Ransomware attack on hospital forces the hospital authority to cancel 2,800 operations and completely shut down the system.

Ransomware attack on hospital forces the hospital authority to cancel 2,800 operations and completely shut down the system.

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Ransomware attack on Hospital – New Blackmailer Game


Ransomware attack on hospitals had increased in recent past. With Locky Ransomware attacking the healthcare industry recently. Different industries had been attacked in India and abroad with ransomware. Numerous cases had been registered in India with Bangalore based IT companies are falling pray to ransomware. To be very frank cyber security firms have still not come out with an effective recovery strategy and process to protect and mitigate the high risk involved.


ransomware attck on hospital


When it comes to ransomware attack on hospital industry it makes it more scary as the hospital responsibility of keeping their customers safety is threatened. At the end of October, three British hospitals suffered a “major incident”, as a malware attack infected the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust (NLAG), forcing the almost complete shutdown of IT systems and the cancellation of routine patient operations for several days.


After the ransomware attack on hospital the hospital authority the malware that infected their computers are similar to the globe ransomware which uses the blowfish cryptographic algo to encrypts victims files.  Adding more pain the globe2 ransomware deletes PC shadow volume copies.  These shadow volume copies are the automated generated backup files created by PCs so you can roll back and recover your lost data.  



Statement of the Hospital Authority


“We can confirm that recent publicly reported information alleging that access was gained through a USB stick or due to remote working have no grounding in fact. We can assure our patients and other stakeholders that we acted swiftly to enhance our existing cyber security but in order to maintain security and support the police investigation, we are unable to share specific information at this time on the exact steps we have taken.”


ransomware attack on hospital


The good news is that it appears that most of the trust’s IT systems were brought back to working operation relatively quickly, and although 2,800 patient operations were cancelled there is no indication that any long term harm has been done.


We are impressed that the hospital was not considering in paying the blackmailer the money as the only option. Unlike the case in the past one hospital from Hollywood paid $17,000/- worth Bitcoins.


Cyber Security firms in India have also faced some critical cases where organizations were attacked by ransomware. Cyber attacks have made the security a major concern for all industries. It is now a necessity than a luxury thing. Depending on external security implementing companies have not solved the purpose. Companies across the globe is spending huge amount in recruiting young and tech geeks who are cyber security experts to combat these problems. Ethical Hacking training for students helps them to gain the in-depth knowledge on cyber security and can make this as a exiting career option.



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