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Web Security Company in Pune, Indian Cyber Security Solutions which is a global web application penetration testing service provider. With the ever-growing threat of cybercrime and data loss from SME’s to MNC’s. Cybersecurity is not only a concern for the top management of the enterprises but should also be a high priority for the professionals working in the organization dealing with critical information and intellectual assets of the company.



ICSS is proud to be the highest rated web application penetration testing and audit company in Pune providing in-depth VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing) using both tools-based as well as manual testing which to bring out zero false-positive reports for the clients.  

ICSS is proud to have served clients from a varied domain like the hospital industry, government agencies, financial institutions to large e-commerce portals. Experienced penetration testers carry out the VAPT process with all the modern technologies which are used in the penetration testing industry. Web Application penetration testing is carried out with prerecession by the team of ethical hackers and penetration testers where we follow the OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities.

Why choose us?
  • CYBER INSURANCE – 70% of the project cost will be paid back to the client if any cybersecurity incident is recorded & proved on the same scope of work where ICSS had performed the VAPT.


  • VA & PT, not a separate service – ICSS performs both VA- Vulnerability Assessment and PT- Penetration Testing for all clients.


  •  NON-DISCLOSER AGREEMENT (NDA)  the TRUST FACTORThis agreement states that if any critical data of the client is exposed, tempered, or used for any promotional activity without any written consent of the client, ICSS will be held responsible and can be sued in the court of law.  ICSS singes NDA with every client before the audit / VAPT.


  • ZERO False Positive Report GUARANTEED ICSS provides manual-based testing along with tool-based testing which reduces the false positive report to maximize accurate identification of critical level vulnerabilities.


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How Indian Cyber Security Solutions team works?

Indian Cyber Security Solutions being one of the top-rated web security company in Bangalore follows certain steps which are highly important in the business of cybersecurity.

Web Penetration testing VAPT service is a remote service provided by ICSS where our teams of web application penetration testers take full access to the web-based application from our research and development center located in Bangalore and Kolkata or can be invited by the enterprise at their testing site for the VAPT process.

Indian Cyber Security Solutions aims at providing cybersecurity VAPT service to clients. Our team of technical experts assesses the critical infrastructure of the enterprise and provides valuable cybersecurity consultancy to the organizations. ICSS helps the enterprise to implement cybersecurity measures as per the technical VAPT report provided by the penetration testers. 

Enterprises heavily rely on cybersecurity products for their critical infrastructure protection. Cyber Security Products like – antiviruses, IDS, IPS & Firewalls are highly capable to prevent intrusions only when they are implemented after manual security testing done by penetration testers.  ICSS aims in helping out enterprises to allocate the right budget for cybersecurity. VAPT services help to find out the actual pain area of the organization and taking steps to patch vulnerabilities.



CEO & Managing Director

“We see companies’ websites being Defaced, under Ddos attack and see e-commerce portals losing customers as stored customer credit card information is leaked, financial losses due to tempered data vulnerabilities. Unsecured web applications are like gold mines for hackers, so better be secured than to be harassed publically” – Abhishek Mitra (CEO of ICSS)



CTO & Co-Founder

“ S.A.V.E – Secured AI-based Vulnerability-assessment tool for Enterprise is an Artificial Intelligent tool developed by ICSS which provides vulnerability assessment and gives a detailed report on critical vulnerabilities available on a scale of 1 to 5 where 5 is the highest and most critical. Based on the report, our experts try to exploit the vulnerabilities and mimic the real-time hacking scenario” – Samiran Santra (CTO of ICSS)



VAPT – Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing is a common terminology/process that we all know about.

Vulnerability Assessment is the process where we assess the critical infrastructure of your system and check for the loopholes which can be the reason for penetrations. In the case of Network Security Service, we assess the entire company network using network scanners and other tools to find out open ports in the IP-based devices.

Penetration Testing is the phase in the process where the ICSS team of penetration testers mimics the real-time attack and tries to exploit the vulnerabilities to the maximum extent. In the case of network security service, we try to exploit the available vulnerabilities using penetration testing tools as well as manual testing to reduce false-positive reports.


What are the charges for a Web Penetration Testing Service?

ICSS customer satisfaction strongly depends on cost-effective VAPT solutions and helping the company to allocate the right budget for cybersecurity. We do not aim at competing with the vendors in the cybersecurity product market. Instead, our cybersecurity consultancy aims at consulting the organizations to take actions as per the VAPT report.

Pricing of VAPT penetration testing heavily relies on the two types of penetration testing. “BLACK BOX” testing & “WHITE BOX” testing. Enterprise can select any one type of penetration testing depending on the level of critical infrastructure involved.


