Security Operations Center

Security Operations Center

Security Operations Center (SOC) is essential to protecting your organization from advanced, persistent threats. Security Operation Center Solutions delivered by Indian Cyber Security Solutions help to prevent, detect, analyses and respond to cyber security incidents using latest technology. Security Operation Center of ICSS monitors and analyzes network activities, server activities, endpoints, databases changes, apps etc. ICSS is ISO 27001 & 9001 Certified Company. The actions of SOCs have significant effects on business outcomes for a few key reasons. As cyber security is increasingly crucial, brands that embrace more protective measures find themselves ahead of the game. The function of a security operations team of a security operations center (SOC), is to monitor, detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats around the clock. SOC team is responsible for detecting, identifying, and troubleshooting security events that come in.

Security Operations Center


A Security Operations Center is an outsourced office that is completely dedicated to analyzing traffic flow and monitoring for threats and attacks. Clients who put their cybersecurity operations in our state-of-the-art SOC, find that we take care of their enterprise security worries so they can focus on their business. Our network of connected 24/7 Security Operations Centers (SOCs) stretches across the world, with SOCs in India and outside of India complemented by satellite SOCs. Based on the proven Security Operations Centre (SOC) model and industry leading SIEM technology from IBM, our progressive range of end-to-end managed services is designed to meet your ever-evolving security challenges. Our Managed Security Operations Center service can swiftly identify and counteract threats at reduced cost and with minimal disruption. The flexible, tiered scale of Managed SOC services makes it possible to establish a highly effective SOC.


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Managed SOC

ICSS has more than a decade of experience in handling cyber security operations, while we provide advanced technical skills and subject-matter expertise to mitigate security threats. Our security monitoring and analytics help you detect, analyse and respond to threats and we offer services including Threat Intelligence, Rapid Incident Response.


Advanced Security Monitoring

Detecting threats, vulnerabilities and malware at the earliest stage. With SOC network experts, you can ensure complete security of your enterprise.


Comprehensive analytics

Experts of Indian Cyber Security Solutions monitor the frequently changing threat scenario and analyze cross-platform threats to offer a wide range of IT security operations.

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Security Operations Center Services

Security operations center Services by Indian Cyber Security Solutions is a facility that houses an information security team responsible for monitoring and analyzing an organization’s security posture on an ongoing basis. The SOC team’s goal is to detect, analyze, and respond to cybersecurity incidents using a combination of technology solutions and a strong set of processes. Security operations center Services is responsible for ensuring that potential security incidents are correctly identified, analyzed, defended, investigated, and reported. Security operations centers monitor and analyze activity on networks, servers, endpoints, databases, applications, websites, and other systems, looking for anomalous activity that could be indicative of a security incident or compromise. Almost all organizations will experience a data security breach. It’s how you respond that makes all the difference.





Pay for service with clear terms instead of employing a whole department. 


SOC Providers' sole focus is your security resulting in faster incident resolutions.


Avoiding breaches and keeping security tight increases customer trust.





The aim of the SOC team is to identify, analyze and react to cybersecurity threats using a reliable set of processes and technology solutions. The staff of Security Operations Center Services generally includes managers, security analysts, and engineers who work together with organizational incident response teams to address security issues quickly. Once the strategy has been developed, the infrastructure required to support that strategy must be implemented.

A Security Operations Center tracks and analyzes activity on servers, endpoints, networks, applications, databases, websites, and other technology systems. Its team members provide a critical layer of analysis needed to seek out any irregular activity that could suggest a security incident. While technology systems such as IPS or firewalls can prevent basic attacks, human expertise is needed to respond to serious incidents. The security operations center also monitors networks and endpoints for vulnerabilities in order to protect sensitive data and comply with industry or government regulations.

Security Operations Center Company

Security Operations Center Company, ICSS ensures that possible security incidents are accurately identified, analyzed, guarded against, investigated and made known.

Basic Responsibilities of a SOC Team of Security Operations Center Company:


Security Operations Center Company should have a suite of technology products that provide insight into the organization’s security environment. The SOC needs to appoint a skilled security team that can select and leverage the appropriate tools for a job. Basic security tools include firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention technology, threat and vulnerability management tools, data loss prevention tools, filtering technologies, traffic inspection solutions, reporting technology and data analytics platforms. The SOC may also have access to enterprise forensic tools that support incident response investigations.



With the assistance of security monitoring tools, the Security Operations Center looks into suspicious activity within IT systems and networks. The team performs triage on the alerts, understands the extent of the threat and responds. Organizations may not be able to entirely stop threats from entering their network, but they can stop threats from spreading. If a network system is compromised, the SOC should identify the infected hosts and prevent them from affecting the rest of the network. The SOC can use controls on switches, routers, and virtual local area networks (VLANs) to stop the threat from spreading.



Businesses need to ensure their network and systems run with minimal or no downtime. It was once possible to shut down a mail server infected by a virus for cleanup, but in today’s environment, the business cannot sustain downtime of critical infrastructure such as email.


In the event of a breach, the SOC can proactively notify the appropriate business stakeholders about serious security events.



SOCs ideally function as shared service centers that provide value to business stakeholders and help them meet their agendas. SOCs are cross-functional organizations that centralize operations carried out by different departments.



An SOC is often responsible for auditing systems to meet compliance requirements for government, corporate and industry regulations such as SB 1386, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley. Efficient access to threat information, patch levels, identity, and access control data is essential for compliance.

This process is prone to errors and time-consuming. When correctly managed by security teams, modern SOCs use security tools such as the SIEM, which aggregates security data from across the organization and generates compliance audits and reports.


Security Operations Center Company
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