Why Your Company Needs Network Penetration Testing To Stay Secure Today!

The world is virtual today – from sensitive information to financial assets, everything is just a click way. And while that is an improvement from the earlier generations of communication, it definitely does not make you a fortress.

Security is one of the prime concerns, especially in the Indian market for most businesses. Mid and small size companies do not even consider the possibility of an attack to their system – and that remains a problematic understanding of the subject.

To get rid of such notions and provide cold hard assessments of real value, getting your network penetration testing done is a good idea.

What is network penetration testing?

A part of any good ethical hacking training in Kolkata, network penetration testing is a simulated attack on your system that is aimed at understanding the loopholes in your system and giving you an assessment that will help correct it.

But why would your company need one in the first place?

In this blog, we have listed out why getting a net pen testing or intrusion detection is in your best interest. Let’s take a look:

  1. To protect sensitive data

If your company handles sensitive data of clients in its systems and server, then a net pen testing in regular intervals is very important. It is within your list of responsibilities to ensure that all the data that is consentingly collected by you, remains within your organization and agreed third parties (if any).

  1. To understand your security loopholes

Whether it is your system security or app security, coding often entails loopholes that are to be tested if you want to evolve it further. If you do not challenge your security system enough, it will eventually become obsolete and leave you vulnerable to attack – something you should definitely look to avoid.

  1. To ensure best practises

Every digital environment has some best practices, and yours is no different. If your security is not compliant with these policies that you might end up in legal trouble from your clients – in case something goes wrong.

A net pen test will give you a clear insight into the matter and ensure that you are 100% within your boundaries where security is concerned.

Why is it better to get net pen testing done manually?

While there are software applications that do vulnerability analysis for your network, you cannot replace the instinct of a human brain. These professionals are highly trained in ethical hacking course in Kolkata and unlike software, it is not template driven.

There is real human choice to identify possible loophole areas and check out the weakest link. As the saying goes:

You are only as strong as your weakest link.

So, if you are business, get in touch with a net pen testing company today and find out your network strength. And for individuals who want to take up ethical hacking as profession, now is the time to get trained by the very best – look online to find out!



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