, biotechnology and other associated companies. Due to steady growth potential in both commercial and residential projects, Whitefield today is seen not only as the ideal location for your business but also a sound business investment. Over 700 industries, IT parks, top-grade international schools, hospitals, shopping destinations and residential projects make Whitefield a highly desirable address.



Best practices to be followed for a secured network – Network Penetration Testing


Maintaining a secure network infrastructure and application atmosphere is the fundamental reason to undergo Network Penetration Testing besides some other many useful & important reasons as well. So be on the guard all the time with an unsurpassed protection from our highly skilled and vastly experienced pool of hotshots at Indian Cyber Security Solutions. Some of the best practices to a secure network as suggested and practiced by our experts at ICSS are as under:

  • Company should have a macro & holistic view about their network so as to facilitate daily device management besides having a comprehensive control over it.
  • Simulating attacks for context-aware risk assessments.
  • Maintenance of security patches & updating them regularly.
  • Secure change management is a must so that complete compliance can be maintained.
  • Creating a data breach response plan.
  • Educating & training the users.
  • Creating regular backups
  • Using encryption
  • Creating specific access controls
  • Collection of detailed logs

Being a foremost hub for IT companies in India, Bangalore has been given the name “Silicon Valley of India”. The perfect mix of talent and the entrepreneurial environment encourages lots of companies to establish their offices in this city. Some of the top most IT firms in Bangalore are: Infosys, 3i Infotech, HCL Technologies, Hexaware, Wipro, Microland, Accel Frontline, Exilant Technologies, Tech Mahindra, Larsen & Toubro Infotech, Tally Solutions, ITC Infotech, Mphasis, Tata Consultancy Services, Sasken, IGATE, Happiest Minds Technologies, etc. So the IT companies of Bangalore can take their Network Security Service from Indian Cyber Security Solutions which is the best Network Security Company in Bangalore.



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Indian Cyber Security Solutions (Network Security company in Bangalore) provide service performs both Internal and External penetration testing.


Why Should Perform an External Penetration Test?

IT Security Compliance regulations and guidelines require an organisation to conduct independent testing of the Information Security Program to identify vulnerabilities that could result in unauthorised disclosure, misuse, alteration or destruction of confidential information, including Non-Public Personal Information (NPPI).

The Internet-facing components (website, email servers, etc.) of the organisation’s network are constantly exposed to threats from hackers. Having a secure environment that is protected from exterior attackers is a continuous battle for many organizations. The methods used by malicious hackers are constantly progressing, and you need to take a step ahead of these evolving threats. All it takes is one strategic vulnerability for hackers to gain access into your internal network.

Best Practice requires that each organisation should perform an External Penetration Test in addition to regular security assessments in order to ensure the security of their external network. With Indian Cyber Security Solutions (Network Security Company in Bangalore) you can protect your network from your most critical vulnerabilities— no matter where your threats attack from.

ICSS (Network Security Company in Bangalore) evaluates the security of the customers’ external-facing network assets for many reasons, but chief among them are dissatisfaction with their internal tools, the current provider, and/or their internal team’s capacity to adequately administer all of their external testing work efficiently and consistently over time.

One of the most common vulnerability assessment activities for companies of all sizes is an external penetration testing scan, typically targeting internet-facing websites. Scanning external-facing network resources are a high priority, but a complete assessment of the hardness of your external network includes multiple steps.



Best Network Security Audit Company

Network security audit helps to determine the effectiveness of network security to resolving underlying network security issues. Network security audits are critical to understanding how well your organization is protected against security threats, whether they are internal or external. A network security audit is part of an overall information systems audit framework and includes application software audit, operation system audit, and business audit. Indian Cyber Security Solutions is the best Network Security Audit company which performs best security service in India as well as in Bangalore.

Security Audits of Indian Cyber Security Solutions (Network Security Company in Bangalore) are based on industry-accepted standards and legal requirements specific to the industry and country. The auditing approach is designed to cover all aspects of security including People, Processes and Technology. Our consultants are certified professionals with all the relevant security certifications.

The network security audit by Indian Cyber Security Solutions (Best Network Security Company) is a process that many managed security service providers (MSSPs) offer to their customers. In this process, ICSS investigates the customer’s cybersecurity policies and the assets on the network to identify any deficiencies that put the customer at risk of a security breach.


While the specific method of the audit by Best Network Security Company in Bangalore, Indian Cyber Security Solutions may change a few basic steps include:


  • Device & Platform Identification – The first step of the audit is to identify all of the assets on your network, as well as the operating systems they use. This is vital to ensure that any and all threats have been identified.


  • Security Policy Review – Here, the MSSP reviews all of your company’s security policies and procedures to see whether they match up to the standards required to effectively protect your technology and information assets. For example, who has access to what, and do they really need that access?


  • Security Architecture Review – Where the policy review assesses your documented policies, the architecture review analyzes the actual controls and technologies that are in place. This builds off of the device & platform identification process to give you an in-depth analysis of your cybersecurity measures.


  • Risk Assessment – Here, the MSSP conducts various assessments to characterize your systems (process, application, and function), identify threats, and analyze the control environment to determine what your risks are and their potential impact. This information is then used to prioritize the fixes from the biggest threat that is easiest to remedy to the smallest threat that is the hardest to fix.


  • Firewall Configuration Review – A specific security technology that any MSSP will want to review in depth is your network’s firewall. Here, the MSSP should review your firewall’s topology, rule-base analyses, management processes/procedures, and configuration. The MSSP will also likely evaluate the policies for remote access and check to see if the firewall is up to date with the latest patches.


  • Penetration Testing – Pen tests serve as a kind of stress test for your network’s security architecture, wherein the testers try to “break” your security architecture so they can find and fix previously-undiscovered issues.


After the audit is complete, Indian Cyber Security Solutions which is the Best Audit Company should provide you with a detailed report telling you what they’ve found. This step is especially important because it helps you discover the risks your company is facing so you can prioritize the most important fixes.



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