How to ensure a vulnerability free environment

vulnerability free environment

How to ensure it

Vulnerability is a cyber-security term that refers to a flaw in a system that can leave it open to attack. A vulnerability may also refer to any type of weakness in a computer system itself, in a set of procedures, or in anything that leaves information security exposed to a threat.

Cybercriminals are constantly on the prowl for unprotected networks. In order to stay secure in today’s cyber world of threats, your organization needs a strong vulnerability management tools that continuously monitors all your assets.

2018 was a full of cyberattacks. Each company was exposed more than 300 vulnerabilities. In addition to human errors and IT security education that need to be strengthened in companies cyberattacks as information system security breaches are increasing faster.





Vulnerability Assessment and its Benefit

It is a risk management process used to identify, quantify and rank possible vulnerabilities to threats in a given system. It is not isolated to a single field and is applied to systems across different industries.

Maintain an awareness of the vulnerabilities in an environment and respond quickly to mitigate potential threats is through regular vulnerability assessment (VA). It is a process to identify and quantify the security vulnerabilities in an organization’s environment. A Vulnerability Management program can help in these situations. They discover the assets in your estate, detect vulnerabilities potentially exploitable by hackers, notify security teams, detail solutions to implement or automatically fix vulnerabilities.



Vulnerability Assessment and its Benefit



How vulnerability assessments help companies to prevent Cyber Security Threats


With an increasing amount of business being conducted online, and consumers’ growing desire for simplicity, the digital world has become a hacker’s paradise. On a business level, the process of vulnerability assessment is a key factor to improve security on your network. The main definition of vulnerability assessment is the use of different processes in order to identify, quantity and prioritize the different vulnerabilities in a system find the holes before attackers break in and make it more robust and less exploitable. There are a number of different systems for which vulnerability assessments can be carried out. A vulnerability assessment is a tool used in a risk management program to identify, quantify, and prioritize the weaknesses within an organization’s IT systems, leading to your ability to make more informed decisions about your data security plan. Once identified and assessed, you can begin to strategize and remedy any of those deficiencies.

Vulnerability assessments help to mature an information security program by streamlining IT security and preemptively blocking any threats before they happen. Business Leaders can take their decision of next year’s budget with proof of the effectiveness of assessments. Another benefit is strengthening business relationships with partners.



How vulnerability assessments help companies to prevent Cyber Security Threats




It is important to stay proactive rather than reactive, by performing these vulnerability assessments on a regular basis. A minimum of a quarterly schedule for vulnerability scanning is recommended, as threats are ever-evolving and hackers develop new attack vectors every day. So that we can create a vulnerability free environment.






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