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Android Training in Bangalore

Certified Android Developer C | A D

Android training in Bangalore by Indian Cyber Security Solutions is the highest rated training center in Eastern India. Android Course in Bangalore is highest demanded and trained by working professionals at ICSS and as rated among the best Android training Institute in Bangalore. We bring in industry working professionals on-board to take up android course. This gives the opportunity to students to learn the latest trends of app development and also keeping the security aspects in mind.

With around 15 years of experience in the field of cyber space security we had sensed the need for secured android app development training in Bangalore. More than 1200+ students have under taken Android App Development Course in Bangalore from ICSS and we are proud to inform that most of them are placed in different industries. You can check our student reviews and our placement records.

Certified Android Developer course is designed in such way that it will give individual the complete practical exposure to develop an android app more efficiently. Android Development Training in Bangalore provided by ICSS gives you 100% practical training with development projects which you need to complete to be certified android developer. After completing the android training in Bangalore you will receive the certificate from Indian Cyber Security Solutions which is recognized by all the companies across the globe.

Android Training in Bangalore

Android training in Bangalore had gained its popularity due to huge recruitment by companies across India. Indian Cyber Security Solutions had trained 14300+ students across India through our online and class room training programs from Bangalore.


4.8 ( 21,123 ratings )

54,233 Students Enrolled

C|AD - Certified Android Developer

Join our instructor led Android training in Bangalore for 3 months. We have a basic startup course in Java which is the prerequisite for the C|AD course. The android training in Bangalore is designed to enhance the coding skills through practical sessions followed by app development competitions to evaluate the skills of students. Both the course will be hands on practical session from industry professionals who had worked in MNC's and having more than 15 years of development experience and 3 years of experience in the cyber security filed.

Our trainers are working professionals in the field of cyber security and are Android app penetration testers. They use there coding skills to find out flaws in the pre existing android apps.

From the first day of the class you will be asked to select one project and gradually work on it as the class progresses. At the end of the android training in Bangalore you would be ready with a fully developed android application developed by you. If your android application solves problems which mankind needs the most we at Indian Cyber Security Solutions will help you to project this tool before the companies who would like to purchase it from you or you might be entitled to have a royalty fee. 

Class Room Training on Android App Development in Bangalore

Android development course in Bangalore with hands on training in the lab from the professional Android app developer & penetration tester who have developed various secured android application for many MNC's

Android Development course is in huge demand as organizations are widely developing android applications to reach out to customers and solving real life problems. Every batch will undergo a 3 months’ hands on training program having 2 days’ classes per week.

Online LIVE Training on Android Development Training in India

Android Training in Bangalore is also available online where we provide LIVE classes to individuals just like having a private tuition. Indian Cyber Security Solutions have 25+ Android application programmers who are working professionals working in different organizations geographically located in different locations.

All the Android application development courses are held on an online software where students and the faculty be LIVE online and share their screen. Best part of this android application development course online is to get all your LIVE classes recorded and uploaded in YouTube where you can access it for lifetime. We have our online library where you get all the updated course materials.

Eligibility Criteria to become a Professional Android App Developer

Students and working professionals who love programming and have good knowledge on Java programming can apply for this course. / BCA / MCA students who are looking for summer training and winter training can also opt for this course. It is highly recommended for students who want to develop their career as an Secured Android Application Developer should go for this course.

Learn from Industry Experts & Get Real Hands-On Experience and get job ready

100% Placement Support After completion of the Android App Development Training

Practice on Real Time Projects which can be showcased to future recruiters

Learn from industry experts who have over 12+ Years Industry Experience

Average Salary is $120,000 in the field of Android Application Development

Demand for Android Application Developer will increase to 70% by 2022

Top Companies Hiring: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Uber & Many More.

Become Certified Android Developer

1500+ Professionals Trained with 4.8/5 Rating

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Why You Should Choose ICSS ?

Industry professions from Amazon, Cognizant & Intel will share their practical experience in the class

100% practical and lab-based classes (available online & offline)

25% Scholarship program for merited students with a minimum of 90% marks in their board exams

LIFETIME access to video tutorials, case studies

EMI option is available if you go for 2 or more courses.

