How WAPT service helps you to secure Your web application

How WAPT service helps you to secure Your web application

How WAPT service helps you to secure Your web application:

Web Applications are now the most vulnerable things nowadays. Many companies now shifted to web applications to provide user-friendly and easy access service. With the advancement of the web application, it has become one of the most favorite things to attack by hackers.

It is very critical to maintaining the security of web applications. Any holes in the web application security can cause loss of their service and reputation. Because many companies store financial data like credit card and debit card details, sensitive user data and information on the web apps.

Sometimes it is not possible to check the security holes in web apps without a Cyber Security professional. Many small companies face this problem because they don’t have large It security infrastructure or professionals to maintain the security of their web applications.


How WAPT service helps you to secure Your web application



What is WAPT?


WAP or Web Application Penetration Testing helps to identify vulnerabilities in your web application. It is a systematic process performed by a web application tester, who have good knowledge and skill to find and fix any vulnerability. The Web Application tester performs a real word world hacking simulation and launch attacks to check the vulnerabilities and strength of your web application.


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Why Do You Need WAPT?


Any security holes can be the target of hackers. They can steal your companies data and it will cause damages to the financial and as well as the reputation of your company. If you are using a web application, you should check the vulnerability of your application. It will help you to fix any vulnerability and secure your company from any potential attack in the future.


How WAPT works?

The Website Application Penetration Testing helps to identify and fix any vulnerabilities in your application. It is very important to check the security of your web application to secure any cyber-attacks.





Some of the most common web vulnerabilities are


    •     SQL Injection


  •     Broken Authentication
  •     Sensitive Data Exposure
  •     XML External Entities (XXE)
  •     Security Misconfiguration
  •     Cross-Site Scripting


Web Application Tester performs automatic testing and manual testing to check the vulnerability in the system. Manual testing helps Cyber Security professionals to find security errors that are mostly missed in automatic testing.


Steps Of WAPT :


Planning and Reconnaissance:

In this step, the tester defines the scope and goal of the test. It included systems to be addressed and the testing method to be used. After that, they collect information like network and domain names, mail servers to understand how the target works and its potential vulnerabilities.


Scanning :

In this step, the tester reviews the codes and tests different attacks to check the vulnerabilities. This step helps to find the vulnerabilities. This step takes some time and depends on the web application.

Gaining Access:

In this stage, the attacker tries different web attacks like SQL injection, Cross-site scripting, creating backdoors, etc. The Cyber Security professional launches real-world attack simulation to gain access. They check how the application vulnerabilities can cause damage to the web application.


Maintaining Access :

The importance of this step is to check if hackers can maintain access to the system. This step allows testers to imitate advanced persistent threats, which can allow hackers to maintain access for months to steal an organization’s most sensitive data.

Report Generation :


Cyber Security Professional creates a report after the above steps. The eprots basically contain specific vulnerabilities that were exploited, sensitive data that were accessed, the amount of time the pen tester was able to remain in the system undetected.



Web Application Penetration Testing is a very important thing to maintain the security of your web application. It helps to understand the vulnerability of your system and fix the security issues of the Web Application. If you have a Web Application then it is very important to check the security and fix the vulnerabilities to protect from any potential cyber attack.

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