3 Ethical Hacking Misconceptions That You Need to Get Rid of!

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Ethical hacking is becoming the front line of a possible cyber attack that all corporations are fearful of. These white hat computer professionals are dedicated to bust the loose ends and help you build a network that is truly safe for your workings.

However, there are still a lot of misconceptions about this profession. In this blog, we are going to take a look at what good CEH training in Bangalore can do to you. Want to find out? Let’s take a look now!

1. Ethical hacking only protects your data

This is one of the most dangerous myths about ethical hacking and should be busted immediately. Ethical hackers do a lot more than just protect your network data – they help you keep your funds safe.

Recently, an Indian minister who felt that Aadhar number security was not that important and tweeted it online, soon saw a Rupee 1 transaction from an unknown source to his bank account.

While this was to just a prove a point, it will not always be the case and the funds maybe a lot more!

2. The bad guys are better at this

One of the common misconceptions about ethical hacking is that a lot of people think that the bad guys are better at this. This is quite far from the truth and if you really want to know the truth – then many of the present white hat hackers were earlier rogues themselves.

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Ethical hacking is a way of understanding how to penetrate networks and keep yours safe. The knowledge required to make that happen is similar to the other end of the spectrum.

3. Always hire an ethical hacker from outside the company

A lot of people romanticise freelance ethical hackers because of how Hollywood movies treat them – as these alternative geniuses who do not care about the real world. However, having a full time ethical hacker for your company is important as well!

If you do it right, then the rest of things will fall into place for your company without a problem.

These are the 3 misconceptions that needed busting. Now that you have a better idea about the matter, get enrolled in a reputable CEH course in Bangalore and chase your dreams!

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