SMS phishing scam to hack into Apple ID

sms phishing

SMS phishing scam to hack into Apple ID

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SMS phishing scam to hack into Apple ID


SMS phishing also known as smishing is not new to the world of technology. We at Indian Cyber Security Solutions think that this SMS phishing scams are increasing in huge numbers and victims have no clue how to be safe. In this article today we will explain how a scammer hacked into Apple ID know as icloud of various customers who use apple devices recently through SMS phishing. We will also discuss the countermeasures if you become a victim or witness a sms phishing.

Humans best friend is the SMART –PHONE.  Yes they are with you every time and yes they contain huge sensitive personal data of individual. What if it is public ? What if it is used against you ?

sms phishing


Apple ID hacked

Due to rising popularity of Iphones and Ipads it had become one of the prime target for SMS phishing by the scammers.

You will receive an SMS stating that your ID will expire on certain date and please re-login with a link or a SMS stating your account was being accessed from a different location and due to several attempts to log in it is locked. Click on the link to unlock your ID.

As  the internet remains some for every one scammers face an Icloud login page where you can provide your actual ID and Password.

Scammers can even ask you provide your credit cart details.


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What to do if you receive a SMS phishing link ?

  1. Report the number to your service provider
  2. Forward the message to aware other about this
  3. Report the link to Google. They will make sure that Google chrome and other browsers will ban this link to open and delete this eventually.



Advice to ICloud – Apple users

Apple users should enable 2 factor authentication. This will ensure that even scammers if manage to get your password have to face many level of security to eventually hack into your profile. This minimizes the risk and this is a risk mitigation policy for all apple users.



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