SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate authenticity is being doubted because of the increase in the online hacking of your personal data even from the websites having SSL certificate. Wondering how it’s done? Here we have explained it in a very simplified manner.

SSL Certificate

Did you know how the online passwords are hacked? Well, read on to learn.

In order to understand how the hacking of online passwords work, we need to first understand how safe SSL certificate is really? These days Fund transfers and online shopping are done using predominantly internet banking and credit cards. And people believe that once a website acquires SSL certificate it is entirely safe, but the fact is that it’s always better to secure your computer and internet connection instead of entirely depending on the payment sites because it’s actually quite easy to break the SSL. For this we also should understand how credit cards work and how transactions are performed.

An understanding of how we can exploit the vulnerability in credit or debit card functionality to hack their passwords is also much required, usually credit cards are hacked using packet sniffing and session hijacking. It is virtually impossible to see the actual data that is transferred during a transaction, but by using session hijacking and packet sniffing we can achieve to see the data in an encrypted form.

What really is attacked?

A lethal flaw that allows sensitive information to be stolen occurs when an end-user is not properly educated on the easily executable, well-known SSL exploit: SSL MITM. Hackers take advantage of that to get access to your sensitive data. The only thing required to block the ambiguities in the system is a rightly educated end user to make sure that your system is 100% hacker proof.

How the hack works and how to do it:

Before we get started on this topic it is very important to note that hacking credit & debit card details is unlawful which results in serious consequences including imprisonment. This information is entirely just to make you aware of how it works.

The following diagram demonstrates a very streamlined graphic of how your SSL website session works during an attack:



A certificate is used to establish the secure SSL connection. It is advisable if you have the right certificate and are connecting directly to the website you intended to use. Then all your data is encrypted from your browser to the SSL website where the bank’s website will use the information from the certificate it gave you to decrypt your data/credentials. If that is truly the case, then it is pretty darn hard for a hacker to decrypt the data/credentials being transmitted, even if he is able to sniff your data.

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