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Certified Ethical Hacking  Professional 


Ethical Hacking training in Bhubaneswar from Indian Cyber Security Solutions is the most demanded training in India. Ethical hacking is the process of testing and validating an Information Technology (IT) system to determine its weaknesses and assess its vulnerabilities. Businesses and government organisations hire cybersecurity professional to break past their online security systems so that they can recommend measures that help prevent data theft and fraud. Also known as penetration testers or information security analysts, ethical hackers identify potential threats and help mitigate the risk of a real cyber attack.

Ethical Hacking training goes in depth into the techniques used by Black Hat hackers. As these hacking skills can be used in a bad way, our ethical hacking course will teach you how you can use the same skills to protect the intellectual property of organizations and individuals and become a white hat hacker. By  Ethical Hacking training in Bhubaneswar you will develop the ability to measure and mitigate threats and find out where your organization is more vulnerable to be hacked.

Bhubaneswar has many of the top IT companies of the country, with many more constructing their campuses. This includes Infosys, Tech-Mahindra, TCS, Wipro, Mindfire Solutions, Mindspace, Genpact, Firstsource, Mindtree and MphasiS. Some of the local homegrown companies include Orisys Infotech, Exilant, TCubesolutions, ESSPL, Discoverture, Tatwa, CSM, and Luminous. Many of these companies are located in Bhubaneswar’s main 350 acres IT Park, Infocity. A second 600 acre IT park, Info Valley is under development with Infosys creating a new campus there. So students of Bhubaneswar can placed themselves by the Ethical Hacking training in Bhubaneswar.


Ethical Hacking Training in Bhubaneswar


Online LIVE Ethical Hacking Training in Bhubaneswar

We  are planning for establish our Institution in Bhubaneswar But we are providing online training now in Bhubaneswar so the students can got trained in online courses and placed themselves in a good work position by do Ethical Hacking Training in Bhubaneswar. Indian Cyber Security Solutions have 130+ trainers who are professional Ethical Hackers working in different MNCs like Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro, ATOS, Intel and are also members of our research & development team.  As all the trainers are geographically located in different areas provide online training on Ethical Hacking and it is also applicable for Ethical Hacking Training in Bhubaneswar. All the ethical hacking training classes are held through an application where the faculty and the students are LIVE interacting with each other over the internet. All the classes are recorded and uploaded in our online portal “ HACKERS LAB “ where all students have life time access. We guarantee your satisfaction or we pay back your course fee. There will be 3 instructors dedicated for individual batch which will carry on for 3 months.


Check out Project Video done by one of our Students who did his online training from Indian Cyber Security Solutions



Course Fee:

INR- 18,000/-


Classroom training on Ethical Hacking in Kolkata Center

Ethical Hacking training in Kolkata with hands on training in the lab from the professional hackers who are themselves CEHv9 certified. Ethical Hacking training is in huge demand as organizations are going online with more than 170 Billion Doller investment in the cyber security domain world wide. Ethical hacking training is designed is such a way that you get the maximum practical knowledge. At our Kolkata training centre we bring in guest faculties from the industry so they can share their practical experience with you. At the end of the course we aim to make you placement ready.


Course Fee:

INR – 13,650/-




Eligibility Criteria to become a Professional Ethical Hacker 


  • If you had your graduation in arts, commerce or any other stream other than science you will need to start withCertified Network Professional which follows the CCNA global course module to be eligible for this course and complete it with Certified Network Penetration Tester course which is a high end specialization course. After completion of all the courses you can apply for network penetration tester jobs.


  • If you had completed your graduation in science (Btech in CSE / IT / EC or BCA ) you will need to start with Certified Python Programmer to have a good base of programming and where you can develop hacking tools using it. After completion of python programming certification you will be eligible for this ethical hacking course and then complete it with Certified web application penetration testing which focuses on actually exploiting vulnerabilities in web based applications which is in huge demand all around the globe. 



Check out the current JOBS for Ethical Hackers in India including in Bhubaneswar




Cyber Security Professional
Network Security Professional
Web Penetration Tester
Application Penetration Tester – Jobs in US

Vulnerability Management

Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking

Information Security Analyst



C|EHP – Course Module


Introduction To Ethical Hacking

i) What is hacking? And what is Ethical about it?

ii) Types of Hackers.

iii) Terminology of Hacking [Vulnerability, Exploit, 0-Day]

iv) 5 Steps of Hacking [Information Gathering, Scanning, Gaining Access, Maintaining Access, Covering Tracks]

v) Discussing about Information Gathering [Active, Passive]

vi) Information Gathering Practical [who.is, yougetsignal.com]

vii) Google Hacking

viii) Types of malicious files [virus, worm, rootkit etc]

ix) Introduction to Kali/Linux OS

x) Social Engineering

 100 Marks assignment (Online submission of article)



i) According to the configuration of Laptop, 32/64 bit, provide VMware, and any Penetration testing OS like Kali 1.1.0a/Backbox, Windows XP SP2

ii) Install VMware, OSs on it using Bridge Connection

iii) Completion of the Lab setup.

