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Indian Cyber Security Solutions is an Enterprise Cyber Security Platforms company with two verticals.

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Indian Cyber Security Solutions is an organization which caters to the need of technology based risk management & cyber security solution across the globe. ICSS was established in 2013 & by this time it has gathered a good deal of momentum and has reached a distinguished position out of the leading firms in this domain in the country.

Indian Cyber Security Solutions as a unit of GreenFellow IT Security Solutions Pvt Ltd aims to provide cyber security solutions to private and government organizations across the globe. With around 200+ clients across the globe ICSS aims at providing Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing services making cyber security convenient for every organization.

ICSS training & development provides training on Cyber Security (Ethical Hacking), IoT, Cloud Computing (AWS/Azure), Machine Learning, Python Programming, CCNA (networking), Block Chain and upcoming technologies where cyber security plays a vital role. ICSS's R&D division heavily relies on the training division as young and dynamic students fearlessly innovate and excel which helps ICSS to build a strong technical team ready to accept any challenges.

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Indian Cyber Security Solutions team of penetration testers have worked on various industries starting from manufacturing to banking and have secured applications and networks on various platforms. Cyber security being the top priority for all organizations in 2021, ICSS had been the first choice for enterprises who are looking for an effective penetration testing service to test there IT infrastructure. Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing conducted by the experts aims at understanding the security posture of the organization and rates the vulnerabilities on the level of criticalities.

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It takes minimum of 48 working hours to identify any cyber attack for an average enterprise.

A graphical representation of successful cyber attacks which were carried out in the FY 2019-2020.

SMS Phishing (Smishing) 87%
Ransomware Attack89%
SQL Injection 95%
Security Misconfiguration80%
Phishing 92%

Zero Trust Model

Zero Trust is a network security model based on a rigorous identity verification process. The framework directs that only authenticated and authorized users and devices can access applications and data. At the same time, it protects these applications and users from advanced threats on the Internet. This model was first introduced by Forrester Research analysts. This is not a completely new theory, but it is becoming more and more important in today's digital transformation and its impact on the security architecture of corporate networks.

As the modern workforce moves more and more and accesses applications from multiple devices outside the enterprise, enterprises are adopting a "verification and trust" model, the required device. This increased the risk of disclosure, disrupted the once-trusted territory of the enterprise, and exposed many enterprises to data breaches, malware, and ransom ware attacks. Today, you need protection wherever your applications and data, as well as your users and devices.

Running this framework combines advanced technologies such as multi-factor risk-based authentication, identity protection, next-generation endpoint security, and robust cloud workload technology to validate user or system identities at that point and keep in consideration of access of the system security. Zero Trust also needs to consider data encryption, email protection, and asset and endpoint sanitization validation before connecting to your application.

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Indian Cyber Security Solutions focuses on providing in-depth practical training to students on various technologies which are closely aligned with cyber security. ICSS provides a range of training starting from Cyber Security ( Ethical Hacking ) to Cloud computing and programming languages like Python to technologies like IOT. Learning from working professionals does make the difference which is evident from our placement records.

Why choose ICSS

01. Hands on practice

100% practical and lab-based classes (available online & offline)

06. Training by industry professionals

Industry professions from Amazon, Cognizant & Intel will share their practical experience in the class

05. Lifetime access

LIFETIME access to video tutorials, case studies

02. Scholarship

25% Scholarship program for merited students with a minimum of 90% marks in their board exams

03. Education loan

Get educational loan @  O% interest

04. EMI option

EMI option is available if you go for 2 or more courses.

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