Summer Training On Python In Kolkata

Summer Training On Python In Kolkata


Summer training on python in Kolkata by ICSS is the best training that will help you learn and understand the python language. Python is gaining popularity among developers because of its ability to integrate with other technologies. It helps to improve the performance and stability of the application. Indian Cyber Security Solutions provide summer training on python in Kolkata that will help you learn and understand the concept of python language. The knowledge you will get in the summer training on python will allow you to utilize the python concept and create code that solves real-life problems. Python is one of the most demanding skills that companies want when they hire employees. Joining a Summer Training on python will help you to understand how it’s python actually works and how you can go further with python programming.

Python training will help you understand how python is used for developing applications. Summer training on python in Kolkata will help you to learn, how you can integrate python with other technologies. It’s a high level and interpreted programming language. It supports Object Oriented programming approach to develop applications. Learning Python is also easy. Using python one can develop dynamic websites, desktop applications as well as other types of applications for other domains. In this program, students need to attend 3 to 4 classes. It is a 2 hours class. The course duration is 1 month. This course is suitable for both students and professionals. You will get a certificate after complete the course.


Summer Institute On Python In Kolkata


Summer Internship on  Python in Kolkata designed by Indian Cyber Security Solutions to boost up your skills. Each of our Summer Internship on Python course contents has been specially designed according to the current Industrial needs. Summers are here, so the best time to move ahead from your competitors. Summer Internship in Kolkata which gives an in-depth knowledge. It is most important for students that should undertake as soon as your semester ends. For IT students, the most important part of their curriculum is undertaking courses that are helpful to grab a good position in the corporate sector or any other good job. the most important benefit of going for online summer training is to boost your curriculum vitae, that’s your CV. It is compulsory for IT or technological students to undergo Industrial Training. Join our Summer Internship in Kolkata which is totally Practical Based.

With ever-changing technologies & methodologies, the competition today is much greater than ever before. If you are an engineering student then you may have already heard the term Summer Training. The Summer Internship in Kolkata is conducted in the months of June & July. If you are looking for quality training then you must visit ICSS. You will get 100% Practical Training with Live Projects in Summer Training in Kolkata. You need to have practical knowledge. That is the reason for Summer Internship in Kolkata is designed in a beautiful way to give you the real feel of affecting masses through technology. With high skills and practical knowledge, we will take you to the level where there is a pull from the industry side to hire you. You need to have good certification of your knowledge. Summer internship training in Kolkata Program provides you with a program rich in content.


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Course Fee:   INR 4,500/-

Python Summer Training Module In Kolkata :


Chapter I – Python Introduction

Lecture:1 What is Python

 Lecture:2 Python History

 Lecture:3 Python 2.x vs 3.x

 Lecture:4 Features of python 

Lecture:5 About Python Versions 

Lecture:6 Applications of python

Chapter II – Installation of Python

Lecture:7 How to install Python

 Lecture:8 Python Script mode 

Lecture:9 Python GUI mode 

Lecture:10 Python Interactive Mode

Lecture:11 Python In linux 

Lecture:12 Linux Script mode 

Lecture:13 Linux GUI mode 

Lecture:14 How to Install IDLE in Linux 

Lecture:15 How to set Path



Chapter III – Basics of Python

Lecture:16 Python “Hello World” 

Lecture:17 How to Execute Python 

Lecture:18 Variables in python

Lecture:19 Keywords in python

Lecture:20 Identifiers in python 

Lecture:21 Literals in python 

Lecture:22 Operators in python 

Lecture:23 Comments in python Chapter IV – Python Strings

Lecture:24 Accessing Strings 

Lecture:25 Strings Operators 

Lecture:26 Basic Operators. 

Lecture:27 Membership Operators. 

Lecture:28 Relational Operators. 

Lecture:29 Slice Notation 

Lecture:30 String Functions and Methods

Chapter V – Python Lists

Lecture:31 How to define list

Lecture:32 Accessing list

Lecture:33 Elements in a Lists 

Lecture:34 List Operations 

Lecture:35 Adding Lists 

Lecture:36 Replicating lists 

Lecture:37 List slicing 

Lecture:38 Updating elements in a List 

Lecture:39 Appending elements to a 

List Lecture:40 Deleting Elements from a 

List Lecture:41 Functions and Methods of Lists



Chapter VI – Python Tuples

Lecture:42 How to define tuple 

Lecture:43 Accessing tuple 

Lecture:44 Elements in a tuple 

Lecture:45 tuple Operations 

Lecture:46 tuple slicing 

Lecture:47 Deleting tuple Lecture:48 Functions and Methods of tuple

Chapter VII – Python Dictionary

Lecture:49 How to define dictionary 

Lecture:50 Accessing Dictionary 

Lecture:51 Updation 

Lecture:52 Deletion 

Lecture:53 Functions and Methods

Chapter VIII – Python Control Statement

Lecture:54 “If” in python 

Lecture:55 “If else” in python 

Lecture:56 “else if” in python 

Lecture:57 “nested if” in python 

Lecture:58 “for loop” in python 

Lecture:59 “while loop” in python 

Lecture:60 “break” in python 

Lecture:61 “continue” in python 

Lecture:62 “pass” in python


Chapter IX – Python Functions

Lecture:63 Defining a Function 

Lecture:64 Invoking a Function 

Lecture:65 return Statement 

Lecture:66 Argument and Parameter 

Lecture:67 Passing Parameters 

Lecture:68 Default Arguments

Lecture:69 Keyword Arguments 

Lecture:70 Anonymous Function 

Lecture:71 Difference between Normal Functions and Anonymous Function 

Lecture:72 Scope of Variable

Chapter X – Python Files I/O

Lecture:73 “print” statement 

Lecture:74 Input from Keyboard