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Social Engineering as a service in India

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Social Engineering as a service in India

Social Engineering as a service in India is provided by only a few organizations. Indian Cyber Security Solutions is one among them and is also regarded as the best service provider by the clients as the methods and used by the professionals of ICSS for providing these services makes them stand apart from the other organizations. The professional corporate services provided by ICSS strengthen the security posture of both the organizations and individuals. Apart from all these the mutual relationship that gets established between a satisfied client and the team remains intact forever.

ICSS - Social Engineering as a service in India

Indian Cyber Security Solutions focuses on the methods used by hostile attackers to influence and manipulate people in order to get the desired information from them. The methods may be either phishing, or vishing, or impersonation. Our professionals assess your organization’s vulnerability and make a report of it. The practical and measurable defenses can be strengthened by our services for your organization against any type of social engineering attack. The demand for social engineering as a service in India is growing rapidly and we at ICSS are proud to be one of the best social engineering service providers in India.

What does Social Engineering mean?

Social Engineering is the act of manipulating some individuals of an organization to dig out some crucial information about the organization. This would help them in taking necessary actions for getting into the system and getting the information about the organization and employees. This is usually done with the help of technology.

Social Engineering is mainly used to take the advantage of a person by doing psychological manipulation to draw vital information. Social engineering is not always negative but it encircles how we communicate with our parents, children, colleagues, and others.

Benefits of Social Engineering Testing

Social engineering is one the rapidly used methods by attackers to breach the information of an organization. A few of the crucial reason and benefits of taking social engineering testing has been divided into 5 phases

Risk Identification

This phase enables our experts to identify how naive the employees of the organization are to falling into social engineering scams like phishing, vishing, or attacks through business emails.

Information footprint

This phase enables you to know what all are the information the attacker is looking for and can obtain from your organization and your employees with help of publicly available information.

Identifying organizational strength

This phase would enable you to know about the security of your organization where the cybersecurity of your organization is tested by our experts to identify how prone your organization is to face cyber attacks

Reliability Testing 

This phase can be considered as a testing phase of the employees where a small phishing test will be conducted whose assessment will let us know about the areas of improvement necessary for the organization.

Security Training 

This phase would be a small training phase of the employees based on the assessment made from the previous step where the employees will be guided about the areas to be strengthened for the progress of the organization.

Our approach to social engineering

We at the Indian Cyber Security Solutions have the following methods of approach towards providing the Social Engineering Service:


Our expert team of ethical hackers uses open-source intelligence gathering techniques to identify the potential and valuable company and employee information that can be attacked by hackers by targeting the organization.


Our experts use all the possible and latest social engineering methods to prepare the phishing test for your organization. They ensure that the test is fully authentic and helps in reaching the desired objective with very minimal chances of eradicating any issues found.


Our experts execute the phishing test and give a brief report of their results obtained. They look for all types of shared network privileges and fraud requests, such as those in common with the distribution fraud and BEC attacks.


A brief report of all the vulnerabilities detected and the proper solutions with prioritized support from the team ICSS for resolving those vulnerabilities are provided to the client for resolving their social engineering issues available in the organization.

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Best Social Engineering Service provider in India

Being the best social engineering service provider in India our professional corporate services helps to strengthen the security posture of both organizations as well as individuals. The services provided by ICSS includes the methods used by hostile attackers to influence and manipulate people. Additionally, a report would be provided to service takers containing all the details of the vulnerability in their system and what necessary actions to be taken.

Why to choose ICSS?

Our main aim is to provide our clients with the best protection possible. We have quite a good experience of providing Social-Engineer as a service in India for a long time thus we have placed it uniquely to help our clients detect, reduce, as well as protect themselves from the harsh effects of data breaches. The steps used by us in serving our clients are very unique and easy to understand. These steps and the report was given to the client at the end of all testing makes our client grab higher reliability and satisfaction upon us. Apart from all these the monthly checkup from our experts makes the client and its employees build a bond of trust between us. Thus we proudly say that we are the best social engineering service provider in India.

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Social Engineering Testing Services

Social Engineering Testing Services is provided by only a few organizations around the nation. ICSS is one among them and regarded as the best social engineering service provider in India. Social engineering as a service in India is one of the fastest-growing security risk concerns in today’s world. In a social engineering attack, cybercriminals make use of their social skills such as some of the influential techniques to elicit information from an individual about an organization or its computer systems, which later on they use to attack their organization or systems to take away crucial information. So to prevent an organization from getting into the hands of such people and protecting the organization and its valuable data social engineering testing services are crucial to use. A few of the testing services that are necessary for to prevent such attacks has been explained below.


One of the most common methods used by cybercriminals for attacking people and organizations is phishing.  Fraudsters create fake emails that are very similar to those created by trusted personalities or organizations. They seek to lure users and organizations' information by clicking on malicious links and attachments. The expert team of ICSS uses its social engineering testing services to assess the employees' awareness of phishing email scams by using a phishing simulation.

Business Email Compromise

Another type of social engineering testing service is a Business Email Compromise (BEC). It is a type of phishing scam. The aim is to trick the employee, customer, or supply chain partner to do a payment for goods or services. ICSS’s social engineering service may be used to get a simulation of the Business Email Compromise attack. Apart from that, the awareness of other possible fraudulent practices can also be detected.

Spear Phishing

Spear phishing is regarded as one of the highly targeted phishing attacks. It is usually designed to make an individual compromise with certain conditions. A system administrator or other highly privileged users are made to do such compromises. Being the best social engineering service provider in India - ICSS assures the safety of the organization by using the best techniques to provide spear-phishing service.

Social engineering penetration testing

Social engineering testing services can also be used to have an assessment test of the organization on penetration testing that can be conducted by our team of expert ethical hackers. This is something that has made us emerge as the best social engineering service provider in India and the best penetration testing provider in India as well.

Social Engineering Testing Service by ICSS

A social engineering testing service would require the use of one or more of the above-mentioned techniques to make the system of the organization highly secured. The techniques mentioned in order to test the protections provided would be done not only by technology but also by our expert team members. A set of objectives and rules of engagement would be followed by ICSS while carrying the work. social engineering as a service in India is provided by ICSS is considered to be the best as ICSS is one of the leading and reputable firms that understand risk reduction and has higher familiarity with local laws.