Summer Training On Ethical Hacking In Kolkata

Summer Training On Ethical Hacking In Kolkata


Summer Training on ethical hacking in Kolkata will help you to build your Cyber Security skill and knowledge. Our courses are coupled with advanced training tools and experienced faculty members. Summer training basically helps students and professionals to learn and build skills in a particular domain. Cyber Security is one of the most demanding skills in the current industry. Summer training on Ethical Hacking in Kolkata will help you in getting a pay-raise, a promotion, or start a new career. In this program, students need to attend 3 to 4 classes. It is a 2 hours class. The course duration is 1 month. Summer Training on ethical hacking in Kolkata covers some important things about cybersecurity. It will help you to learn and understand some of the major security risks in the IT infrastructure.

Summer Training on Ethical Hacking In Kolkata is an important one-month compulsory training program for engineering students. Indian Cyber Security Solutions in Kolkata provides the best technical courses which will help you to learn the most demanded technologies and possess the skills required for good placement. We bring in working professionals from MNCs like Accenture, TCS, CTS, Wipro with more than 10 years of working experience as your trainer. Industry experts in Kolkata will teach you the modern days technical skills as required in the MNCs in your summer training program in Kolkata. Our summer training in Kolkata is hands-on project-based training with a 100% money refund guarantee if you are not satisfied within 5 classes.



Summer Training Programme in Kolkata

Summer Internship On Ethical Hacking In Kolkata


Summer Internship on  Ethical Hacking in Kolkata designed by Indian Cyber Security Solutions to boost up your skills. Each of our Summer Internship on Ethical Hacking course contents has been specially designed according to the current Industrial needs. Summers are here, so the best time to move ahead from your competitors. Summer Internship in Kolkata which gives an in-depth knowledge. It is most important for students that should undertake as soon as your semester ends. For IT students, the most important part of their curriculum is undertaking courses that are helpful to grab a good position in the corporate sector or any other good job. the most important benefit of going for online summer training is to boost your curriculum vitae, that’s your CV. It is compulsory for IT or technological students to undergo Industrial Training. Join our Summer Internship in Kolkata which is totally Practical Based.

With ever-changing technologies & methodologies, the competition today is much greater than ever before. If you are an engineering student then you may have already heard the term Summer Training. The Summer Internship in Kolkata is conducted in the months of June & July. If you are looking for quality training then you must visit ICSS. You will get 100% Practical Training with Live Projects in Summer Training in Kolkata. You need to have practical knowledge. That is the reason for Summer Internship in Kolkata is designed in a beautiful way to give you the real feel of affecting masses through technology. With high skills and practical knowledge, we will take you to the level where there is a pull from the industry side to hire you. You need to have good certification of your knowledge. Summer internship training in Kolkata Program provides you with a program rich in content.


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Course Fee:   INR 4,500/-


Ethical Hacking Summer Training Module In Kolkata :


Lecture 1: – What is Hacking  

Lecture 2: – What is Ethical Hacking  

Lecture 3: – Types of Hackers  Lecture 

Lecture 4: – White Hat Hacker  Lecture 

Lecture 5: – Black Hat Hackers  Lecture 

Lecture 6: – Grey Hat Hackers  

Lecture 7: – Script Kiddies  

Lecture 8: – Hacktivists  

Lecture 9: – Spy Hackers  

Lecture 10: – Cyber Terrorists  

Lecture 11: – Vulnerability  

Lecture 12: – Exploit  

Lecture 13: – Remote Exploit  

Lecture 14: – Local Exploit  

Lecture 15: – Zero-day  

Lecture 16: – Zero-day vulnerability  

Lecture 17: – Zero-day Exploit 

Lecture 18: – Brute force attack 

Lecture 19: – Phishing  

Lecture 20: – Remote access 

Lecture 21: – Payload  

Lecture 22: – Information Gathering  

Lecture 23: – Active Information Gathering  

Lecture 24: – Passive Information Gathering  

Lecture 25: – Scanning 

Lecture 26: – Gaining Access  

Lecture 27: – Maintaining Access  

Lecture 28: – Covering Tracks  

Lecture 29: – Viruses & Worms  

Lecture 30: – Trojan Horse  

Lecture 31: – Spyware 

Lecture 32: – Adware 

Lecture 33: – Backdoor  

Lecture 34: – Rootkits  

Lecture 35: – Ransomware  

Lecture 36: – What is Penetration Testing 

Lecture 37: – Types of Penetration Testing  

Lecture 38: – What is white box Penetration Testing 

Lecture 39: – What is Black Box Penetration testing  

Lecture 40: – Introduction to Linux OS  

Lecture 41: – Social Engineering  

Lecture 42: – Google hacking using google dorks

Lecture 43: – What is Virtual Machine 

Lecture 44: – What is VMware   

Lecture 45: – What is Virtual Box  

Lecture 46: – Install VMware   

Lecture 47: – Install Kali Linux  

Lecture 48: – What is Remote Administration Tool 

Lecture 49: – What is RAT 

Lecture 50: – Exploit With RAT

Lecture 51: – Protect System from RAT 

Lecture 52: – What is DOS  

Lecture 53: – Details of DOS 

Lecture 54: – What is DDOS  

Lecture 55: – Wireless Network Encryption and Hacking Wireless 

Lecture 56: – Network  

Lecture 57: – How Web Application Works  

Lecture 58: – Request and Response 

Lecture 59: – Installing Scanner (Acuntix, Netsparker) Scanning 

Lecture 60: – Website

Lecture 61: – OWASP Top 10  

Lecture 62: – What is Sql-Injection?  

Lecture 63: – Types of Sql-Injection  

Lecture 64: – Live Demo on Sql-Injection  

Lecture 65: – What is XSS  

Lecture 66: – Types of XSS 

Lecture 67: – Live Demo on XSS All types  

Lecture 68: – What is HTML Injection 

Lecture 69: – Live Demo on HTML Injection  

Lecture 70: – What is Directory Listing

Lecture 71: – Live Demo on Directory Listing  

Lecture 72: – What is Broken Authentication  

Lecture 73: – Live Demo on Broken Authentication  

Lecture 74: – What is Tamper data?  

Lecture 75: – Live Demo on Tamper Data on Ecommerce site  

Lecture 76: – What is Phishing?  

Lecture 77: – Create a Phishing Page  

Lecture 78: – What is Web Shell  

Lecture 79: – Hack Web-Server Using Web-Shell  

Lecture 80: – Hacking Android Phone using RA

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