Tesco Bank Hacked

Tesco bank

Tesco Bank Hacked

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Tesco Bank Hacked – 20,000 Accounts are compromised by a Black Hat Hacker


Tesco Bank Hacked as over 20,000 bank accounts of customers where compromised in United Kingdom. After the Tesco bank hacked bank authority had frozen all online transactions from those accounts. Tesco bank hacked had forced the bank authority to implement a quick contingency plan to safeguard their customers.


For customers Tesco bank authority had allowed them to use their Debit and Credit cards for transection.  Bank authority officially had not disclosed the actual cause in details but CEO – Benny Higgins of Tesco Bank had said 40,000 accounts where compromised and hackers have stolen money from them.


Tesco Bank

He added Tesco officially can not disclose the amount stolen from individual account but it is not a huge sum of money. CEO had apologized for the inconvenience caused and announced that all the financial losses will be taken care by the bank and will be repaid to the individual accounts.


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How did Tesco Bank understand about the HACK !!


Tesco bank authority said it had found some suspicious activity within the customers accounts on late Saturday Night and early Sunday Morning.  It was a planed hack as they had selected a week end time.


There was huge panic among the customers due to the sudden balance reduction from individual accounts. Few customers had mailed the bank authority for explanation but were un-answered as the Tesco Bank was working with the Feds to catch hold of the issue.


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