Why Cybersecurity is important during the COVID 19 pandemic

Why Cyber security is important during the COVID 19 pandemic

Why Cybersecurity is important during the COVID 19 pandemic:


In this lockdown, many people are working and learning from home. The world is moving online at an unprecedented rate and the cyber attacks also increased for this reason.

Cybercriminals take advantage of this situation and now they try different methods. Phishing and scamming increased in recent times. Many online platforms also face cyber attacks. Hackers now try to hack online apps that are used in online meetings. Many companies now work from home and so there’s a shortage of security. Hackers now take advantage of these situations.

So at this time, cybersecurity is very important. Many companies now work online and it also increases the threat of cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity is very important right now. So companies should be aware of this type of attack.



Why Cyber security is important during the COVID 19 pandemic




Spam Mail : 

At this time many employees are getting too much spam mail. There are so many email providers who have a spam filter. That can easily find the spam mail. But some companies use their own mail server.

So companies should check their mail server security. It will help them to protect their mail server from any type of cyber attack.



Spam Mail



Phishing Attack :

In recent times phishing attacks have increased so much. Many people get phishing links by email. These phishing links sometimes look genuine and people clicked on the links. This phishing links redirect to websites that have malware or hacker tricks, people, to give sensitive data.

Employees need to check any type of link that’s not come from a trusted source. This type of phishing link can trick people easily.



Phishing Attack



Social Engineering :

This is the most common attack hackers use to steal sensitive data. Hackers use different types of social engineering methods to trick people.

Because many people are under pressure and work remotely, this type of trick can harm companies’ data. So companies should aware of their employees to check before sharing any sensitive data.


Unencrypted Connection

Any unencrypted connections can steal sensitive data. Companies need to ensure that when employees access their data remotely, their connection is secure and encrypted.

If their connection is not secure hackers can use MITM attack to steal sensitive data. So companies should use an encrypted connection.


Accessing Third-Party Apps :

Many companies work remotely right now. So many companies are doing their meeting and conference online. Many companies have their own infrastructure but many companies use third-party Apps.

So hackers now try to exploit these apps to hack into the system. When companies use third-party Apps they must ensure security. If any apps they find vulnerable they must use the latest version of the App or find an alternative of this App.

These are some security measures you can check to ensure the cybersecurity company. You can also use VAPT service, which can find a vulnerability in your Network, Web App, or Android apps.

This type of vulnerability testing is done by industry experts. They can help you to find the vulnerability in your IT infrastructure. So you can easily fix that problem to secure your company from any type of cyber attack.


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