Summer Training on Machine Learning In Kolkata

Summer Training on Machine Learning In Kolkata


Summer training on Machine Learning in Kolkata by ICSS is the best Machine learning training that will help you learn and understand the concept of Machine Learning. Many companies used this to improve their product and services. Machine Learning is a term refers to the ability of IT systems to independently find solutions to problems by recognizing patterns in databases. In other words, machine learning enables IT systems to develop a solution using algorithms and data patterns. Indian Cyber Security Solutions provide summer training on Machine Learning in Kolkata that will help you learn and understand the concept of Machine Learning. The knowledge you will get in the summer training on Machine Learning will allow you to utilize the concept of Machine Learning and develop your Machine learning skill. Machine learning is one of the most demanding skills that companies want when they hire employees. Joining a Summer Training on Machine learning will help you to understand how Machine learning actually works and how you can go further with Machine Learning.



Summer Training on Machine Learning In Kolkata


Summer Training Institute On Machine Learning in Kolkata – Indian Cyber Security Solutions provides the best modern-day infrastructure required for students to gain the coding skills. With great lab facilities, students can actually practice what they learn in the summer training in Kolkata which makes ICSS by far the best institute to go for. With more than 11,000 satisfied students worldwide and more than 200 corporate clients, we make sure we deliver the best. Summer training in Kolkata specifically introduces so than students can get familiar with current industrial culture & industrial requirements. Being the best summer training institute in Kolkata, we will pin a lot of practical sessions where you will get the actual overview of the course. Indian Cyber Security Solutions brings summer training along with the Internship program as the best career-oriented opportunity for all engineering students in Kolkata.



Module-1 Quick Review
Lecture1: Data Types
Lecture2: Exception in Python
Lecture3: Function in Python
Lecture4: Class in Python
Lecture5: Modules in python

Module-2 Threading & Parameter Parsing
Lecture1: Threading
Lecture2: Argparse
Lecture3: Build Windows application

Module-3 Socket Programming
Lecture1: Socket Basic
Lecture2: Socket Client
Lecture3: Socket Server
Lecture4: Networking Concepts & Applications
Module-4 Network Packets & Web
Lecture1: Creating Http Server
Lecture2: Fetching Web pages
Lecture3: Packet Sniffing

Module-5 Creating Hacking & Forensic Tools

Lecture1: Port Scanner
Lecture2: Keyboard Sniffer
Lecture3: Ethernet Sniffer
Lecture4: Wifi History Logger
Module-6 Shell Programming In python
Lecture1: Reverse Shell in TCP
Lecture2: Reverse Shell in HTTP
Lecture3: Persistence Shell
Module-7 Web Hacking With Python
Lecture1: Making Phishing Framework
Lecture2: Bypassing 2-Factor Authentication using Python