BLACK BOX testing – In black-box testing, penetration testers are not given any specific scope by the enterprise and are not accompanied by any internal member from the enterprise. In this type of testing ICSS penetration testers act as real-time black hat hackers and tries to penetrate the organizations’ website infrastructure using all possible means of hacking.

Pricing for Black box testing normally depends on the scope of the project and also the features of the project. It normally is high priced as time spends on penetrating the application is more as compared to the white box testing.


WHITE BOX testing – In white-box testing the enterprise/organization defines the entire scope of work including the number of IP-based devices and also their IPs. ICSS penetration testers will only focus on the IPs defined in the scope. Web Penetration Tester or any representative from the organization will be associating the penetration tester in the organization. In white-box testing, the entire VAPT process will be monitored by the representative from the organization.

Pricing for White box testing is normally INR 3000/- per IP-based devices mentioned in the scope of work.


Steps involved in the process of Web VAPT:

Indian Cyber Security Solutions takes clients’ data privacy very seriously. Once the scope of the work is finalized between ICSS and the client, they are requested to sign up an NDA agreement.


Step 1 – (Non-Disclosure Agreement signed and agreed by both the parties)

NDA agreement is a Non-Discloser-Agreement signed and agreed by both the parties which primarily states Indian Cyber Security Solutions will never disclose any findings publically which ICSS will come across at the time of testing without the consent of the client.


Step 2- (Network Scanning)

Web penetration testers are invited by the client to their location for network VAPT. Penetration testers strictly follow the SCOPE of work and start scanning the IPs as mentioned in the SCOPE of work. Scanning using different risk assessment tools by the security professionals is the first stage categorized under Vulnerability Assessment.


Step 3 – (Vulnerabilities Assessment)

After the scanning is done we Web penetration testers dig deeper to find out vulnerabilities and assess the level of criticality the vulnerability possesses. Web penetration testers mimic the real-time hackers and try to find out maximum vulnerabilities in the network/critical infrastructure, strictly defined in the scope.


Step-4 (Penetration Testing)

Web penetration testers try to exploit the vulnerabilities as per the finding in the process of scanning. Different penetration testing tools are used as per the industry standards in this process. Web penetration testers use different manual techniques to maximize the level of exploitation and reduce false-positive reports.


Step 5 (Recommendation)

Web penetration testers generate the vulnerability and penetration testing reports as per the findings. In this VAPT report, we document the vulnerabilities and the level of criticality on a scale of ten. The high-level vulnerabilities and the middle-level vulnerabilities are instantly sent to the We Penetration Tester head of the client or the manager whoever is relevant. In the report, we document possible rectifications that can be made from the client’s end to patch the vulnerabilities.


Step 6 (Implementation):

The top-level management of the client and the technical team those who are responsible to take necessary actions as per our recommendation sit for a meeting. Web Penetration testers and the technical team of the client discuss and take appropriate action to patch the vulnerabilities.


Step 7 (Re-Testing)

After patching and fixation of the vulnerabilities by their web administrator or the concerned person who is responsible for this aspect. We do the re-scan for the vulnerabilities and if we found further any vulnerabilities then we will follow the same process from step 1 to step 6. If no vulnerability was found we issue the VAPT certificate to the client.


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Web Security Company in Pune, Indian Cyber Security Solutions, boasts of having a diligent and proficient unit. This is for handling any requirement about web security or cybersecurity with full authority and conviction. With the advent and rapid spread of digitization all over the globe, cybersecurity threats have also increased. The rise is at a highly alarming rate. Indian Cyber Security Solutions follows and implements all the state-of-the-art techniques to ensure that you and your business get the best. All-encompassing cybersecurity protection allows you to focus on your business leaving the security aspect in our capable hands. Now web security is nothing but protecting websites or web applications by detecting website attacks and preventing them. It is not a matter of astonishment anymore that websites and web applications are under constant cyber threats.

The attacks these days aligning with cybercrime are attaining an all-time high. Web security is a protective measure. It is a protocol deployed that can stand as a shield protecting your website and applications from being hacked or compromised. A whole lot many aspects go into keeping your website and web applications safe. For any website to be termed as a safe one it has to be backed up by several techniques and checkpoints. At ICSS, the best web security company in Pune, we realize and understand what your website means to you. It is directly the face of your business. By implementing different technologies we ensure that your website is at par with the best security standards. Our experts at ICSS have got years of experience in web security. Their culminated effort makes us the go-to web Security Company in Pune.