Explanation of the tools

i) Ping a Website to get IP ii) Addon:-server spy, Passive recon, Flagfox, Ghostery, Cryptofox, Wapplazer (Mozilla Firefox), Tamper data

ii) Network Scan, Port Scan, Service Scan, OS Fingerprint Scan [Nmap/Zenmap]

iii) Network Vulnerability Scanning [Nessus/Open VAS]

iv) Metasploit, SE Toolkit

v) Web Vulnerability Scanning [Acunetix/Zap]

vi) Sql-Injection [Havij, Sqlmap]

vii) Cryptography

xi) Steganography

 100 Marks assignment (Practical demonstration in class / Video tutorial submission)

System Hacking

i) System Hacking using Kon-Boot, Live CD

ii) Prevention of System Hacking

iii) Types of Passwords

iv) Password Cracking

v) Dictionary, brute force attack, Rule Based attack

vi) Keylogger, Spyware, Rootkits

vii) Defending Keylogger, Spyware and Rootkits

 100 Marks assignment (Document submission on OS attack)

Network Penetration Testing

i) Remote Administration Tool {RAT}

ii) Scanning with NMAP

iii) Installing of Nessus

iv) Vulnerability Scanning using Nessus/Qualys Free Scan/ GFI Lan Guard

v) Metasploit

vi) Set toolkit

vii) Protect System from RAT

viii) Protect System from Metasploit

ix) What is Sniffing and what is the mechanism of Sniffing

x) How to use Wireshark and Cain and Able as a sniffer

xi) What is netscan and how it works. Real time practical

xii) Malware threats and prevention

xiii) Denial Of Service/ Distributed Denial Of Service

xiv) Session Hijacking

xv) Hacking Wireless Network

xvi) MAC Spoofing

xvii) IP Spoofing

xviii) Tor Browser and VPN

 100 Marks assignment ( VAPT report on Network Audit submission – basics)

Web Application Penetration

i) Web Application and its basics (Understanding HTML and its response and a website works)

ii) OWASP Top 10 Vulnerability

iii) Sql-Injection [Basic, Advance, Blind]

iv) Practical of Sql-Injection using Havij/Sqlmap

v) Prevention of Sql-Injection

vi) Cross Site Scripting and Its effect

vii) Prevention of Cross-site scripting

viii) Data-tampering on E-commerce Sites

ix) Prevention of Data-tampering

x) Website Defacement and Prevention

xi) E-mail hacking using phishing

xii) Hacking Web Servers

 100 Marks assignment (VAPT report submission on web security Audit – basics)


Cyber Law in India in depth analysis



3 Months course (2 classes per week with 3 hours of each day class)


INR – 13,000/- (Class room training)
INR – 18,000/- (Online training)



Certificate from INDIAN CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS will be awarded after successfully completion of the course.


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Gradation System: (on total marks obtained)

E Excellent Performer (90% – 100% marks)
A+ (80% – 89% marks)
A (70% – 79% marks)
B+ (60% – 69% marks)
B (50% – 59% marks)
C (not qualified – reappear all the modules)



Industry professions from Amazon, Cognizant & Intel will share their practical experience in the class

 100% practical and lab based classes (available online & offline)
 30% Scholarship program for merited students with minimum of 90% marks in their board exams

 LIFE TIME access to video tutorials, case studies and hacking forum “HACKERS LAB”
 100% money refund guaranteed if you are not satisfied within first 4 classes

 EMI option available if you go for 2 or more courses.



Ethical Hacker Training in Bhubaneswar


The young generation in Bhubaneswar has understood the value of self-employment and is willing to take the risk with a lot of enthusiasm. From the developments and incidents that are taking place in the startup ecosystem of Bhubaneswar we can anticipate its emergence as the next major startup hub of India.

Bhubaneswar, the State of Orissa has many Universities and more than 100 engineering colleges like KIIT University, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, IIT Bhubaneswar, Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology, Bhubaneswar, Silicon Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar, College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar etc.




College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar



KIIT University



Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology, Bhubaneswar



Silicon Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar




Utkal University, Bhubaneswar




IIT Bhubaneswar


These colleges together produce over 40,000 professionally qualified technical and management graduates and some 50,000 general graduates. Bhubaneswar is emerging as a hub for technical and management education. Students from these and from other colleges, universities can polish their technical skills by Summer training and winter training and Ethical Hacking Training in Bhubaneswar from Indian Cyber Security Solutions, the best training institute for ethical hacking and can get chance to work as an Ethical Hacker.

