Locky Ransomware threat in Healthcare Industry

Locky Ransomware threat in Healthcare Industry

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Locky Ransomware threat in Healthcare Industry

Locky Ransomware, as it is called is causing great adversities for health centres and hospitals in the United States. Yes, malicious actors and scammers are employing the highly advanced Locky Ransomware there which penetrates infecting the entire system in a very short span of time by using the file encrypting software. The victims are then demanded for a massive ransom to get the required decryption of their encrypted data back. The attacks that have been carried out by Locky Ransomware till now have mostly been directed on hospitals and the majority of them have occurred very recently, during the first half of August 2016.

Since IT plays a huge role of substance in the health and hospital industry with so much of records and data of patients and staff members to be kept and maintained  the malicious attackers are targeting them as their priority choice. Moreover, it also presents them with the golden opportunity to get their infected software reach and spread to a wider audience.

The ransom money is usually collected by the scammers in Bitcoin, the digital currency. Of late a hospital in South California was asked to pay a staggering amount of 9000 BTC ($3.6M) ransom owing to a Locky ransomware infection.

Security researchers have gone on to identify that the number of phishing emails have increased drastically in order to disperse the Locky ransomware campaign. Fire Eye security research team has discovered that there is also a download hike in Locky ransomware downloads and the attackers are changing their techniques every now and then.

Rong Hwa Chong from Fire Eye feels that users need to be even more cautious from now on while opening attachments in email, lest they might fall in trouble big time.

The only ray of hope against this is that Intel and Kaspersky, two of the IT security heavyweights have joined hands with assistance from Europol and Dutch Police in developing an anti-ransomware portal called ‘No More Ransom’ and thereby helping users against the ever-rising threat of ransomware and recover their data without paying any amount to the attacker.

So, do remain always circumspect with regard to unsolicited e-mails besides keeping a regular backup of your important data. It is also of prime importance and can help you a long way if you have knowledge in Ethical Hacking to combat against these kind of ransomware attacks. It is so because the way things are transpiring in the cyber world there is a dire need for an ethical hacker in all industries where IT has a part to play.


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