Web Security Company in Dubai

Web Security Company in Dubai

Web Security Company in Dubai is recognized best with ICSS for its overall contribution of cyber security consistently. Indian Cyber Security Solutions has been just prolific and phenomenal in their role of making the cyber space. Based on what Indian Cyber Security Solutions have achieved over the years in the ever growing and ever sensitive world of cyber security. It can easily be recognized and given the accreditation of the best Web Security Company in Dubai. ICSS has managed the security of the latter in the cyber domain. Which is a direct testimony of the fact how brilliantly and wonderfully it has performed as a well-knit cyber security team. To provide optimum protection in the cyber realm. Providing all services falling and pertaining to the parasol term of cyber security. ICSS is a literal champion and one who you can rely upon fully for keeping your web presence safeguarded from cyber attacks.


Web Security Company in Dubai has indeed found the greatest manifestation through Indian Cyber Security Solutions. It itself is a matter of great honour and privilege for ICSS. The rise, progress and advancement of Indian Cyber Security Solutions as a cyber security company have been nothing short of a revelation. ICSS stands firm and with dignity setting the benchmark for many as the one to emulate in the field of cyber security. And that is why it is unanimously regarded as the best amongst the web security company in Dubai without any second thought.




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Web Security Company in Dubai



Web VAPT Company in Dubai


Web VAPT Company in Dubai is a title that only Indian Cyber Security Solutions can carry with enough resilience. We have been in the cyber security domain for long years. Through our diligent efforts we have been bringing down the cyber threats to a manageable scale. Even when the whole list of online maladies feature evolving malwares and felonious hackers. ICSS is a renowned Web Security Company in Dubai and with our effective cyber security solutions. we made the whole Dubai region a goldmine for digital opportunities. The professionals housed in this best Web VAPT Company in Dubai, are capable of finding a reliable solution to any level of cyber threats. All of these advocates have the caliber and experience to understand the complexities of any and every of security infrastructures and implementation for that particular kind.


ICSS specializes in VAPT as the current state of the virtual domain is quite dire. The main problem is that most of the clienteles do not have a clear view on the capability of their cyber security. We primarily subject the website and the whole IP space under scanners to discover the vulnerabilities in the protection protocols of the online entity. The process we follow is very organic and we take special measures to optimize the security postures of the website with latest integrations. The vulnerability assessment is flawless and the penetration testing that we conduct seamlessly brings out the actual work function of the web’s security. The innovative methodology that ICCS in VAPT includes scoping & planning the definition, reconnaissance, assessing the vulnerabilities, exploiting the exposures along with privileged escalation and finally, producing a detailed report. So get your report as soon as possible with ICCS, the best Web VAPT Company in Dubai.




Web VAPT Company in Dubai



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Website Penetration Testing Company in Dubai


Website Penetration Testing Company in Dubai is very popular these days owing to the cyber security threats that have plagued the online platforms. Dubai is the city of opportunities and the growing IT prospect in this sector attracts many global business propositions this way. But this blooming market also attracts the unethical online maladies. In order to provide the big corporates of Dubai and the budding startups with assuring cyber security solutions ICSS has ventured in this field to become the top notch Web Security Company in Dubai. We make special amends in the security layouts of the client’s website. And assess it thoroughly to ascertain the level of protection it can provide to the website when faced off with an unexpected cyber threat. What makes Indian Cyber Security Solutions the best Website Penetration Testing Company in Dubai is our innovative & immaculate approach. We just don’t place the whole system under a traditional automated scanner but understand the framework first & then cook up some customized securitization procedure to identify & rectify even the minutest crack in the web armor.


The web penetration testing service that we offer is a proven methodology that involved implementation of latest programming and equipment. Moreover, all the operations are done with complete transparency so that the client can be part of the activity through thick & thin. We offer amenities like management views, re-testing, project management in real time, patch tracking, report customization, bug tracking, integration & expansion, data analytics and multiple fixes through our astute & all-round website penetration testing service. We have the most efficient taskforce at our premise who offers technical sound solutions to every known and unknown cyber threats. Hence, for the betterment of your web security select ICSS, the best Website Penetration Testing Company in Dubai.



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Website Penetration Testing Company in Dubai



Web Security Audit Company in Dubai


Web Security Audit Company in Dubai is best known in the form of Indian Cyber Security Solutions. Dubai is the place where the gold rush of IT opportunities exists. The prospect of the region is bulging up owing to the futurist infrastructural growth of Dubai. Moreover, the huge market this city has given surplus leverage to every digital endeavour ever launched from this launching pad. However, to keep things progressive and steady every web company will need to fortify their defences against the cyber-attacks. For providing safer working conditions for these IT firms and companies with a virtual limb, Indian Cyber Security Solutions came forward as the most reliant Web Security Company in Dubai. But the main reason of concern is not the cyber threats but the efficiency of the security of the website. Most of the time the administrators are not aware of the faults in the protection details. Hence, a thorough assessment of the security framework of the website is very crucial. Being the best Web Security Audit Company in Dubai, ICSS caters to the clients the most meticulously schemed web security audit service.


The approach that we opt for auditing the security of an online entity is very effective and exhaustive. The process we follow to generate the best audit report are mentioned below

  • Understanding the system and sketching up the requirements
  • Defining the expectations and estimating the turnaround time
  • Detailing the billing, cost-effectively
  • Integration of audit process into the SDLC
  • Flawless execution of continuous audit checks
  • Supplying the clientele with regular updates
  • Constant vigilance over the IP space for monitoring & countering unpredictable virulent activities
  • Reviewing of logs on a monthly basis and production of quarterly reports.

This well-endowed plan of action will not only give the client an idea about their websites’ security but also allow them to revamp it. So contact ICSS immediately, the best Web Security Audit Company in Dubai.




Web Security Audit Company in Dubai





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