Volkswagen Vulnerability found in VW Cars

Volkswagen Vulnerability found in VW Cars

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Volkswagen Vulnerability found in VW Cars

Volkswagen vulnerability this time!!

Even cars of the standard and stature of Volkswagen cannot evade vulnerability from hacking these days. Such is the susceptible cyber security scenario in the world at the moment. These kind of hacks along with system compromise, data breaches and other form of cyber crimes have become a matter of regularity these days. In order to fight against this precarious situation Indian Cyber Security Solutions (ICSS) offers Ethical Hacking course through which you always stay a step ahead of any attack which may come your way any time and in any manner.

Volkswagen has again made the headlines after a year once again for another wrong reason. This time vulnerability has been found in their locking system which can be hacked through a hacking of the keyless entry systems. The number amounts to a staggering 100 million!!. Yes, around about 100 millions Volkswagen are vulnerable to a key cloning attack.

Volkswagen Vulnerability


A 17-page long study that has been found by The University of Birmingham’s School of Computer revealed that hackers can use a $40 battery-powered RF transceiver to essentially clone the automaker’s Remote Keyless Entry system and lock or unlock a VW vehicle as per their own sweet will. The study further showed that as the RKE systems of the VW Group vehicles have been secured only with a few cryptographic keys and been in use worldwide for close to decades it makes them immensely vulnerable to hacking.

It has been found by authors like Flavio Garcia and David Oswald who have studied more than 100 million VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda cars sold since 1995 that they can be exploited by the simple hacking of RKE’s cryptographic key.

Kasper and Oswald, a German security firm who is also involved in the study beholds that minimum 10 other car brands are vulnerable to similar hacking schemes.

In a statement to the BBC Timo Kasper has expressed utter shock as and when he came to know that from cryptography’s perspective millions of cars are using the same secrets simply because it is a disaster.

Work is in progress to resolve this Volkswagen vulnerability issue.

However, according to a Volkswagen spokesperson there are some VM models in which the vulnerability is not there like the Golf, Tiguan, Touran and Passat.

So till thins are mitigated and sorted out don’t keep your Volkswagen car in an unsafe parking lot with valuable things inside it if you have bought it after 1995.

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