US Air Force documents backup leaks

US Air Force documents backup leaks

US Air Force documents backup leaks

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US Air Force documents backup leaks

US Air Force documents backup leaks. Sensitive information of United States Air Force got exposed publicly on Internet. It allows anyone to use them without any authorisation and password. Only via web connection anyone can access it.

Security researchers at MacKeeper discovered that they found gigabytes of files on a internet – connected backup files which was not password-protected.

US Air Force documents backup leaksWe get to know from MacKeeper blog that The most shocking document was a spreadsheet of open investigations that included the name, rank, location, and a detailed description of the accusations. The investigations range from discrimination and sexual harassment to more serious claims. One example is an investigation into a Major General who is accused of accepting $50k a year from a sports commission that was supposedly funneled into the National Guard”.

ZDNet reports said, “The names and addresses, ranks, and social security numbers of more than 4000 US Air Force officers were included in the stash of personal information”.

Other Documents contains phone numbers and contact information for workers and their spouses.

We don’t know that how long the information can be  accessible online. You should keep in mind that if you decide to store backup information on internet , and specially when the information is sensitive, you should ensure that you have reduced the risk of it falling into wrong hands.

You should always keep your computer patched and run an up-to-date anti-virus, use encryption, enable passwords and ensure that the password should be a strong one.

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