Recently, Nasscom has upgraded Bhubaneswar as a tier-II city that has potential of 30 per cent growth in the IT space. Meanwhile, several large IT companies, including Infosys, TCS, Mahindra, Satyam and Wipro, have been in Bhubaneswar for a while. Their presence in the city has resulted in a large community of techies. When they consider starting their own business, Bhubaneswar naturally comes up as a possible location for their startup and recruit sizable number of entry-level work-force from Bhubaneswar. Currently there are only 10-20 MNCs in Bhubaneswar and most of them are located either in Mancheswar or Jayadev Bihar-NandanKanan Road . So Government has to do something to first build office space or get land for those companies.

As Cyber Crime cases are increasing day by day so there is seen high demand for Cyber Security and Companies are on the hunt for Ethical Hackers to fortify their networks and block incoming hacking cyber-attacks by systematically exploring the network for technological flaws and MNC companies are on the hunt for Ethical Hackers. We  are looking for a land in Bhubaneswar to grow our training institute as sooner than later in Bhubaneswar so the students of Bhubaneswar can got trained in online courses and placed themselves in a good work position by do Ethical Hacking Training in Bhubaneswar but we are providing now online training of Ethical Hacking Training in Bhubaneswar.

Ethical Hacking training in Bhubaneswar will help you to get the knowledge and tools of malicious attackers to uncover vulnerabilities in an organization’s computer systems. Upon assessing the target system’s security posture, a CEH performs the indicated preventive, corrective and protective measures to safeguard the system before an actual breach can occur.

Ethical Hacking training in Bhubaneswar by Indian Cyber Security Solutions will help you to get the knowledge and tools of malicious attackers to uncover vulnerabilities in an organization’s computer systems. Upon assessing the target system’s security posture, a CEH performs the indicated preventive, corrective and protective measures to safeguard the system before an actual breach can occur. CEH certification is vendor-neutral, so certified ethical hackers can protect a wide range of systems, regardless of make.


Ethical Hacking (CEH) Course

Ethical Hacking (CEH) Course by Indian Cyber Security Solutions is the most demanded training in India as well as in Bhubaneswar. We provide Classroom training in Kolkata. It is not possible for all to come for classroom training in kolkata, so you can do Ethical Hacking (CEH) Course from Bhubaneswar. Also you can invite us to come in Bhubaneswar for give you Hands on training in Bhubaneswar colleges and universities. We go for Ethical Hacking (CEH) workshop in various state in India.

Bhubaneswar, a city which has developed into an investment hub in eastern India over the decades. It is advancing steadily towards achieving the smart city goal. Along with infrastructural growth, new educational institutions have come up and the city is luring tourists from far and wide. On Bhubaneswar’s foundation day, OrissaPOST interacts with prominent personalities about their special bonding with the capital city.  Bhubaneswar North MLA Priyadarshi Mishra said he was proud that the city has secured a position among the 20 top cities in the world. “Our city is not only a heritage city but an education hub and an IT destination. here is a great hope for increasing hire process as cyber security in the companies. So students of Bhubaneswar can placed themselves by the Ethical Hacking (CEH) Course.

The Ethical Hacking (CEH) Course will prepare you for security professional to work as an Ethical Hacker and Penetration Tester. Certified Ethical Hacker Training in Bangalore confirms the capacities of an ethical hacker to prepare for vulnerabilities of system foundation and prevent illegal hacking.

Ethical Hacking (CEH) Course is one of the most demanding course for IT security specialists, especially for those, who are looking for job prospects in penetration testing. In spite of the fact that the certification is must be required for entrance analyzers, and its focal points are not limited just to this petite strength of professionals.

Knowledge Companies and HQs: With major Indian software and BPO firms such as Infosys, Tech-Mahindra, TCS, Wipro, Mindfire, Mindspace, Genpact, Firstsource, Mindtree and MphasiS setting shop here, Bhubaneswar is also the eastern India’s IT hub. It is the East Coast Railway (ECOR) HQ and has headquarters of various private and public sector companies such as Navaratna NALCO and Dhamara Port Company Ltd. Four major industrial clusters are about 100 kms from Bhubaneswar in each of the four directions: Kalinganagar (a steel hub) to the North, Paradeep (a port and a PCPIR) to the east, Chhatrapur (Rare Earth) to the South and Angul-Talcher (Aluminum and Power hub) to the west. With Orissa leading the country in investment, mainly in the industrial and infrastructure sector, Bhubaneswar is abuzz with optimism. so you can grab the opportunity for jobs in cyber security field join now us for Ethical Hacking Training in Bhubaneswar.

Bhubaneswar aims to emerge as one of the country’s top three startup hubs by 2020, and to facilitate at least 1,000 startups over the next five years.

To encourage entrepreneurship in Odisha, the State government provides three types of funding – a monthly sustenance allowance of Rs 20,000 per month, monetary assistance up to Rs 15 lakh for new product development and marketing, and need-based funding. From today start set your goal for Cyber Security Jobs by Ethical Hacking Training in Bhubaneswar from Indian Cyber Security Solutions.



Ethical Hacking (CEH) Course



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