Whatsapp Hacking – Your Privacy is at STAKE !!

Whatsapp Hacking – Your Privacy is at STAKE !!

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Whatsapp Hacking – Your Privacy is at STAKE !!

Whatsapp Hacking is an interesting topic where all are interested to know in details. Today we will unleash the real details and how a hacker can conduct a watsapp hacking remotely and you will not be aware of it. Black hat hackers are always  one step ahead of finding out the flaws in a software and so does they have done it now. Mobile phone or the new generation smart phone have made common people live easy but at the same time had made their privacy at stake. Every now and then you will find out news of hacking where either an organizational confidential data had been breached or a common person privacy had been compromised.  Whatsapp is very commonly used social media tool. Almost 95% of peoples in all over world use whatsapp.  Indian Cyber Security Solutions will explain you how hackers can hack into your watsapp accounts.  We are explaining it details so you be well aware this can happen to you so be cautious.

Whatsapp Hacking

Steps for whatsapp hacking

Step 1. You need to have the victim android phone with you for few min.

Step 2. Navigate to the SD card or the internal memory location where the whatsapp folder is located and then move to the database option.

Step 3. Search for “mgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt” & “msgstore.db.crypt” files

Step 4. Copy the above mentioned files and paste it into your PC or your Cell phone

You need to decode the .crypt code

Step 5. Open  Watsapp Decoder 

Step 6.  Click on the “ Select choose file “

Step 7.  Upload the files which you have copied previously



Want to learn more hacking tips and protect yourself from being hacked ?

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