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Web Penetration Testing Service in Pune


Web Penetration Testing Service in Pune, ICSS provides a plethora of digital security solutions. Cyberspace is quite a flourishing domain in today’s world. With all the digital innovations incorporated, this is the best stage to take up any initiative and be successful in it. But like every other entity in the known universe, cyberspace also has cons balancing its pros. The security of the digital space is very much prone to different threats. The hacking and malicious virtual attacks through the loose ends often mire down the huge advantages of the digital platform. However, there is a solution to buffer these cons. The name of this solution is Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. Essentially this is a twofold scheme that unfolds sequentially and both the tiers have very different approaches, purposes, and results. But the conjunction is that the result of the first is the starting point of the second.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is a security-defining procedure where the whole website is scanned under an analytical lens. The scan is done to verify the weaknesses & strengths of the digital entity and provide strong securitization consultancies for the vulnerable sections. ICSS offers the best Web Penetration Testing Service in Pune. We take up the task to make sure that you know what the flaws your website truly has. We will provide a detailed report of the frailties present in the system of those sectors being exploited. Discovering the flaws and remedying those for a productive & secured website is the objective of Web Penetration Testing Service in Pune. Web Security Company in Pune, ICSS uses very popular technologies for testing and preventing different types of web-related threats. These are White & Black Box Testing Tools, Web Application Firewalls, Password Cracking Tools, Security and Vulnerability Scanners, etc.




web penetration testing service in Pune



Is your Web Application Firewall strong enough to protect your data?



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Best Web Security Service in Pune


Best web security service in Pune, ICSS has many years of accumulated experience is sure. The massive increase in web use and a huge increment in the number of remote users are exposing your network at a perilous point. At such junctures, the ardent need of the hour is certainly having a protective shield against all these. This is to keep the sensitive data of your website remain safe from any sort of cyber threats. With your enterprise data, applications and devices not anymore within your physical control; it’s really imperative that they are managed rather well and more importantly kept absolutely secured. Moreover, employees nowadays are keen on accessing data and apps straightaway from the Internet. This has put before the security team experts of various enterprises having to find suitable answers to several questions. It’s the best web security service in Pune.

Indeed Indian Cyber Security Solutions stands tall as the top web security company in Pune. Having the prudence to monitor, manage and implement the ever-evolving cyber threats of present times to perfection, is our USP. Providing you with the much-needed assurance against data compromise or data theft in your enterprise is our aptitude. A web security company in Pune, ICSS constantly engages in efforts like penetration testing, maintaining the right configuration, updated solutions, etc. At ICSS we assure an entirely safe and absolutely sound user experience. The security that ICSS provides for today’s businesses is cent percent reliable, totally centralized, and entirely scalable. As the provider of the best web security service in Pune, we wholeheartedly provide you the best security solutions. A web security company in Pune, ICSS pledge the fact that your enterprise or business gets dynamic and real-time protection against cyber threats. Trust us and stay ahead of the Cyber Game!!



best web security service in Pune


Web Application Penetration Testing Company


Web application penetration testing company, ICSS understands your requirement and performs the job for you keeping you in a safe zone all the time. Vulnerability in systems, applications, and devices is one of the most common fads in today’s cyber age. In this time of modern digitization, one of the most effective methods to find out security vulnerabilities is undoubtedly Penetration Testing. In the general sense, it is nothing but a method that is employed for assessing and evaluating network security. However, this is done by using techniques similar to that of a hacker. For identifying web service or any other device or system’s vulnerabilities this tactic is used. But it is definitely utilized in a somewhat restrained and controlled way keeping the safety factor in mind. Web application penetration testing is likewise the procedure of doing penetration testing for detecting vulnerabilities in any web application penetration company.

Indian Cyber Security Solutions is the top web security company in Pune. We are a motley medley of experts who have stupendous knowledge in web application penetration testing. We take care of both your in-house as well as commercial web-based applications with the same amount of efficacy. Our experts have got a world of experience in web application penetration testing. They are indeed tremendously skilled testers with immense knowledge and expertise. Our team is proficient in testing out web applications for any vulnerability that might exist within the web application. Experts have shown consistent results over all these years. They try their best to perform these pen attacks on web applications at a cost as reduced as practicable with total client satisfaction and optimum outcome. As a web application penetration company, we scan applications thoroughly. Whenever it comes to the evaluation and assessment of your web applications think ICSS.



Web application penetration testing company



Best Web Application Penetration company


As the best web application penetration company, We make sure from our end that these web applications are tested properly and with precision for any possible vulnerability. Exploiting vulnerabilities in websites and web applications is definitely one of the biggest menaces in the world of cybersecurity. Web applications are susceptible to different forms of attacks. With a thorough knowledge of almost all coding platforms, our pool of experts at Indian Cyber Security Solutions is ever-ready. They provide you with the assurance of security regardless of the complexities involved. With our proven and tested web application testing methodologies we can assure you that you’ll get full value for your money. We’ve got the capability of detecting vulnerabilities in your web applications that could affect data confidentiality and integrity. We are the best web application penetration company and of course, there is a manifold of reasons for that.

