What is Zero Net and why one should use it?

Zero Net

What is Zero Net?

Zero Net is a network of peer-to-peer users. It is based on the idea of Decentralized Computing. In the modern times, our desktop PCs and other computers have become so advanced that their full potential far exceeds than what is needed. As a matter of case, it remains ‘idle’ most of the time. A decentralized system uses the potential of all these systems to increase efficiency.

Zero Net

What is Peer-to-Peer Web Hosting?

Peer-to-Peer web hosting is a model where peer-to-peer networking is used to host web pages. Unlike the usual client-server model of Web Hosting, where data is transferred between a client and a server, peer-to-peer networking uses peers or other similar users to deliver web content. In case of a P2P model, web content can be delivered by mainly delivered web caches and content delivery networks. The web caches store the content from single web pages and distribute them to other users during peak traffic.

Advantages of using Peer-to-Peer web hosting.

P2P web hosting takes comparatively less time to set up. The cost of setting a p2p connection is comparatively less than a client-server model because in a p2p connection, there is no need of a main central server. Each computer on each node act as a server and a receiver at the same time.

Disadvantages of using a P2P network.

The security vulnerabilities of a p2p network is more than that of a client-server connection. In a p2p network, a computer can be accessed anytime and all the time. In case of security events, patches will have to be applied to each computer separately. Due to lack of a centralized server, data will be unrestricted and uncontrolled. Since there is no central moderator, there backup, restore and availability of files will be unrestricted.

Why use Zero Net?

Zero Net uses the P2P networking model to share and render files and webpages. Since it does not have a centralized server, content from your computer is transferred to another user directly. The P2P concept of network sharing, allows Zero Net to be uncensored, like the website says, ‘It’s nowhere because it’s everywhere’. When we access a website on the Zero Net, we are simultaneously hosting it too. That removes the need of a central server, and thus removes the cost of hosting. The websites are always accessible since it isn’t served by a central server. Also, Zero Net uses bitcoin cryptography to store passwords.

The Zero Net is built in Python and is fully open source. Instead of IP Addresses sites are identified by a public key, the private key allows the user to sign and modify and make changes which spreads through the network.

Final Note:

Although Zero Net provides us the advantages of a decentralized network, it also has its disadvantages too. If one computer is the network isn’t fully patched and updated, it can lead to compromise of security. In a client-server model, although the server is able to monitor and manage content availability, it makes the content more stable. In a P2P network, it is required for at least one computer to be seeding the content for the content to be available. This leads to unreliability.

The concept of a decentralized internet is great when for a small group of people. In such a case, each user is responsible for the security and web content availability. Although Zero Net provides us with the option of an anonymous internet where web content won’t be moderated by a central server, but at the same time it is prone to illegal content, and restricted content being spread and also increases chances of security attacks.

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