Student Hacked Professors’ Email

Student Hacked Professors’ Emails

Student Hacked Professors’ Email

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Student Hacked Professors’ Email

Student Hacked Professors’ Email. A University has expelled a student for hacking their several Professors’ email.

Technion Institute of Technology, a public research institute based in Haifa, Israel, revealed the disciplinary actions it took against the student to Ynetnews:

We are taking this case very seriously, as it is very unusual. The student, who acted in a manner that is most reprehensible, was punished severely by the disciplinary committee and was immediately and indefinitely expelled from the institution. A complaint was also filed against him with the police for the suspicion of cyber crimes.”

Student Hacked Professors’ Emails

The university said “The student is guilty of implanting files for the purpose of transferring email from accounts of several professors.” With that unauthorized access, the student took it upon themselves to change their grades. Their actions violated Technion’s acceptable use policy for university-owned computers.

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Student Affairs Prof. M. Orenstein says Technion disclosed the incident to its community in the interest of protecting honest students who don’t cheat: “Cheating in tests and exams hurt honest students first of all, and so to better safeguard these students we notify all students in the faculty of verdicts given to those who were caught in their wrongdoing. These event are being made public is a way to inform you that this subject is important to us as is handled thoroughly, and so the name of the student is usually reducted.”

Universities should not only make faculty and students aware of best security practices. They should also create information security degree programs. These efforts will help them in future.

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