Android App Penetration Testing

Android App Penetration Testing

Android App Penetration Testing has become the need of the hour as far as using latest technology in mobile smartphones is concerned.  As technologies have advanced by leaps and bounds over the past few years, in mobile technology too the invention of Android App has ushered in a whole new dimension. But, what it has also done is that it has made mobile security vulnerable to potential attacks which were not even in the picture during the classical mode of application.




Indian Cyber Security Solutions team perform Android Application Penetration testing and code review for all platforms of mobile applications and have created a dedicated testing environment fully equipped for testing Android based application.

During this application testing phase we had found out a great gap in the market, for a better and secured android application development for companies who want there own app in the market safe and secure. Where there is no threat of customer data theft. Our expert android app developers and group of penetration testers have been successfully able to develop secured android application for various business.

Android App Penetration Testing

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Why Android security testing is important?

Android Security Testing is the process by which the loopholes (or security flaws) in an Android app can be found out. It has been observed by the Indian Cyber Security Solutions (ICSS) team while performing Android App Penetration Testing that a big void is there in the market relating to more improved & secured android application. For companies wanting to promote their own app would at first require to make sure that it is absolutely market safe & devoid of all security concerns. It has to be maintained as the top-most priority so that there is no possibility of data theft to the customers as it would mean damage to the company & its business both financially & from the reputational aspect as well. Hence, it is very essential to go through an Android Security Testing first so that the feebleness of in app (from the point of view of security) can be identified & then safeguarded accordingly. With this objective in view our specialists at ICSS are successfully developing Android apps & preparing Android App Penetration Testing for various businesses.

Expertise of ICSS against Android Hacking:

Android Hacking has indeed become a much discussed & concerned agenda just like computer (desktop) hacks especially after its widespread use worldwide & so many Android devices being compromised in recent times. Our oracles at Indian Cyber Security Solutions are more than competent to deliver fruitful results in giving protection & ensure rooting out all possibilities of hack on any Android device &/or app through Android App Penetration Testing.

As a part of our mission to spread the awareness & further the progress of mobile application security Indian Cyber Security Solutions (ICSS) team perform Android App Penetration Testing & code review for all levels of mobile application. Apart from their much valued experience & expertise they possess an environment which has got all the necessary facilities for conducting effective tests of Android based applications.