Get educational loan @  O% interest








With our full Training Methodology you will get job

True Reviews by Real Students

4.8/5 Ratings



  • Module 1: Introduction to Android Development
  • Module 2: Android UI Layout
  • Module 3: Android UI Control
  • Module 4: Android Activity & Intents & Service 
  • Module 5: Fragment
  • Module 6: Database
  • Module 7: List View & Recycler View
  • Module 8: Multimedia Audio & Video and Camera
  • Module 9: Content Providers
  • Module 10: Location & Google Map
  • Module 11: Rest API Integration (JSON)
  • Module 12: Generate APK File
  • Module 13: Build.gradle
  • Project Task
Module 1: Introduction to Android Development
  • Android Introduction
  • Android Architecture
  • Android Installation
  • Launching Android Studio / Eclipse
  • Android Project Structure
  • Android Manifest XML
  • Activity LifeCycle
  • Toast
  • Broadcast Receiver
Module 2: Android UI Layout
  •  How to Create Layout
Module 3: Android UI Control
  • Text View
  • Edit Text
  • Button
  • Checkbox
  • Toggle Button
  • Radio button
  • Radio Group
  • Progress Bar
  • Spinner
  • Time Picker
  • Date Picker
Module 4: Android Activity & Intents & Service 
  • Activity Lifecycles
  • Intents
  • Services and Life cycle ( Basic )
Module 5: Fragment
  • Fragment Lifecycles
  • How to use fragment ( Basic )
Module 6: Database
  • SQL Lite Database ( Basic )
  • Insert. Update, Delete task using database ( Basic )
Module 7: List View & Recycler View
  • Populate list view
  • Populate Recyler view
Module 8: Multimedia Audio & Video and Camera
  • Media Playback
  • Camera
  • Video playback
Module 9: Content Providers
  • Contact Provider ( Basic )
Module 10: Location & Google Map
  • Getting a Current Location ( Basic )
  • Using Maps with Location ( Basic )
  • Google API key ( Basic )
Module 11: Rest API Integration (JSON)
  • JSON Parse ( Basic )
  • Asynctask ( Basic )
Module 12: Generate APK File
  • Build APK file ( Not signed )
Module 13: Build.gradle
  • What is build.gradle ( Basic )
  • compile other libraries ( Basic )
Project Task
  • Create Android Application on specific topic

Classroom Course Fee

Students Enrolled83%

INR 10,000 / - + 18% GST

Course Duration - 40 Hours

3 Months Training

2 Classes Per Week X 2 Hours Each Day

Batch Timing

Week End Classes | Week Days Classes

Online Course Fee

Students Enrolled92%

INR 8,000 / - + 18% GST

Course Duration - 40 Hours

3 Months Training

2 Classes Per Week X 2 Hours Each Day

Batch Timing

Week End Classes | Week Days Classes

Need to Work on real-time projects and complete assignments to get Professional Certification from Indian Cyber Security Solutions

ICSS provides the course completion certificate once you successfully complete the Certified Android Application Development training program. Professional Certificate Holders work at 1000s of companies like HP, TCS, Amazon, Accenture and many more.


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All you need to Learn Basic to Advance of Android Application Development with ICSS, Become Certified Professional and Get JOB with our Free Placement Assistance Program

What kind of Jobs you can apply for after completing the Android Training in Bangalore

After you complete our Android training in Bangalore you can apply for several jobs for Android Application developer. There are several job opportunities in Kolkata, Bangalore, Mangalore, Delhi & Mumbai. As a fresher after completing Android training in Bangalore you can look for an average salary of INR – 30k -40k in India. With experience you can really draw a handsome salary.

Android Training – Jobs for Android Developers

Android training in Bangalore will open new opportunities to work in MNC’s and many reputed organizations. Recent change and technical shift of consumers from computer desktop to mobile applications had increased the demand for android developers in various customer centric organizations.

Indian Cyber Security Solutions takes pride in providing the best android training in Bangalore by bringing in android developers from the industries having minimum of five years of developing applications. This gives student the scope of learning the cutting-edge technologies and latest trends and demands in the industries. We provide 100% placement assistance for students who have undergone android training from Indian Cyber Security Solutions.

Android Course in Bangalore

Android Course in Bangalore by ICSS bring in industry working professionals on-board to take up for android training in Bangalore. It is known to be one of the most versatile and most used operating systems. We are in the age where every other person uses a handheld device or a cell phone which makes use of Android.

Android is the primary operating system for over 90 tablets, for 6 E-Readers and 300 smartphones. Learning android development is both fun and can reap you many profits in the long run. We have been in the industry for more than a decade and along with our knowledge, we can teach you with hands on experience. We have a decade of experience of solid programming experience along with five years of application development experience. You can grow your career in Android Development after completion your android course in Bangalore.

