IPhone passcode bypass – IOS vulnerability

IPhone passcode bypass

IPhone passcode bypass – IOS vulnerability

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 IPhone passcode bypass


IPhone passcode bypass is not new as attackers had been attacking your IOS devices and accessing your private data.

IPhone users were exited as the new IOS 10 from Apple would prevent IPhone passcode bypass. Hackers got better of it and still can bypass the passcode of IOS 10.



Find it how an attacker can break into you IPhone even you have a touch ID and passcode turned on  



Step 1:

You need to have an access of the IPhone physically


Step 2:

IPhone passcode bypass hacker must be knowing your phone number or  the hacker need to activate Siri by holding down the IPhone button and ask “Who am I ?”

Siri will provide the phone number being used in the device.

Now that’s will take you very close to access the owners personal data like photos, messages and many more.

IPhone passcode bypass

Step 3.

Call the number from any other device


Step 4.

Once you receive the call in the IPhone you need to click on the message icon and select a custom message as a reply to the incoming call



Step 5.

“Turn on Voice over” – Voice over is an IOS feature that provide gesture based screen reading functionality.


Step 6.

Turn on the message screen and  click on the bar where the contact info will be displayed and immediately click on the screen keyboard.

It may be a tedious task as it might not be in the first time to make the timing right. When you see the photo icon and other options slide in you know you have touched success.


Step 7.

Ask Siri to display Voice over and after typing the character into the top bar to access the contact details and you can create new contacts as well.


Step 8.

You can now add photos and access to the gallery. You can check out the messages


It is highly probable that apple brings out a new patch for the IPhone passcode bypass in the new security update.

IPhone vulnerability

How to prevent this ?


Disable Siri on your IPhone lock screen.

You can do it by going to Settings– Touch ID & Passcode – Disable Siri on the lock screen.

It is obvious that you might face difficulties if you have disabled Siri but it is more dangerous and might face huge difficulties if anyone can access your personal data.



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