Top 10 Technical Skills to Get Job In 2020

technical skills

Top 10 Technical Skills to Get Job In 2020 :


Landing the Dream Job is not easy but if You have the most demanding skills it will be helpful. Many companies now looking for people who have knowledge of modern technology and skills. In the last 10 years many new technologies introduced in the technology world. To develop new technology and solve modern-day problems, companies need professionals who have these technical skills.

technical skills


Python is the 2nd most loved programming language in the world. Today python used almost everywhere. From 8.1% in 2014 to 18.0 % in 2019, Python demand increased by almost 123% in just 5 years.

These is some of the places where Python used.

Web Development:

Python can be used to build small to complex Web Applications.You just need Web Frameworks like Django and Flask to build your project.

Software Development:

Python also used for software development. It is useful to build software that has control and testing functions.

Scientific and Numeric Research:

Python used in weather data analysis, processing land surface temperature satellite images, predicting soccer games, and probably everything else that has to do with data and numbers.

Maintaining Data:

Python is one of the most used programming languages used to maintain data. It has lost of features and functionality that are helpful in Data Science.

Python also used in Automation, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and many other technologies.Python is easy to learn and has lots of features. It is used in many Applications.Skilled Python developers are in high demand.





Java is an open-source programming language developed by Sun Microsystem in the Year 1995. It is the leading programming language. Developers Used Java to build mobile and web applications, games and other data-driven software.

People who are passionate about development can choose a Java Development career. It is the leading programming language. People have knowledge of Java are in high demand.


Amazon Web Services(AWS):

Amazon Web Services is one of the most powerful tools that power the internet. It is a cloud solution that has millions of active customers. It has customers in 190 countries.AWS was officially launched in the year 2006. About 1/3rd of people who visit websites on the internet daily access websites which are powered by AWS.

You can build powerful applications on AWS. Skilled AWS Professionals are in demand. If you want to become a Cloud Developer then AWS is one of the best things.

aws (amazon web security)

Data Science:

Today’s world is a data-driven world. Many companies use user data to improve their service and experience. But managing huge amounts of data is not easy. We need skills and techniques to manage the data. That’s why Data Science is one of the most demanding skills. You can learn data science to get hired by Big companies.

A Data Scientist Everyday work is to

  • Identifying the data-analytics problems that offer the greatest opportunities to the organization
  • Devising and applying models and algorithms to mine the stores of big data

  • Analyzing the data to identify patterns and trends

  • Determining the correct data sets and variables

  • Collecting large sets of structured and unstructured data from disparate sources

  • Interpreting the data to discover solutions and opportunities

  • Communicating findings to stakeholders using visualization and other means


Learning Data Science will give you lots of opportunities and help to get Job easily.



Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that will change the online transaction system. It was first introduced in a Crypto Currency known as Bitcoin. It has created numerous job opportunities for developers and tech enthusiasts.

Many companies started to adopt new BlockChain technology. So there is a demand for a BlockChain developer. Learning Blockchain will give You a loss of opportunity. You can work as a Core Blockchain Developer or Blockchain Software developer.



Today we access, share and send the data is possible for networking. The networking helps to connect two or more systems to communicate, send or receive data. The concept of Networking is really huge. To maintain the networks companies need skilled Network Engineers.To build a career in Networking you can learn CCNA and CCNP.




Internet Of Things:


Internet Of Things or IoT is in trend. Many devices now connected to the internet and the number keeps increasing. Professional IoT developers can get a job in the Big Companies.


Ethical Hacking:

The advancement of technology also gets threats from cybercriminals. To protect the data, network,IoT devices and many other things need Professionals, who can protect them from cyber Threats. You can learn Ethical hacking or Go for a CEH certification to become a professional cybersecurity expert.


Ethical Hacking

Microsoft Azure:

Microsoft Azure is one of the best Cloud solutions.It offers major services related to computing, storage, network, and security. You can learn Azure And become an Azure developer.


Machine Learning:

Machine learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence that gives the system to learn automatically and improve the experience. Machine learning used by many companies. They use this technology to improve user experience. You can learn machine learning. It is one of the most demanding skills that can give you lots of opportunities.


Machine Learning

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