VAPT Company in Cebu,Philippines

VAPT Company in Cebu , Philippines

VAPT Company in Cebu, Philippines is best known in the form of Indian Cyber Security Solutions. ICSS has been and become the yardstick amongst the cyber security companies in Cebu when it comes to providing VAPT  services. By virtue of its sheer deliverance of VAPT services, ICSS has been a real game-changer in the world of cyber security.

The importance of VAPT services in the present day context is very high . ICSS provides top grade VAPT services for businesses of all kinds and sizes, be it big corporate, small businesses or medium enterprises.

Being the best VAPT Company in Cebu, Philippines Indian Cyber Security Solutions does everything within its capabilities.  We ensure that companies seeking the assistance of ICSS get optimum results with VAPT services and are left fully satisfied. We have got in-house and certified pen testers leveraging years of experience and expertise in the domain of VAPT .  With their vast experience and unmatched calibre they can give any VAPT project the mark and stamp of success with ease.

ICSS has provided customized services pertaining to VAPT to different businesses and organizations .  With the very best of outcome on each occasion which has enabled to build a vast clientele base in Cebu, Philippines .

All the aspects of VAPT and with the nitty-gritty of the same gives ICSS the edge to use the latest techniques . Indian Cyber Security Solutions always come up with the best of deliverance  for its clients. So for having a thorough and meticulous VAPT test in Cebu, Philippines, look no further than ICSS.


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Why choose us?
  • CYBER INSURANCE – 70% of the project cost will be paid back to the client if any cybersecurity incident is recorded & proved on the same scope of work where ICSS had performed the VAPT.


  • VA & PT, not a separate service – ICSS performs both VA- Vulnerability Assessment and PT- Penetration Testing for all clients.


  •  NON-DISCLOSER AGREEMENT (NDA)  the TRUST FACTORThis agreement states that if any critical data of the client is exposed, tempered or used for any promotional activity without any written consent of the client, ICSS will be held responsible and can be sued in the court of law.  ICSS singes NDA with every client before the audit / VAPT.


  • ZERO False Positive Report GUARANTEED ICSS provides manual-based testing along with tool-based testing which reduces the false positive report to maximize accurate identification of critical level vulnerabilities.


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VAPT Company in Cebu, Philippines



Vulnerability Assessment Services in Cebu , Philippines


Vulnerability Assessment Services in Cebu, Philippines are quite sound but not all are directed toward the just cause.

Being the best VAPT Company in Cebu, Philippines, Indian Cyber Security Solutions brings to the table a plethora of cyber security solutions .  We makes the protective details of an IT infrastructure subtle and proactive.

Vulnerability Assessment Services in Cebu, Philippines that ICSS provide gives clientele the option of reassessing their stand on the security protocols.  They are sticking with against the growing and evolving cyber threats.

The steps that we follow while catering this security evaluation procedure are :

  • We outline the vulnerability administration policy of the system before taking any step.
  • Discovering the existing weaknesses in the security framework.
  • We then detect all the vulnerabilities through scanning processes and analytics.
  • Categorization of the vulnerabilities of security and finding suitable remedies for them is our next step in this service.
  • We produce sustainable mitigation process to the reasons of exposures.
  • All while working in these hypothesizes we maintain a sound security protocolfor the IT system.

Indian Cyber Security Solutions ascertains that all these steps are followed with due diligence.

We offer the subsequent list of vulnerability assessment services.  We provide Testing of the managed security, setting up firewall for the managed web applications, scanning the big data sheets.  We also offer  the entrusted database, thorough scanning of the application and meticulous redefining of network vulnerability assessment.

Indian Cyber Security Solutions provide following services; ‘Network Penetration Testing’, ‘Web Security Testing’, ‘Android Penetration Testing’, ‘ios Security Penetration Testing’.

According to the our efficient cyber security protocols we are able to provide the best security services if you also opt for the

  • Web security service – We offer this for maintaining the IP space protection. ICSS diligently improves the webs security of an online entity through implementation of high assurance & effective testing protocols. Reproduction of detailed VAPT data with not a single false positive and flawlessly designed deliverables allows us to remediate the security faults.
  • Android security service – We offer this for protecting the smart devices against hackings. ICSS provides a parasol service with Android security. It covers everything from shielding smart gadgets from malware dangers . It  reduce the risks of attack and verifying the cell phones and their information of a phishing attempt, unapproved access of the cell phone.
  • Network security service – ICSS offers this service for buffering unauthenticated tapping into the data flow and substantial loss of data. We offer a list of featured preventive measures to protect the IT network. We conduct wireless site survey in the IP space, immaculately map the whole network for better monitoring, run managed safety services. It also provide training for equipping handlers with security know-hows.

Hence, opt for Vulnerability Assessment Services in Cebu, Philippines with ICSS.



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