Suspected Russian hackers targeting French Presidential elections

Suspected Russian hackers targeting French Presidential elections

Suspected Russian hackers targeting French Presidential elections

It was Suspected Russian hackers targeting French Presidential elections in France by launching a new cyber attack against the campaign offices of the front-runner candidate Emmanuel Macron, claimed by Trend Micro, A Tokyo-based cyber security firm.

On Tuesday the report was released by the firm. The researchers doubted that those who were responsible for the hack of the US Presidential election are now trying to attack the French Presidential elections. Same digital fingerprints were found as the suspected Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee and others.

The research group did not reveal any of the “potential fallout of the infiltration on the campaign of Macron.”

Pawn Storm, a Cyber spying group targeted Macron’s campaign in March and April.

Suspected Russian hackers targeting French Presidential elections

Rik Ferguson, vice president of Trend Micro’s security research program, told the Washington Post that, “There are several things which suggest that the group behind the Macron hacking was also responsible for the DNC breach, for example. We found similarities in the IP addresses and malware used in the attacks”.

Extra elements added by Ferguson, “We cannot say for sure whether this was directed by the Russian government, but the group behind the attacks certainly appears to pursue Russian interests”.

According to the Washington Post’s report, the cyber security agency of the France, ANSSI, has confirmed the cyber attacks against Macron.

However, the government control itself from blaming Russia for any kind of attack, it might be possible that “other high-level” hackers could be behind the attack and they are just copying their style so that everyone would blame them (Russain Hackers) for the attacks.

According to the researchers, “the hackers created several email addresses on a fake server with the URL, operating from computers with IP addresses in multiple European nations, including Britain.”

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