What An Android Penetration Testing Course Teaches You!

android penetration testing course in kolkata

Are you always wondering about how apps work and if it leaves your private information vulnerable? If these questions are on your mind and you like coding, then you should consider taking a course on it.

The android penetration testing training in Kolkata could be your doorway to making a fabulous entry in the industry of ethical mobile hacking. Want to know what these courses entail?

Let’s take a look now:

1.Decompiling code

This part of the training involves breaking down compiled codes in mobile applications to see if they pose any threat to your overall security.

Decompiling is an integral part of learning about android penetration and knowing it would make your understanding a lot more effective!

There are specialized trainers who can help you learn and understand decompiling as simply as possible. So, what are you still waiting for?

2.Analyzing mobile application real time

To understand the safety of a mobile application, analysis plays a huge part in the process. Whether the apps are running on the background, or the foreground, real time security threat analysis will give you a new point of view when dealing with applications.

Learning how to do the job perfectly however requires intricate training in app analysis and to know more about it, it is imperative for you to enrol for a android penetration testing course in Kolkata.

3.Learning how to spot the flaws

Untrustworthy apps can have loads of problems – from unnecessary permissions to insecure logging, content leak, data collection, and more. Learning how to spot them and deal with it accordingly is very important for a mobile application ethical hacker!

If you want to learn and understand the concept of how android apps work and figure out the way to fix them for your clients, then you need to take a course on the matter. There are many minute details in code and processes that make all the difference.

In today’s day and age, applications hold a lot of power when it comes to people’s information. Often users do not even see for themselves what kind of permissions are being asked for and whether they are even relevant to the particular app.

Being an android environment ethical hacker, you will be able to resolve all of these issues for your client and create the best situation for them – which is worth a lot!

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