Web application penetration testing is standard requirements for almost any e-business and of course the financial institutions as well. Being the best web application penetration company, ICSS follows a complete and comprehensive pattern while performing penetration testing. This concerns analyzing web applications from information gathering to providing a detailed report to your company about the findings. Client satisfaction is our top-most priority. Adherence to quality assurance in each of the pen tests conducted by the oracles is our guarantee. ICSS employs a wide arsenal of tools and state-of-the-art techniques while performing web application penetration testing. The outcome of such tests is given straightaway to the concerned company but before that, they are manually verified. The result is that you get a detailed, precise, and complete understanding of the security status. We being the top web security company in Pune take a lot of pride in our work.



Best Web Application Penetration company


Website Security Testing company


Website Security Testing company, ICSS keeps your website and applications safe and secured from the ever-growing threats lurking in the digital space. It has indeed gone on and become one of the critical aspects of an organization in the present times. It is so because the number of privacy breaches has gone on to increase rampantly, to say the least. To do away with all these a vital role is played by ICSS. Indian Cyber Security Solutions as a website security testing company has been nothing short of a revelation. We have the exposure of assisting clients and keep their company’s cybersecurity in totally safe hands. The cyber-world has become such a place that a company cannot afford to take the security aspect lightly. As it is, if you compromise on your security, your system might well get compromised at any point in time.

We are the best website security testing company & we assure your safe and secure presence in the digital platform. Our experts at Indian Cyber Security Solutions put themselves in the shoes of a genuine hacker. This helps them a lot as that allows them to mold their thinking and approach circumstances accordingly. When the viewpoints of the defender are similar to that of the attacker, it certainly easier to resist attacks. That is why it’s so crucial to be thinking on the same lines with the attacker. This is what the experts at Indian Cyber Security Solutions, the best web Security Company in Pune are masters at. So rely on us at Indian Cyber Security Solutions and stay safe and secured from any and every kind & type of cyber attack. We keep you away from all sorts of cyber threats all the time and under all circumstances.



Website Security testing Company


Website Security Consulting Firm in Pune


Website Security Consulting Firm in Pune caters to both the digital start-ups and corporate with proficient security solutions. The need for security is social or personal, measuring up the safekeeping of the domain is very crucial. This will ensure the endeavor’s flourish in its generic domain and will assure its safety & productivity. ICSS Web Security Company in Pune is a cardinal establishment that monitors cyberspace vigilantly to keep it safe. Our services are there to provide effective solutions & consultancies to the online reaches of almost every industry vertical. The deterrent of the modern digital lifestyle is the security aspect. The fascinating new technologies and the smart applicator have made the whole community shift to the digital grounds. The increasing number of internal attacks and external attacks happening online. But being the best Web Security Company in Pune it is our obligation to make the endeavor fail-safe.

We offer an array of digital security services for websites & software operational on any digital platform. All the security issues from ICSS are very empowering. Making your online initiative a success and protecting it from malicious cyber atrocities with securitization raise up to the highest order is our promise. The reason why Indian Cyber Security Solutions is the top Website Security Consulting Firm in Pune lies in the merit of its services. The services catered under the banner of ICSS have a multipurpose exposure. We take care of everything relatable to the cybersecurity genre. This approach not only enables us to provide the best security solutions but also helps the client to flourish. As the saying goes only by knowing your limits you can actually reach your true potential. Website Security Consulting Firm in Pune, ICSS has an advanced state-of-the-art establishment with modern techs and secure infrastructure.



Website Security Consulting Firm in Pune


Web VAPT Service in Pune


Web VAPT service in Pune is conducted not only merely to identify the vulnerabilities in a website or a web application, but also it is at the same time a continuous approach to keep the IT infrastructure safe and secure. Pune is the start-up hub of India. Pune has a record of impeccable growth in just 20 years. The future of Information Technology in the country will be Pune and the development of the city has to take place on a fast track. Pune is an attractive prospect as it has a massive talent pool that is of good quality and it has a fairly decent infrastructure. The Mumbai-Pune connectivity is also a strong factor that would attract start-ups. The growth of the IT sector has tremendously benefited the real estate market of Pune by increasing employment opportunities which increased the migration rate of the city.

For catering to your requirement about Penetration Testing, here we are, the best web security company in Pune. We provide avant-garde Web VAPT service in Pune and have been serving a vast clientele from diverse domains who again have been extremely satisfied by our approach, proceedings, and the eventual outcome. ICSS offers customized and tailor-made services to their clients related to Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing so that clients can choose from a plethora of services. We always keep ourselves updated with the ongoing trends and the newly emerging threats in the field so that we can serve you the best. The reports that we submit at the end of these penetration tests are both in detail as well as specific. In a word, the entire approach is fully wholesome and totally holistic. That’s why we are indisputably the company providing the best Web VAPT service in Pune.



Web VAPT service in Pune




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