SOC analyst training (Security Operation Center) – Kolkata

SOC analyst training in Kolkata – CSA certification from EC – Council (Global Certification)

SOC analyst training in Kolkata by ICSS is one of the programs which will help you get into the security operations center. For those who are aspiring to certify themselves as well as enhance their knowledge and skills on becoming a SOC analyst. The SOC Analyst course in Kolkata by ICSS is prepared sequentially as per the endorsed studies. This course is specially designed for them, that will be provided by ICSS, one of the most renowned SOC analyst training institutes in Kolkata.

Work of a SOC analyst?

Becoming a SOC analyst is a very challenging task where it requires huge leadership and the ability they perform duties that are similar to cybersecurity analysts. SOC analysts are the first ones to deal with cyber threats. They report threats to the second line of defense and then implement security strategies to protect the organization.

A SOC Analyst persistently screens and identifies likely dangers, emergencies the alarms, and fittingly heightens them. Without a SOC examiner, cycles like checking, identification, examination, and triaging will lose their adequacy, at last contrarily influencing the association.

SOC analyst course in Kolkata helps to learn and implement those strategies and with SOC analyst training in Kolkata provided by ICSS. This will in turn help you play a significant role in defending against cyber threats and keeping sensitive information secure.

SOC analyst training in Kolkata - ICSS

SOC analyst training in Kolkata 

The SOC analyst training in Kolkata by ICSS under EC-Council is a world certification that’s valid in additional than 160 countries. The program focuses on creating new career opportunities through extensive knowledge with enhanced level capabilities for an ingenious approach while contributing to a SOC team. The SOC analyst training will cover the fundamentals of SOC operations, before relaying the knowledge of log management and correlation, SIEM deployment, advanced incident detection, and incident response. As the security landscape is expanding, a SOC team offers high-quality IT security services to detect potential cyber threats/attacks actively and quickly respond to security incidents. Organizations need skilled SOC Analysts who can function as the front-line defenders, warning other professionals of emerging and present cyber threats.


SOC analyst course in Kolkata by Indian Cyber Security Solutions. Learn from professionals not from professors:


The SOC analyst course in Kolkata by Indian Cyber Security Solutions will help you get a broad view of the course. That will help aspirants to learn from industry professionals. They have industry experience for more than a decade and which will eventually help you gain knowledge and expertise from this SOC analyst training in Kolkata. In this course, you will learn in-depth knowledge of security threats, attacks, vulnerabilities, attacker’s behavior, cyber kill chain, etc. Processing Centralized Log Management (CLM),  Security Information and Event Management, administering SIEM solutions. You will also be able to develop threat cases (correlation rules), create reports, etc.SOC analyst course in Kolkata - ICSS

Course Details:

  1. SOC Analyst training in Kolkata focuses on a broader approach to deliver simple and advanced knowledge of how to identify and validate threats.
  2. SOC Analyst course in Kolkata will help you with the practical aspect of SIEM using advanced and the most frequently used tools.
  3. You will learn to perform enhanced threat detection using the predictive analysis of Threat Intelligence.
  4. After the SOC analyst training, you will be able to attempt the Certified SOC Analyst exam. After qualifying and passing the examination with a minimum of 70% you will be given a certificate.

The lab-escalated SOC Analyst training in India underlines the all-encompassing way to deal with convey rudimentary likewise as cutting edge information on the best approach to distinguish and approve interruption endeavors. Through this, the up-and-comer will figure out how to utilize SIEM arrangements and prescient abilities utilizing danger insight. The program additionally presents the reasonable part of SIEM utilizing progressed and thusly the regularly utilized devices. The competitor will figure out how to perform upgraded danger location utilizing the prescient abilities of Threat Intelligence.


SOC Analyst eligibility:

SOC analyst training in Kolkata requires the candidate to have a bachelor’s degree in science and technology or a relevant in computer science with 1-year of hands-on work experience in IT infrastructure. Candidates from non-technical backgrounds are eligible only if they pursue certification of CCNA and also have 1 or more years of hands-on experience.

