Web Application Firewall Service Provider in India by Indian Cyber Security Solutions in association with Prophaze Technologies.

Your web applications are constantly under threat from hackers who target critical customer data like personal details and financial information. Indian Cyber Security Solutions is a Web Application Firewall Service Providers in India (WAF), in partnership with Prophaze Technologies helps you detect and block unauthorized intrusions such as SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting (XSS), illegal resource access, malicious bots, and other OWASP threats. Delivered to customers as a complete managed service, WAF gives you a simple and cost effective solution to manage your web application security. As a Web Application Firewall Vendors in India,  offers a complete managed service from Indian Cyber Security Solutions that enables you to concentrate on strategic business activities, instead of dealing with security and compliance issues. Key features of Web Application Firewall Service from Indian Cyber Security Solutions in partnership with Prophaze Technologies, include:

  • Out of the box compliance with PCI DSS 6.6 standards
  • Access to global Security Intelligence by Indian Cyber Security Solutions
  • upgrade to advanced DDOS Protection and Web App Penetration Testing
  • Webserver Platform Independent.
Web Application Firewall Service Providers in India

About Web Application Firewall Services from Indian Cyber Security Solutions in partnership with Prophaze Technologies.

web application firewall (WAF) is a specific form of application firewall that filters, monitors, and blocks HTTP traffic to and from a web service. There are high chances of Web Applications being compromised as well as data being hacked such as other OWASP threats. Our work as a Web Application Firewall Service Providers in India is to offer secured Web Security Services to your devices and avoid the possibilities of any ransomware attack.

The OWASP vulnerabilities are:

  • Injection - This happens when a coder sends an invalid data to the web application with the intention to make it do something that the application was not designed/programmed to do. To avoid such circumstances, the preferred option is to use a safe API. Indian Cyber Security Solutions in partnership with Prophaze Technologies provides clients API connections that are safe and reliable.

  • Broken Authentication - This can allow an attacker to use manual or automatic methods to access control in any account/system they wish to enter. Indian cyber Security Solutions in partnership with Prophaze Technologies reaches out to clients in providing access to external security audits and enough time to properly test the code before deploying to production.
  • Sensitive Data Exposure - This is one of the most widespread vulnerabilities on the OWASP list. Things like Credentials, Credit card numbers, Social Security Numbers, Medical information are easy to target to attain other important data. In order to prevent any such data theft is to make sure to encrypt all sensitive data at rest.
  • XML External Entity - This attack is against an application that parses XML input. This attack occurs when XML input containing a reference to an external entity is processed by a weakly configured XML parser. In order to prevent in XML site attack, use less complex data formats to avoid serialization of sensitive data and use of SAST tools can help detect XXE in source code
  • Broken Access Control - This refers to no limit imposed on the number of reach a user has access to the site. In order to avoid the risks of broken access control do take regular Auditing tests of your sites. Indian Cyber Security Solutions provides quality auditing services of websites to organisations.
  • Security Mis-configuration - These security breach can happen at any level of an application stack, such as Network services, Platform, Web server, Application server and many more. In order to avoid such mis-configuration, it is better to have an automated process to verify the effectiveness of the configurations and settings in all environments.
  • Cross Site Scripting - It is a widespread vulnerability that affects many web applications. XSS attacks consist of injecting malicious client-side scripts into a website and using the website as a propagation method. To prevent such things, using frameworks that automatically escape XSS by design, such as the latest Ruby on Rails, React JS. 

Web Application Firewall Vendors in India by Indian Cyber Security Solutions in Partnership with Prophaze Technologies


The Website Application Firewall is a cloud-based WAF that stops website hacks and attacks. As a Web Application Service Vendors in India we continue our research to improve our detection and mitigation of evolving threats, and you can add your own custom rules:

  • Instantly Block Hackers
  • DDoS Mitigation and Prevention
  • Virtual Patching and Hardening
  • Protect Brand Reputation
  • Prevent Zero-Day Exploits

Features and Benefits

Get website protection and performance with a professional team to help.

About the Website Security Platform

Website Application Firewall is a managed security solution for websites. As a Web Application Firewall Vendors in India, our cloud-based platform gives you complete website security, including an antivirus and firewall for your website. Indian Cyber Security Solutions monitor for security incidents, fix website hacks, and protect your site to keep hackers out. The platform also keeps your website running fast and ensures operational continuity.

Deployment Advantage

This covers the entire spectrum of deployment options; from Monolithic to Microservices.

1. Kubernetes & Dockers

2. Multi-Cloud/Hybrid Cloud

3. API Support

4. Serverless

Importance of Web Application Firewall Security Solutions & why should you take it from Indian Cyber Security Solutions.

  • Industry Leading ResearchIndian Cyber Security Solutions in partnership with Prophaze Technologies does extensively research website hacks and build security tools that respond to a constantly evolving world of cyber threats. As a Web Application Firewall Service Providers in India, we ensure that 99% of malicious attacks are blocked before reaching your website.

  • Built for your Website -Irrespective on how your website was built. Whether it has a CMS or custom code, your web server and database is safe with us. Viruses are quarantined before reaching your website.

  • Easy Setup - No complicated configuration or installation. You can set it and forget it, or customize freely. We are here to help you at every step. In addition to this, we protect your WordPress or Joomla website from common website attacks like SQL injections

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