Router hack makes 9,00,000 Germans go offline

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Router hack makes 9,00,000 Germans go offline

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Router hack makes 9,00,000 Germans go offline


Router hack forces 9,00,000 Deutsche Telekom customers offline on this Sunday and Monday.  Serious attempts were made to compromise  broadband routers and turn them into a botnet.

Zyxel and Speedport router hack by malicious hackers as the vulnerabilities were exploited. Routers were coded to transform into botnet which can be remotely used to launch a DDos  attack against websites.

The vulnerability exploits the TR-069 and TR -064 protocols which were used by internet service providers to manage internet devices remotely.

router hack

What can be done?

The attacker in this situation was able to fool the vulnerable routers into downloading malicious code with the intention to exploit them. Hackers can change the DNS settings of the routers, steal WI-FI credentials or can attack websites with unwanted traffic (DDOS attack)


The effected users were advice to switch off there routers for 30 seconds and then turn it on. During the bootup process the routers will update the new firmware from the Telekom servers and this will patch up the existing vulnerabilities.


Check the video which describes in details:


Germany’s BSI states that the attack on routers was an attempt to disturb the government system s but failed due to effective preventive measures taken from their end.


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