Course Curriculum:

Basic of Networks:

  • Introduction (training plan)
  • Basics networking
  • OSI model & TCP IP suite
  • Types of Network Device

Foundation of bits/bytes packets

  • Bit, Hexadecimal & Bytes Representation
  • MAC Address & IP Address
  • NAT
  • PAT
  • Basics of Wireshark & Tshark

Internet & Transport layer

  • What is the Internet Layer & IP Header
  • What are the IP Header Fields
  • What is the Transport Layer & TCP Header
  • What is the Transport Header Fields
  • What are the common attacks performed with Transport Layer
UDP & ICMP protocol
  • What is UDP Protocol & UDP Header
  • What is the UDP Header Fields
  • What is the ICMP Protocol & ICMP Header
  • What are the ICMP Header Fields
  • Common Attacks Performed with ICMP Protocol

Protocol and ports

  • Protocols v/s Ports
  • What is ARP Protocol
  • Client-Server Model
  • What Is HTTP & How does it works
  • What is DHCP & How does it works
  • What is DNS & How does it work
  • Basics of FTP, Telnet, SSH & SMTP
Windows and Linux
  • Workgroup & Domain
  • Cryptography
  • Windows Password
  • Windows Authentication
  • Linux Basics
  • Windows & Linux Logs

System Hacking

  • System Exploitation
  • Malware Types
  • Brute Force Attack

Web application

  • Web Application Introduction
  • Web Application Working

Web application attack

  • Web Application Attack
  • Poodle Attack
  • Heart bleed Attack
  • Shellshock Attack

Antivirus working, types & use cases

  • Antivirus Working & Detection
  • USE CASE – Virus Outbreak
  • Ransomware
  • Conficker Worm
IDS – Working, Detection & Evasion
  • Working, Detection & Evasion
Firewall and working types
  • Working, Types, and Reporting

Attacking Phases

  • Attacking Phase 1: Reconnaissance
  • Attacking Phase 2: Scanning
  • Attacking Phase 3: Attacking
  • Attacking Phase 4: Maintaining Access
SIEM Solution
  • SIEM Installation
  • Logs Forwarding to SIEM
  • SIEM Hunting For Logs
  • SIEM Dashboard Usage & Creation

SOC analyst training institute in Kolkata

SOC analyst training institute in Kolkata will provide the skill and knowledge which is required in this day and age for making a career in the cyber-security industry.  The aim is not to fetch monetary gains but to expand. This is why ICSS provides SOC analyst training in Kolkata at a pocket-friendly value. SOC analyst course from ICSS is pretty much in demand by a significant number of individuals which is gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. Nowadays companies across the world are struggling to keep pace with the recent developments on cyber-crime. Due to which ICSS has taken the responsibility to give hands-on training to individuals with lab-based practicals available both online and offline.

SOC Analyst Career path:

The first step on this career path comes before you even get a job as a SOC analyst. The prerequisites are very similar to that of any other cyber-security job. However, working in the IT sector under any technical discipline is mandatory.

After SOC analyst training in Kolkata, you will be entering the Tier 1 of the hierarchy. Where you will be triage specialists who will monitor, manage, and configure security tools, Review incidents to check the urgency, and escalate if necessary.

Tier 2 involves any scanning an escalation of severe incidents from tier 1. Where the scope of the attack is determined and collection of the necessary information for further analysis.

In Tier 3 the SOC analysts work diligently to seek out weaknesses of these attackers and reviewing vulnerability assessments by applying penetration testing.

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SOC analyst training institute in Kolkata - ICSS

SOC analyst scope:

With expansion of markets in this digital era, it is not an unknown fact that there is a huge demand for cyber-security professionals. To protect and safeguard the precious data from external threat. According to a report around 2.8 million people are working in the cyber security domain and around another 4 million are required to bridge the gap. As per statistics an expected 32% percentage of rise in increase of hiring form 2018 to 2028 leaving behind the other roles in the Technology domain. With a lucrative salary packages ranging from 4,00,000 to 12,00,000 lakhs per annum in India. With this opportunity, ICSS has taken the responsibility to provide you a 100% placement assistance. So that you can make your career in this respective domain.


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