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Terminal X is an initiative by Indian Cyber Security Solutions to spread the cyber security awareness among the general mass and also encourage young talents to take up cyber security as their profession. As our company mission is to make digital India hack proof, we are on continues efforts to build a team of  ethical hackers.

Eminent speakers from the industry will be demonstrating LIVE Hacks in the webinar. No boring lectures guaranteed.

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Workshop on ethical hacking is conducted by Indian Cyber Security Solutions in different educational institute as a part of corporate social responsibility. We believe in sharing knowledge with young brains who are tech savvy and want to make a difference in the cyber space. Due to huge rise in cyber crime across the globe corporate houses are recruiting ethical hackers to protect there critical infrastructure from being compromised

According to the Forbes report cyber security market is expected to grow up to $170 Billion within 2020. With around 20% rise in job opportunities in the field of cyber security. MNCs like TCS, Wipro, Cognizant have invested huge amount in building up a team of cyber security professionals.  Our workshop on ethical hacking focuses strictly on how black hat hackers can gain access to critical and sensitive information of individual and organizations. Understanding in depth how to counter the attacks from black hat hackers we demonstrate live hacking to spread awareness among individuals. In our workshop we demonstrate how hackers can hack into smart phone, website hacking and admin panel bypass, undetectable virus which can steal data, ransomware development and safety measures, social media (Facebook, Instagram) hacks and many more.

Where 80% of engineering graduates are unemployed (economic times) Ethical Hacking and cyber security provide them a great opportunity to make themselves employable. Our 2 days workshop on ethical hacking provides hands on training with 100% practical live session.

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We organize workshops on ethical hacking & cyber security, Python Programming, Amazon Web Services, Digital Marketing every month at our training center in Kolkata.

Tickets available at All Event, Insider, Paytm Websites

Workshop on Cyber Security at Arka Jain University, Jamshedpur

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Workshop on Cyber Security at IIT KGP

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Workshop on Cyber Security at IIT Guwahati

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