Sony IP Cameras are vulnerable to be Hacked

Hacking Sony security cameras

Sony IP Cameras are vulnerable to be Hacked

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Hacking Sony security cameras by backdoor attacks


Hacking Sony security cameras took the industry by a storm. If you have a Sony IP based camera installed at your house or office premises you must be aware of this fact.


SEC Consultant researchers have found out a real flaw (0-day vulnerability) in Sony IP cameras that could be exploited as hackers can send in malicious codes, spy on individuals, or can recruit them into DDOS botnet.

Hacking Sony security cameras


Sony IPELA Engine IP cameras are the one having these vulnerabilities are largely used by big corporate houses and government firms across the globe.  These IP based cameras are used to protect people and property can be easily used by unknown persons and can be used against an individual.


How Cameras can be compromised ?


Hacking Sony security camera allows to have an attacker to remotely enables cameras Telnet/SSH Service which allows the hacker to grab a root privilege of the camera.


The Vulnerability can easily be exploited as the factory default passwords are hard coded into the firmware which allows virtually any one to log into the device if the camera is LIVE on the internet.



Information about hacking Sony security cameras by using backdoor were informed to the authorities of Sony corporation on the month of October, and the patch was released by Sony for all the vulnerable devices at the end of November 2016.


Why did the backdoor existed is the question of the hour but Sony haven’t come up with any clarification on the issue. Per the experts in the field of cyber security industry, Sony may have introduced this backdoor during the development phase so to debug it, or to test it during manufacturing process.


Sony had however acknowledged the report from SEC and had responded reasonably quickly and came out with the patch.


Due to increase in IOT devices Cyber security is becoming the major concern for people and organizations. Increase in Jobs in the field of cyber security had increased in the recent past. With expected growth of cyber security market to be 220 billion by the end of 2019 it is great for young graduates to grab a good deal of knowledge on cyber security by going for the global certification course CEH from EC council which is recognized by all MNCs and across 160 countries. One can even go for the Ethical Hacking course which is also provides the in-depth knowledge on cyber security and its counter measures.

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