FBI confirms hacking attempts on U.S election system

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FBI confirms hacking attempts on U.S election system

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Hackers targeting the election system of United States

US Election system is under contentious scanning an efforts of the hackers to hack into it as per FBI. Over the last one month the voter registration database of states of US is under cyber attack.

Mr. Comey (Director FBI)  did not say whether those hacking attempts were on behalf of any foreign government, but his comments indicated a suspected Russian attempts to break into U.S. political institutions and influence the upcoming presidential election.

Previously FBI had warned state board of election of Arizona & Illinois as there were serious attempts to breach into the election system in the month of August 2016.

It was reported that Russian hackers were behind this attack and on 29th of September FBI Director clarifies that voter registration data base is the prime target of the hackers and not the entire voting system.

The head of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, and the secretary of state of Georgia all said a cyber attack could not change the outcome of the 2016 election. A cyber-expert from New York University agreed, calling it unlikely, but a Princeton University professor described it as possible.

The hackers who gained access of the voter registration data base of Illinois had an intend to copy the personal information’s of the database and sell it online. They didn’t had any intention to change the outcome of the election 2016 as said by Dr. Andy Ozment, the assistant secretary for cyber security and communications at DHS.

According  to investigative reporter Michael Isikoff from Yahoo News, the breach in Illinois forced the state to shut down the voter registration system for ten days after hackers got about 200,000 voters’ personal information. The Arizona attack involved malicious software that also targeted the voter registration system. A state official said the hackers were not successful in obtaining the data.


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