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About the Client

MB Control & Systems Pvt. Ltd. is an electrical automation company that offers expertise in designing, manufacturing and developing of solutions in industrial automation and communication systems.


The Challenge

MB Control & Systems Pvt. Ltd. located in Ballyguange, Kolkata. They needed to undergo a network penetration testing of the firewalls that were to be established in the power grid of Patiala. Our network penetration testers were asked to take up the challenge of securing the firewalls.


The Solutions

Indian Cyber Security Solutions were ready to perform the network based application penetration testing on the firewalls. Indian Cyber Security Solutions team comprising of network penetration testers and CISSP professionals were asked to take up the challenge. The project was to be delivered in 15 days.

The project was done in the following steps:


Stage 1:

The scope of work was defined by the client (MB Control & Systems Pvt. Ltd.). The details of the firewalls were shared with Indian Cyber Security Solutions network penetration tester. NDA (Non-Disclosure-Agreement) signed between both the parties.


Stage 2:

As their firewalls had a default ID and Password so we could have got into the firewalls and found there were  a misconfiguration into the firewalls. The firewalls were not set up properly which gave the penetration tester a privileges to get into other network-based devices. These privilege escalation can cause a real threat to the critical infrastructure of the company.


Stage 3:

The 3rd stage which is the most important stage of the project as the client was suggested the rectification from Indian Cyber Security Solutions. Network System Administrator of MB Control & System Pvt. Ltd. had rectified as per the suggestion after Network Security audit conducted by Indian Cyber Security Solutions team. They carried the firewalls device to the Patiala Power Grid to install into their main system. Indian Cyber Security Solutions network penetration tester was asked to retest the device after installation.


Stage 4:

There was a delay in delivering the project within the given time frame as the Indian Cyber Security Solutions team had to undergo the process of network security audit at two different locations, Kolkata and Patiala. Indian Cyber Security Solutions team took the time to make sure to deliver the quality output to the client. The hard work paid off and we successfully managed to gratify our client with the project.

Indian Cyber Security Solutions team was able to generate the VAPT report and handed over the document to the client along with the certificate.


The Deliverable

The customized reports were provided to the Client as per their requirements the details are mentioned below:

  • Executive Presentation: Overview of the entire application, the vulnerabilities found and the recommendations were made to mitigate the threats identified on the software.
  • Detailed Technical Report: Detailed Technical Report has been generated on the basis of Proof-of-Concept of all the identified vulnerabilities.
  • Excel Tracker: Vulnerability tracker aimed at helping the IT assets owner keep track of the vulnerabilities, remediation status, action items, etc.


The Benefits

The benefits are discussed below by conducting thorough security tests and identifying the vulnerabilities:

  • Risk Benefits: Risk management of the issue by finding the vulnerabilities and recommended solutions with proven methods to enhance security.
  • Cost Savings: Indian Cyber Security Solutions suggested Risk mitigation measures are cost effective based on client’s requirements.
  • Client Satisfaction: Network Security Assessment was conducted with minimum interruption to identify security vulnerabilities, impacts and potential risks.