Algo VPN: Set up a personal IPSEC VPN in the cloud


Algo VPN

Algo VPN is a set of Ansible scripts that simplify the setup of a personal IPSEC VPN. It uses the most secure defaults available, works with common cloud providers, and does not require client software on most devices.

The ‘VP of all Networks’ is strong, secure and tidy. It uses the least amount of software necessary to get the job done.


Don’t bother with commercial VPNs

Really, the paid-for services are just commercial honeypots. If an attacker can compromise a VPN provider, they can monitor a whole lot of sensitive data.

Paid-for VPNs tend to be insecure: they share keys, their weak cryptography gives a false sense of security, and they require you to trust their operators.



OpenVPN: Requires client software

OpenVPN’s lack of out-of-the-box client support on any major desktop or mobile operating system introduces unnecessary complexity. The user experience suffers.

Speaking of users, they’re required to update and maintain this software too. That is a recipe for disaster.


Algo VPN Features:

  • Supports only IKEv2 with strong crypto: AES-GCM, SHA2, and P-256
  • Generates Apple profiles to auto-configure iOS and macOS devices
  • Includes a helper script to add and remove users
  • Blocks ads with a local DNS resolver (optional)
  • Sets up limited SSH users for tunneling traffic (optional)
  • Based on current versions of Ubuntu and strongSwan
  • Installs to DigitalOcean, Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine, or your own server.



  • Does not support legacy cipher suites or protocols like L2TP, IKEv1, or RSA
  • Does not install Tor, OpenVPN, or other risky servers
  • Does not depend on the security of TLS
  • Does not require client software on most platforms
  • Does not claim to provide anonymity or censorship avoidance
  • Does not claim to protect you from the FSB, MSS, DGSE, or FSM.



Designed to be disposable:

Algo to be easy to set up. So one can start it when they need it, and tear it down before anyone can figure out the service, routing their traffic through.

Setup is automated. Just answer a few questions, and then Algo will build VPN.

It has automated the setup process for Apple devices, too. Algo just gives a file that AirDrop to anyone’s device. Press ‘install’ and got VPN. Or ‘VPNs.’

No one have to choose just one VPN gateway that could make 20 on different services; Digital Ocean in Bangalore, EC2 in Virginia or any other combination.



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