In the Android training course in Bangalore you can learn basic Android programming concepts and build a variety of apps. In the Advanced Android Development training, you take your Android coding skills to the next level. The course teaches you ways to expand the user experience, improve your app's performance, and add advanced features like custom views, animations, and location-awareness. Each lesson includes a tutorial with solution code in GitHub, concept documentation, and a slide deck.

Android Development Training in Bangalore

Android Development Training in Bangalore is most demanded training in Karnataka. The Android operating software is the most used and one of the largest selling OS system based on the smart phones. According to an estimate, the six billion mobile phones in the world, around one billion is being used in India. Around 6 million subscribers join the group every month. Android Training in Bangalore is the great opportunity for those who wants to build their career as an Android App Developer.

The numerous young students who are looking for a stable career with the steady growth and income, they always ask about the future in the software development, especially in the Android applications. They can build their future in android development by get Android Development Training in Bangalore.

Bangalore have recently witnessed tremendous growth in terms of new commercial developments of IT hub. Indian Cyber Security Solutions is located at Indranagar Bangalore in between the IT hub Bangalore. Its surrounded by MNC’s like wipro, cognizant, TCS. The location is the best choice for professionals working in these companies including business travelers. Android Development Training in Bangalore is highest rated training by ICSS.

India stands second in the number of active mobile phones in the world. In India people using smart-phones demands for better and useful applications which is turn great scope of android mobile application development in India. Learn Android Development Training in Bangalore from Indian Cyber Security Solutions and build your career in Android Development.

How ICSS helps students to get Job’s?

Indian Cyber Security Solutions conducts campus placement drive for students within few months after completion of the python training. ICSS conducts soft skills classes for students to enhance their soft skills which are highly required to crack interviews. Check out our placement records where we have displayed emails and letters which have come to us for conducting job interviews. MNC’s like PWC , ITC and CTS had recruited ICSS students since 2018.We sincerely believe that after the intense practical lab based training on cyber security conducted by ICSS you as an individual will definitely be self sufficient to crack any job which requires python development skills. Python training course module is designed as per the industry demand which is evident from the job postings made by recruiting companies in different job portals.

Android App Development Course in Bangalore

Android App Development Course in Bangalore is the great opportunity for those who wants to build their career as an Android App Developer. As Android provides an interesting revenue model, a lot of organizations have a dedicated team for application development with hiring catching pace. The unique advantage of learning app development is that learners can choose to work or freelance. Similarly, once that person masters developing apps through Android it becomes easy to develop apps for other operating systems.

This has increased the demand for skilled developers and it is expected that in the coming few years, the demand will increase in leaps and bounds. So, companies will require skilled professionals to meet their demands and developers who will learn Android Training in Bangalore will have great opportunities before them. Join Indian Cyber Security Solutions for Android App Development Course in Bangalore and become a successful Android Developer.

As a very hot employment opportunity Android development will also offer good packages to the candidates having a certification. This is also another reason why developers having good knowledge in SQL, XML, .NET are today shifting their career towards Android development. As Android has matured, it is finding its way into a variety of devices, including televisions, projectors, automobiles, and even recreational vehicles.

Android is built on the open Linux Kernel. Furthermore, it utilizes a custom virtual machine that was designed to optimize memory and hardware resources in a mobile environment. The platform will continue to evolve as the developer community works together to build innovative mobile applications. There is a good pay package for Android. So there is a great chance to build a successful career in Android Development after completion of Android App Development Course in Bangalore.

Conducted Android App Development Workshops & Training Session

Some Glimpses of our Workshop

Best Android Institute in Bangalore

Best Android institute in Bangalore is Indian Cyber Security Solutions. We are in an era where Google’s Android operating system has penetrated the nook and corner of the world. The best part about Android operating system is its feature of being open source. More than before, a lot of electronic manufactures like Samsung, HTC & Asus have got access to the code which makes it easy for them to use it in their smart phones. Join the best Android institute in Bangalore and gain knowledge and expertise required to develop innovative apps. 

Step by step practical and project driven training by Tops Technologies will teach you coding, designing and developing Android Mobile apps enabling you to get the best job in this competitive field of Android App Development. Best Android Institute in Bangalore, ICSS has more than 1300+ google reviews. Android trainers are highly knowledgeable. ICSS is considered to be the best Android Institute in Bangalore has many opportunities for students to learn about Android.

Students joining the Android Training in Bangalore will get practical knowledge from Industry Experts. Students got placement after completion of their Android Training in Bangalore from the best android institute in Bangalore.

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