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White hat hacker, or ethical hacker, uses penetration testing techniques to test an organization’s IT security and to identify vulnerabilities. IT security staff then uses the results of such penetration tests to remediate vulnerabilities, strengthen security and lower an organization’s risk factors.

Nowadays, the world has experienced fast-paced progress, especially in the IT industry. As a result, the complexity and functionality of technologies rise on the daily basis. However, the more sophisticated the systems and products are, the more people desire to hack into them. In other words, there is a growing number of computer burglars, who generally known as hackers, whose main objective is to get benefits from destroying or harming to various technology products or systems.


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Penetration testing is never a casual undertaking. It involves lots of planning, which includes getting explicit permission from management to perform tests, and then running tests as safely as possible. These tests often involve the very same techniques that attackers use to breach a network for real.

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Background and Education Requirements

White hat hacker need to deal of problem solving, as well as communication skills. A white hat hacker also requires a balance of intelligence and common sense, strong technical and organizational skills, impeccable judgement and the ability to remain cool under pressure.

At the same time, white hat hacker needs to think like a black hat hacker, with all their nefarious goals and devious skills and behavior. Some top-rate white hat hacker are former black hat hackers who got caught, and for various reasons decided to leave a life of crime behind and put their skills to work in a positive (and legal) way.


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Pertinent Certifications

White hat hacker and security-related IT certifications can help a candidate get a foot in the door, even without copious amounts of hands-on experience.

The intermediate-level CEH credential focuses on system hacking, enumeration, social engineering, SQL injection, Trojans, worms, viruses and other forms of attack, including denial of service (DoS). Candidates must also demonstrate knowledge of cryptography, penetration testing, firewalls, honeypots and more.

The EC-Council recommends a five-day CEH training class for candidates without prior work experience. To do well in the course, students should have Windows and Linux systems administration skills, familiarity with TCP/IP and working knowledge of virtualization platforms.

Becoming certified white hat hacker also involves staying on the legal side of hacking, never engaging in illicit or unethical hacking activities and protecting the intellectual property of others. As part of the certification process, candidates need to agree to uphold the EC-Council’s code of ethics and never associate with unethical hackers or malicious activities.




Summing Up

Candidates who show interest in working in InfoSec, along with the appropriate background and a certification or two to start with, should have few problems finding ethical hacking work right away. Over time, you’ll be able to use continuing education and certification to steer your career exactly where you’d like it to go.


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